How to Play Assassins Creed in a Chronological Order?

The Assassins Creed timeline stretches over ten centuries with expansive historical periods. You can play the series in chronological order with this diagram.

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Being one of the most loved franchises, Assassins Creed came out in 2007 and has covered lengthy historical events in two decades. The Assasin-Templar conflict crosses boundaries and centuries with characters living interweaving events. All these events come down to a singular timeline.

Sadly, the Assassins Creed games timeline is messy and tangled. So, it is a good time for Assasin's fans to pick up the plot, as the Mirage is out now. But, if you are scared of the lengthy historical periods and their characters bouncing in and out, no worries. This quick chronological Assassins Creed timeline allows you to visualize the entire series. 

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Part 1. The Chronological Assassins Creed Timeline

Assassins Creed Odyssey

  • IGN Ratings:2/10

Released in 2018, the Assassins Creed Odyssey is the entry to the Assassins Creed games. It is set between 431 and 404 BC amid the Peloponnesian War. The plot begins with Alexios’s grandfather, King Leonidas, facing the Persian army.

Assassins Creed Origins

  • IGN Ratings: 9/10

The Assassins Creed Origin, launched in 2017, is set in 49 BC, Ancient Egypt. The game explores Ptolemy XIII and Cleopetra’s struggles in ruling over the kingdom. Later, you will experience Bayek’s tragedy, who is on a quest for revenge after losing his wife. 

Assassins Creed Mirage

  • IGN Ratings: 8/10

Set 20 years before Valhalla, Mirage is the most recent 2023 release in the Assassins Creed timeline. The game starts with Basim training for the Order. It is set before Basim had known about the Hidden Ones or his true Isu lineage. 

Assassins Creed Valhalla

  • IGN Ratings: 8/10

Launched in 2020, Valhalla continues with the older Basim in 872 CE in England after completing his assassin training. England is amid a fight between the Hidden Ones and the corrupted Order. Meanwhile, Evior, the Viking warrior, is searching for land to build their new homes. 

Assassins Creed: Altair’s Chronicles

  • IGN Ratings: 7/10

The 2008 Altair’s Chronicles was created for Nintendo DS. It tells the story from Altair’s perspective and flashes Animus's memories. The game was not a part of the main plot. 

Assassins Creed

  • IGN Ratings:5/10

Now, this 2007 release begins the original Assassins Creed. It is set at the end of the 111 Third Crusade, where Altair Ibn-la-Ahad is demoted. He can recover his title by killing the Templar targets. The game also introduced key figures like the Apple of Eden and Demond Miles.  

Assassins Creed: Bloodlines

  • IGN Ratings:9/10

The 2009 Bloodlines is not part of the main plot. It is a PlayStation exclusive, exploring the love story of Altair and Maria Thrope. It further extends the Assassins Creed’s plot, with Altair hunting down more Templars.

Assassins Creed II

  • IGN Ratings:2/10

The Assassins Creed II was also released in 2009, introducing one of the most popular protagonists, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. The game is set in Renaissance Italy, where Ezio joins the Brotherhood twelve years after completing his assassin training to avenge his brother and father’s death.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

  • IGN Ratings: 8/10

The Brotherhood, launched in 2010, extends Ezio’s resistance against the Templars. Historical figures like Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci accompany him through his journey. After Desmond accesses Ezio’s memories, the end reveals shocking news about Lucy. The game even has a multiplayer mode.  

Assassins Creed Revelations

  • IGN Ratings:5/10

The 2011 Assassins Creed Revelation is the last part of Ezio’s trilogy. After getting insights about Altair, Ezio begins his journey to Constantinople, where he will find keys to ancient Altair’s library. Each key comes with a revelation. Meanwhile, Desmond is trapped in the Animus, planning to escape.

Assassins Creed Chronicles: China

  • IGN Ratings:4/10

The Assassins Creed Chronicle series starts with the 2015 release, China, featuring Shao Jun. She was originally introduced in the short film Assassins Creed Embers, traveling to Italy with Ezio. This game traces her return to China and fight with local Templars, the eight tigers. After they took her mystery box, she executed the entire group.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

  • IGN Ratings: 9/10

Set in the 18th century and released in 2013, Assassins Creed IV is a prequel to Creed III, starring Edward Kenway. The game goes through his journey against the Templars (aided by Roberts) to find the Observatory. Soon, he returned to Wales after learning about his wife’s death and son, Haytham Kenway. 

Assassins Creed: Freedom Cry

  • IGN Ratings: 7/10

Also launched in 2013, the Freedom Cry is set 20 years after Black Flag. The Quartermaster has turned into the Assassin Adewale and has aligned with the liberated Maroons. They are fighting against the slave trade. 

