The Addams Family Tree: The Complete Guide!

The Addams family is known for its strange behavior; each member has unique characteristics that draw people's interest. Learn complete details in this Addams family tree guide!


All of us know and have watched the Addams Family. There are so many kinds of creations in this series like live-actions, animations, sitcoms, and more. This may confuse a lot of young or even old audiences because there are many different versions of Addams family members.

In this article, we're going to list all the family members of the Addams Family along with their major events. Also, to help you understand them better, we will generate two Addams Family trees for you. Read on:

  1. The Addams Family Members
  2. The Addams Famly Trees
  3. What Makes the Addams Family So Endearing
  4. How to Draw the Addams Family Tree
  5. Conclusion

Part 1: The Addams Family Members

The Addams Family is a fictional family well-known for their macabre and eccentric behavior. For decades, they have enthralled audiences through various mediums, including comic strips, television shows, movies, and musicals.

The origins of the Addams family are unknown. Their inventor, Charles Addams, never gave a precise backstory, preferring to let their dark allure speak for itself. Nonetheless, hints have been scattered across the numerous versions.

The core members of the Addams family:

At the very beginning, the Addams Family refers to 4 persons and a hand (or 5 including Lurch):

Gomez Addams: The family patriarch, Gomez, is a joyful and exuberant guy who enjoys swordplay, tango dancing, and concocting strange chemical concoctions. His devotion to Morticia is renowned, manifested in passionate embraces, morbid quips, and the odd snap of his fingers.

Morticia Addams: Gomez's wife and the family's anchor, Morticia, is the pinnacle of gothic elegance. Her dark beauty and sharp wit are only matched by her steadfast commitment to her loved ones. Morticia sees beauty in the grotesque and embraces darkness with a sad grace.

Wednesday Addams:

wednesday addams

The eldest Addams child, Wednesday, is a deadpan and morbid young girl with a penchant for the macabre. She enjoys dissecting frogs, writing depressing poetry, and mocking anything "normal." Wednesday is a popular favorite due to her sharp wit and dedication to her family.

Recently, people's interest on Wednesday has gone big. In 2022, Netflix released another new TV series adapted from The Addams Family: Wednesday. Unlike all the other adaptions, this focuses mainly on the eldest daughter of the Addams and her years in the school. The second season is about to live soon.

Pugsley Addams: Wednesday's younger brother, Pugsley, is a wide-eyed and eager young man who shares his sister's morbid interest. He likes to play with dynamite, torture his pet Octopus and Aristotle, and help Wednesday with her numerous plans. Despite his naughty attitude, Pugsley has a good heart and a strong love for his family.

icon for note

Note: How many kids do Gomez and Morticia have exactly?

Due to the many adaptations of this series, the number of Addams Family kids varies. But in general cases, there are two kinds only: Wednesday and Pugsley.

For example, in the "Addams Family Values" film, they had this little brother: Pubert. But this character only appears in this piece.

Lurch: The massive butler of the Addams household, Lurch is a mute and stoic character who communicates through moans and gestures. Despite his commanding stature, Lurch is a compassionate soul with a secret gift for the harpsichord.

Thing: A disembodied hand with its mind, Thing is a faithful companion and a malicious prankster. Thing, always at the Addamses' disposal, adds a supernatural element to the family's already odd relationship.

The Addams Family Relatives:

As the story went on, more characters showed up. They are the relatives of the Addams.

Auntie Sloom: Auntie Sloom is a macabre joy, her eyes sparkling like black diamonds and her smile impish. Despite her tiny size, she exudes a powerful presence that permeates any space with an enticing mix of mystery, wit, and a hint of the spooky.

Eudora Addams: The female head of the Addams family, Eudora Addams, is a force of nature cloaked in velvet and moonlight. Her voice is a quiet, sweet whisper that bears the weight of generations past, and her eyes, which hold the wisdom of centuries, appear to pierce the curtain between realms.

addams family versions

Hester Frump: Hester Frump is Grandmama's judgmental sister and the personification of propriety. Hester is a rigid contrast to the Addams Family's bizarre embrace of horror; she represents everything sophisticated and formal.

Grandpa Frump: Grandpa Grump, whose beard resembles moss and bark, complained about his soup being cold and his socks being lost. Even if his expression is a thundercloud and dark, the grandkids' laughter brightens his face. You see one wink, a twinkle, then a grunt of glee, Grandpa Grump, a sun in disguise.

Ophelia Frump: Ophelia serves as an essential connection between the normality of the outer world and the evil of the Addams family. She serves as a reminder that love and acceptance can bind even the most unique families together and that happiness and darkness can exist together.

