Meet George Herbert W. Bush and His Descendants

The Bush family has a long tradition of public service and politics. Here is a Bush family tree, visualizing the five generations from Samuel Prescott Bush.


George Herbert W Bush, the longest-residing US president and patriarch of the Republicans, was a family man. Get a sneak peek of this accomplished political family with this Bush family tree.

Originating in Ohio and led by Samuel Prescott, the Bush family is undoubtedly an accomplished 20th-century political family. The bushes have been the soul of American business and politics for four powerful generations. The descendants of George Herbert and Barbara Bush have produced investment bankers, industrialists, publishing executives, senators, and even presidents.

The legacy of President Bush now extends to several renowned personalities. Want to know more about this influential Republican family? Starting from Samuel Prescott Bush, here is a quick rundown of the Bush family tree.    

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Part 1. Bush Family Tree

Samuel Prescott Bush

The patriarch of the Bush family, Samuel Prescott Bush, was born in New Jersey. He graduated in 1881 and led a successful career as Buckeye Steel Casting Company president. Bush married Flora Sheldon in 1894 and had four children, Prescott Sheldon Bush being the eldest.

Prescott Sheldon Bush

Prescott Sheldon Bush, born in 1895, was an American investment banker, politician, and patriarch of the Republican dynasty. He represented Connecticut in the Senate from 1952 to 1963.

George Herbert Walker Bush

Born to Prescott Sheldon Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush, George Herbert W. Bush was a US Senator from 1952 to 1963. Before this, he was a decorated naval pilot during WWII. He died in 2018 from Parkinson’s disease at home in Houston.

Barbara Bush

Barbara married George Herbert Walker Bush in 1945. The couple had six children: George, Robin, Jeb, Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy.

George Walker Bush and Family

Born in 1946, he is the eldest of the George Herbert Bush Family. In 1994, he was elected the governor of Texas. Later, he was elected the US President in 2000 and served two terms.

Laura Bush

Laura Welch (now Laura Bush) was a former teacher and librarian from Midland, Texas. She married George W. Bush in 1977. The couple have twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara Pierce Bush.

Jenna Bush Hager

Born in 1981, Jenna Bush Hager is a journalist, author, and media personality. She currently hosts a talk show, Today with Hoda & Jenna. In 2008, she married Henry Chase Hager and has three children.

Barbara P. Bush

Jenna’s fraternal twin Barbara Pierce Bush is an activist and co-founder of Global Health Corps. In 2018, she married Craig Coyne, a screenwriter. They welcomed their daughter Cora in 2021.

Pauline Robinson “Robin” Bush

Pauline Robbinson, born in 1949, was the elder daughter of George Herbert Bush. She died of Leukemia in 1953 and was buried at the Colledge Station, Texas.

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush and Family

The second son of George Herbert Bush, Jeb Bush, was born in 1953. He is a politician and investment banker. He served as the governor of Florida and Florida Commerce Secretary.

Columba Bush

Columba Bush, a Mexican-American philanthropist, married Jeb Bush in 1974. The couple have three children: George, Noelle, and John Ellis (a.k.a Jebbie Jr).

Neil Bush and Family

Born in 1955, Neil Bush is the third son of George Herbert Bush. He is a businessman and investor. He founded an educational software company, Ignite! Learning. Neil also chairs the Points of Light and ATX Oil.

Sharon Smith

In 1980, Neil Bush married Sharon Smith. Together, they had three children, Lauren, Pierce, and Ashley, before divorcing in 2003. One year later, he married Maria Manass in 2004.

Dorothy Bush Koch and Family

Popularly known as Doro, Dorothy Bush was born in 1959. She is an author and philanthropist. She currently chairs the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy with Jeb Bush.

William LeBlond

Dorothy Bush married William LeBlond in 1982. Together, they had Samuel (a.k.a Sam LeBlond) and Nancy Ellis (a.k.a Ellie LeBlond). The couple divorced in 1990.