Assassins Creed: Rogue

  • IGN Ratings:8/10

The 2014 Rogue is the next Assassins Creed game, following Shay Cormac from 1752 to 1760. He is an assassin, brought up against Templars. He works with Haytham, Edward’s son. Together, they try to stop Achilles, the Brotherhood leader but remain defeated. The game ends with Shay executing Charles, a French Assassin. 

Assassins Creed III

  • IGN Ratings:5/10

Launched two years before Rogue in 2012, the Assassins Creed III showcases Connor’s story, a half-English, half-Mohawk assassin. He is set to fight the Templars, including his father, Haytham, and other Colonial leaders in the American Revolution.

Assassins Creed III: Liberation

  • IGN Ratings:2/10

The Assassins Creed III: Liberation came out in 2012. Set in the 18th century during the French and Indian War, the plot picks up Aveline de Grandpre’s story, the first female protagonist. Throughout the series, she fights the Templars. 

Assassins Creed Unity

  • IGN Ratings:8/10

The Unity was launched in 2014 and followed the son of Charles Dorion, Arno Dorian, between 1776 and 1803 (French Revolution). Arno takes on his father's legacy and fights against Templars, including his adopted father. The game ends with the Templar leader killing himself and Elise. 

Assassins Creed Chronicles: India

  • IGN Ratings: 6/10

Launched in 2016, India marks the second chapter of Creed Chronicles. The game stars Arbaaz Mir in 1841 against British templars. The Templar leader, Sleeman, is taking advantage of the Anglo-Sikh war and is behind the Koh-i-Noor diamond. Once he got the diamond, Arbaaz gifted it to Ethan Frye. 

Assassins Creed Syndicate

  • IGN Ratings: 8/10

Syndicate was released in 2015, marking the end of Assassins Creed from Sandbox. It is set between 1868 and 1916 in Britain during the Industrial Revolution. The game starts with Jacob and Evie Frye battling Crawford Starrick, the Templar leader in London. Conversely, Jacob’s granddaughter Lydia Frye is working alongside Churchill to take down spies.  

Assassins Creed Chronicles: Russia

  • IGN Ratings:8/10

Finally, the last Creed Chronicles: Russia was released in 2016 during the October Revolution. The game begins with Shao Jun possessing Princess Anastasia Romanova. Later, she became significant, as it was explored that her precursor box could send people into Assassin memories.

Part 2. How to Make a Timeline in EdrawMax?

Want to make your favorite game series timeline? It is a matter of minutes with software like EdrawMax. It is an advanced diagramming software with a timeline function featuring vector symbols and premade templates. Let’s see how you can use it to make a similar timeline.

  • Before you start, download, install, and launch the EdrawMax desktop version. Log into your Wondershare ID or social media account (Facebook, Google, Twitter).

Method 1: Start from Scratch

1. Open the main EdrawMax menu and click Home > Business > Project Timeline in the search box. From the multiple timeline layout options, select a preferred option.

steps of making a timeline

2. Once on the editing panel, select Basic > Smart Shapes > Timeline from the left-side symbol library. Now, you can drag any timeline on the canvas.

steps of making a timelin

3. Next, add the year and description of events in your timeline. For this, double-click the text box and start typing. You can directly change the font size and style.

steps of making a timeline

4. Timelines are always attractive with pictures. So, add images for each event. For this, go to the Insert tab on the top and click Pictures > Local Pictures or AI-Generated.

steps of making a timeline

5. Once satisfied, make the timeline pop with colors. Go to the Design tab on the top and add a theme or change the color scheme.  

steps of making a timeline

Method 2: Start with a Template

In a hurry and do not want to start the creation process from scratch, no worries. Here is how to make a similar timeline in seconds using readymade templates.

1. You can download this eddx file or find a similar timeline example from the template community. Just click Template > Timeline from the main EdrawMax menu.

steps of making a timeline

2. It will display several options. Go through them and select one. Once decided, press Use Immediately.

steps of making a timeline

3. Personalize the template. Replace images and add text as explained above.

steps of making a timeline

4. Once done, you can change its background image and color scheme from the Design tab on the top.

steps of making a timelin

Download and Share

  • Click the Export icon from the quick-access toolbar and choose a preferred format. EdrawMax supports over ten export formats, including Visio, PNG, JPG, etc. Moreover, press Share from the top-right corner and show it to your social media friends.
steps of making a timeline


The timeline of Assassins Creed games can be messy, given the intertwined ancient period and several characters coming in repeatedly. This action adventure stretches over 1000 years and captivates you with fun, historical experiences.

Want to make a similar Assassins Creed game timeline? Give a shot to EdrawMax. It has numerous user-generated timeline templates and AI assistance. You may like how easy and quick it is to make any timeline or family trees.

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