The Complete Family Tree of Simpsons in One Diagram

Want to learn about the relationships of Simpsons in one diagram? Check out this Simpson family tree and get a sneak peek of their interactions with one another.


The Simpsons, undoubtedly the most influential animated longest-running show on American primetime, aired over three decades with 33 seasons and 722 episodes. The interesting and relevant lives of Homer and Marge Simpson, along with their three children, offered comedic relief and nostalgia to adults, teenagers, and kids across the world.

The pop-culture references and viral Simpsons memes are used to date. The witty, caring, yet self-centered characters closely resembling our daily lives kept us hooked for thirty years.

Are you a new member of the Simpson clan and want to explore the intricate details of their family? Keep on reading and learn about the relationship of the Simpsons in one diagram.

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  1. Part 1: Homer and Marjorie Simpson Family Tree
  2. Part 2: How to Make a Movie Family Tree Online?
  3. Part 3: Why Are the Simpsons So Popular?
  4. Conclusion

Part 1: Homer and Marjorie Simpson Family Tree

Homer Jay Simpson's Birth Family

Mona Penelope married Abraham Simpson, the father of Herbert and Abbey. Together, they gave birth to Homer Simpson, the main character of the TV series.

  • Abraham Abe Simpson II

Grandpa Abe Simpson is the Simpson family's oldest patriarch. He is the late Mona Simpson's ex-husband. A retired war veteran, he is living in the Springfield Castle. You will mostly find him telling exaggerated yet comic and nostalgic war stories.

  • Mona Simpson

Mona Simpson, also known as Sunny, was Homer Simpson's mother. Despite her caring and loving nature, she was strong-willed and critical of Abe Simpson. She joined a radical group against biological warfare practices and left Homer, leaving a lasting impact on him. She eventually died after returning to Springfield.   

  • Herbert Powell

Herbert Powell, or Herb, is the biological son of Abe Simpson and Gaby, a carnival worker. He is the long-lost half-brother of Homer. Baby Herb was left at Shelbyville Orphanage by his parents, from where the Powells adopted him. 

  • Abbey

Believed to be the biological daughter of Abe and a woman he had a brief relationship with during WW-II Edwina, Abbey is the half-sister of Herb and Homer. The Simpson family discovered Abbey when she was 58 because of her close resemblance to Homer.

Marjorie Jacqueline Birth Family

Clancy and Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier have a small family with a pair of twins, Patty and Selma, and their little sister, Marge Bouvier.

  • Clancy Bouvier

Clancy Bouvier, late father to Patty, Marge, and Selma, was a chain smoker and a good-looking Navy pilot. Despite his rare appearances, he leaves a mark on audiences with his lovely family interactions and intriguing past.

  • Jackie Bouvier

Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier, often referred to as Grandma Bouvier, is a contrasting image of Marge's nurturing personality. Apparently, she is strong-willed and critical, yet she dearly loves and cares for her family.

  • Patty Bouvier

Patricia or Patty Bouvier is Selma's twin and Marge's older sister. She has an independent and witty personality, often shown through her grey hair and disklike for Homer. Like their father, she and Selma are chain smokers.

  • Selma Bouvier

Selma is Patty's twin sister and works at DMV with her. Unlike Patty, she is fond of relationships and love, though she also does not approve of Homer.

Homer and Marjorie After-Marriage Family: The Simpsons

Homer Simpson and Marjorie Bouvier, along with their three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, make up the infamous Simpson family.

  • Homer Jay Simpson

Homer Jay Simpson, Marge's husband and father to Bart, Maggie, and Lisa, is the Simpson Family's patriarch and a typical working-class safety inspector at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Though he is ignorant and lazy, family comes first to him.  

  • Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson

Marjorie, or Marge Simpson, is Homer's wife, the Simpson family's matriarch, and a homemaker. She is the symbol of stability, strength, and love in the chaotic life of Simpsons and Bouviers. She spends her leisure time painting and running a small business. 

  • Bart Simpson

Bartholomew 'Bart' Simpson, the only son of Homer and Marge, is a mischievous, rebellious, and often misunderstood family member. Despite him being a troublemaker, Bart has accomplished a lot, from discovering a comet to performing in a successful band. 

  • Lisa Marie Simpson

Lisa Simpson is the intelligent, overachiever, and compassionate eldest daughter and middle child of the Simpson family. Apart from being a saxophone player, a passionate protestor, reader, and horserider, she is often the voice of reason and moral support for other family members.

  • Maggie Simpson

Margaret "Maggie" Simpson is the one-year child of Homer and Marge, the baby sister to Lisa and Bart. You will often see her with a pacifier in her mouth and tipping over her clothes. Her occasional giggles, non-verbal wit, and innocent adventures have their own fandom.

Part 2: How to Make a Movie Family Tree Online?

Want to make your favorite movie's character family tree? Check out the EdrawMax template community, and you may find a relevant template. If you have found a template, here is how you can edit it to make it your own.

  • First, download, install, and launch Edrawmax. Log in with your Wondershare ID or an account of Google, Twitter, or Facebook.

Step 1: Select a Template

Once you are logged in, click Templates and write Family Tree in the search box. It will display multiple editable family trees. Skim a little to find the right fit for your requirements, and press Use Immediately.


Step 2: Edit the Members

Once you are on the editing panel, add or remove family members using the shapes from the left-side symbol library. Once the tree is complete, write names and descriptions over each shape by double-clicking it.


Step 3: Customize the Diagram

Now, it is time to make it visually attractive. Go to the Design tab on the top toolbar and change the color scheme, theme, and font style of the diagram.


Step 4: Share and Export

Finally, export your final family tree in a PDF, PNG, JPG, and 14 more formats from the top quick-access toolbar. Also, share this diagram with social media friends and family using the Share button on the top-right corner.


Part 3: Why Are the Simpsons So Popular?

Coming to screens in 1989, The Simpsons introduced a modern animation genre targeted towards adults, teenagers, and kids alike. Here are some reasons why it stayed on the top for almost thirty years.

  • Simpons had easily consumable humor and dark jokes. It attracted audiences of all ages across the world, diminishing the generational gap. 
  • The pop culture references like edgy songs, arcade games, and high-school culture evoked nostalgia in the adult audience and attracted kids alike. 
  • The new and improved comedic writing of the Simpsons made it a huge success. The complex, well-intentioned, sweet, and caring yet selfish and impulsive psyche of the characters made it realistic for the audience. 
  • The guest appearances and relevant day-to-day plots attracted worldwide viewers. 
  • Despite multiple new factors, it still maintained the American sitcom formula with animated characters in comedic roles playing numerous scenarios.  


In American pop culture, only a few TV shows left a mark, one of them being The Simpsons. Set in a fictional Springfield town, this TV show revolves around a caring, dysfunctional, and often chaotic Simpson family.

The show offers relevant day-to-day life experiences. The vibrant world of this family led by Marge and Homer is full of exciting and interesting turn of events. Moreover, their interactions with relatives and friends make it even more compelling.

Are you just catching up on this iconic show and want to learn about the relationship of the Simpsons in one diagram? Check out this family tree.

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