10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Greeting Card Templates You Can Use

Thanksgiving greeting cards are a fun and easy way to remind your friends and loved ones that you remember them during this season.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, you may find yourself in the delightful yet sometimes daunting task of crafting heartfelt greetings for your loved ones. Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and togetherness, offers a unique opportunity to express appreciation.

Don’t worry; this article has you covered with ten beautiful Thanksgiving greeting card templates that will make your heartfelt messages even more special.

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10 Thanksgiving Greeting Card Templates for You

Without further ado, here are the templates that this article has promised you. If you want to change their content or design elements, go through the following section to learn how to edit them.

Two-Fold Thanksgiving Greeting Card

You can print This two-fold greeting card on cardboard or specialized paper. Add a particular photo on the first page and a heartfelt message on the second.

Thanksgiving Quote Greeting Card

This one’s more memorable. You can add a unique quote for your friends or loved ones. Or, you can change the selection to a message, depending on what they’ll appreciate more.

Company/Business Thanksgiving Card

This template is specifically catered for businesses. It has a dedicated space to add your business or organization’s logo. Add a special message for those you’ll send this to.

Heartfelt Message Thanksgiving Card

This template is focused on your words. Treat it as a letter – add a message you know your friend will love. It’s supported by a beautiful backdrop that will make everything more special.

Simple Business Thanksgiving Card

This template, on the other hand, has a small space for writing letters. Of course, you can make it larger should you want to say more. This is great if you plan to send cards in bulk.

Yellow Pumpkin Thanksgiving Card

This greeting card template focuses more on style. It uses a beautiful pumpkin and turkey art – perfect for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Poem Greeting Card

This template provides your recipients with a beautiful poem and cute turkey art. Of course, you can easily change the poem into something more personal.

Realistic Background Thanksgiving Greeting Card

This template is another simple one. It presents a beautiful background of Thanksgiving treats. The key here, of course, is to put a beautiful message.

Vector Thanksgiving Greeting Card

On the other hand, the template you see here uses a vector design. It’s simple. A simple Happy Thanksgiving is all you need to send the message.

Canadian Turkey Thanksgiving Card

This template uses the Canadian flag and a cute photo of a turkey. You can easily change the flag and the other elements to fit your home country’s design language.

How To Customize the Templates

Found something you like? Be sure to customize them. All these templates are, of course, made from Wondershare EdrawMax That’s why it’s best to open them through the same app. Follow the steps below to customize your templates:

Step 1: Download and install EdrawMax or try it online for free.

Step 2: Choose one of the templates in this article. To download them, hover your mouse over their image, then click eddx when you see the text prompts. You can also search for Thanksgiving greeting card templates from the Template Community.

Step 3: Now, open EdrawMax. Click Open, then Computer on the homepage, and locate your downloaded file.

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Step 4: Customize the template you downloaded by editing the text content. Double-click on the placer texts and type away. Use the appearing customization bar to change the font and paragraph styles. Use the AI Drawing function to generate illustrations..

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Step 5: If you want to re-arrange the elements, click and drag to where you want them. Delete or add new elements by pressing Delete on your keyboard or using the Import symbols button on the elements panel.

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Wondershare EdrawMax: Diagramming and Card Designing Tool

Wondershare EdrawMax is a powerful diagramming tool. But it understands that you have other needs, such as creating Thanksgiving greeting cards for your loved ones. That’s why it’s equipped with all the features you’ll need to make them:

  • AI Drawing: This feature can assist you in creating beautiful photos for your card. Type a prompt, and it will make what you want.
  • AI Chat: The AI Chat feature can provide content to add to your card. Or, you can ask it for design ideas.
  • Export Features: EdrawMax supports export in many file formats. That means you can add a lot of things to your greeting cards.

If you want more templates, visit the Template Community and search for Thanksgiving greeting card templates. It’s a user-built community with all their creations you can get or take inspiration from.


In closing, you’ve journeyed through exquisite Thanksgiving greeting card templates, each brimming with warmth and charm. Remember that creativity knows no bounds as you prepare to share your gratitude. For an even broader canvas of design possibilities, consider using EdrawMax, a versatile tool for crafting personalized greetings.

As Thanksgiving draws near, may your messages of thanks resonate with love and appreciation. The Wondershare EdrawMax family wishes you a joyful and heartwarming Thanksgiving celebration!

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