Bobby Koch

Dorothy Bush remarried Bobby Koch in 1992. He is the CEO and president of the Wine Institute. The couple have two children, Robert and Gigi Grace. 

Marvin Bush

Marvin Bush, born in 1956, co-founded the Winston Partners, an investment firm in Virginia. He also serves as the principal at the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Margaret Conway Molster

In 1981, Margaret Conway Molster married Marvin Bush. They have two children, Marshal and Charles Walker.

Part 2. How to Make a Family Tree in EdrawMax?

Want to make your favorite media personality’s family tree? Check out the EdrawMax template community to explore similar examples. With EdrawMax, you can also make a family tree from scratch. Here is how.

  • Before you begin, download, install, and launch EdrawMax or try it online for free. Log into your Wondershare ID or social media account (Facebook, Google, etc).

Method 1: Start from Scratch

Now, let us make a similar family tree from scratch.

1. Go to Home from the main menu and press Basic > Org Chart > Family Tree. You will see several layouts on the screen. Select one to enter the editing canvas.

steps of making a family tree

2. Next, select Basic > Family Tree > Family Tree or Genogram from the left-side symbol library on the canvas.

steps of making a family tree

3. Drag symbols on the canvas and prepare an outline.

steps of making a family tree

4. Once satisfied, add a text box for members’ descriptions on the canvas. So, go to the Home tab on the top and click Text.  

steps of making a family tree

5. Though the family tree is complete, it can look better with family members’ pictures. So, go to the Insert tab on the top and click Pictures > Local Pictures.

steps of making a family tree: add-pictures-family-tree

6. Finally, go to the Design tab on the top and change its appearance. You can customize the background image, theme, and colors of the tree.

steps of making a family tree

Method 2: Starting with a Template

Have no time to put in extra effort? Here is how to make a family tree in seconds using a template on EdrawMax.

1. Press the Template button from the main menu and type Family Tree in the search box. From the options displayed, skim a little and find a match. Now, press Use Immediately.

steps of making a family tree

2. Once on the editing panel, make changes to the template. Add images, replace images, and insert descriptions.

steps of making a family tree

3. You can also change how the tree looks. Go to the Design tab on the top and make adjustments. Change the color scheme, theme, and background image.

steps of making a family tree

Download and Share

Once the family tree is complete, you can download and share it.

  • Click the Export icon from the quick-access toolbar and select a preferred option. It supports over 10 formats, including Visio, PNG, JPG, etc. You can also show it to social media friends by pressing Share > Edit Permission from the top-right corner.
steps of making a family tree

Part 3. What is Wondershare EdrawMax?

Plotting intermingling and messy family relations can be an uphill task on a basic drawing app. This is where EdrawMax may help you cut the creation time and effort. It features a family tree maker with vector symbols and user-generated templates. Here is everything that makes it unique for family trees and other technical diagrams.

  • Vector Symbols: EdrawMax features professionally designed, drag-and-drop symbols. You can also customize your symbol library by importing symbols.
  • Customization: EdrawMax is equipped with numerous customization options. It allows adding images, changing colors, applying background images, etc.
  • User-Generated Templates: It has a massive template community with 20,000+ editable templates, including family trees, ecomaps, and genograms.
  • Multi-Export File Support: EdrawMax supports over ten file formats. It allows downloading family trees in Visio files, PNG, PPT, JPG, and more.
  • AI Tools: EdrawMax has a wide array of AI tools like Edraw AI, AI drawing, AI text, etc. With this, you can do basic tasks in seconds.


The Bush family is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and influential American political dynasties. The five generations have led the Republicans, investment banking, industries, and news for over a century. This Bush family tree offers a quick visual guide for anyone who wants to know about their lineage.

Want to know similar family trees of your favorite media families? Advanced diagramming tools like EdrawMax might help you better. Its vector symbols, intuitive interface, and cross-platform make it ideal for making family trees. So, try it and you might like the convenience.

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