Cousin Itt: Even among the Addams Family, Cousin Itt is mysterious due to her flowing hair. His head, framed by a halo of dark, shaggy hair, is the only visible part of his body because the rest is always hidden. Even with his unusual appearance, Cousin Itt is a cherished family member.

Uncle Fester: After 25 years trapped underground, Gomez's long-lost brother, Fester, emerges from the shadows. Fester, pale, and lumpy have a weird attraction that draws all things slimy and crawly. His childlike delight and proclivity for disaster uniquely appeal to the Addams family.

Family Tree of the Addams Family

The Addams family is anything from average. Each member embraces their unique brand of strangeness, resulting in a deliciously dysfunctional group. Below is a diagram showing the relationships of the family. 

Family Tree Example 1 of the Addams

We generate the following family tree based on the animated images of the Addams. You may check on the second one if you want the live-action version.

Family Tree Example 2 of the Addams

Compared to the first template, this second one includes one more famous monster family series: the Munsters. It's a less famous but also successful sitcom. We list both series here to compare their similarity in major characters.

Part 3: What Makes the Addams Family So Endearing?

The Addams Family is remarkably relatable despite their macabre habits. They embrace their differences, delight in the unusual, and strongly adore one another. In a world preoccupied with normalcy, the Addamses provide a welcome reminder that it's right to be unique, embrace the dark side, and laugh at the ordinary.

Another element of their ongoing popularity is their sense of humor. The Addams Family's jokes are frequently gloomy, deadpan, and peppered with macabre puns—their distinct worldview results in humorous situations and witty discussions that never fail to entertain.

The pleasure of the Addams Family rests in their capacity to remind us that happiness comes in various shapes and sizes. They teach us to value our differences, adore our loved ones, and find humor in difficult situations. The Addams Family's irrepressible kookiness is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a society that often takes itself too seriously.

Part 4: How to Draw an Addams Family Tree

When using EdrawMax, you can create the Addams family tree in two ways: from scratch and with a template. Starting from scratch needs more time and focus, while with the template, you can quickly create a family tree with only a few edits. EdrawMax Templates gallery is full of creative pre-made templates that you can use to make a family tree of your choice.

Below are detailed steps for each process to easily create the Addams family tree. You can also follow the below-given steps to create a family tree online.

Method 1: Draw the Addams Family Tree with EdrawMax 

Step 1: Download EdrawMax or try it online. to unlock the creative world.

Step 2: From the home page, start with Blank Drawing to draw the Addams family tree from scratch.

Create family tree for Addams in EdrawMax

Step 3: Add a tree as a background image to get a clear idea of how to arrange your characters hierarchically.

Easy Addams family tree creation with EdrawMax

Step 4: Now, start adding the shapes for the family members and spread them across the tree's shape. The number of shapes should be equal to the number of members in the family.

Note: You can also insert images of the characters from your device instead of shapes.

Create family tree online with EdrawMax

Step 5: Once done, connect the shapes with lines or arrows. You can use different shapes from the Connector feature to represent different relationships.

Drawing easy Addams family tree

Step 6: To create your family tree visually appealing, add different colors and change fonts. You can also use EdrawMax’s AI feature to get suggestions and make improvements.

original Addams family tree

Method 2: Apply to an Addams Family Tree Template Directly

Step 1: Download, install, and launch EdrawMax on your computer.

Step 2: From the Home page, click Templates and search for family tree. Choose any available family tree template that you like and start editing.

Addams family tree explained

Step 3: You can adjust the shape of your characters; you can use ovals, circles, squares, rectangles, or any other of your choice.

How to draw Addams family tree

Step 4: You can also replace images with ones of your choice. You can format text and add icons, and if needed, you can also remove the images and fill the shapes with different colors.

Addams family tree template EdrawMax


With its contorted branches and odd characters, the Addams family tree illustrates the beauty of the unusual. Each member contributes a unique and sinister allure to this amusingly dysfunctional family, from Gomez's frantic tango to Thing's mischievous hand.

Embracing the shadows, deriving amusement from the peculiar, and demonstrating that familial bonds can flourish in the most unforeseen locations--this is not merely an ancestral celebration.


1. Is The Addams Family based on a true story?

Answer: No, it's not. The Addams Family was a cartoon series made by the American cartoonist Charles Addams. Everything about the story is 100% fictional.

2. Was the Addams family human?

Technically speaking, yes, they were all human. There is no evidence showing they're ghosts, monsters, vampires, or any other creatures. 

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