Season's Greetings: 30 Free Christmas Cards to Express Love and Joy

Discover 30 charming, free Christmas cards perfect for spreading holiday cheer to your loved ones.


Nothing hits home more than a heartfelt wish from your family. A token of appreciation from your boss or an expression of your care for friends and family is the centuries-old Christmas tradition.

Are you on the hunt for an ideal Christmas greeting card? Look no further. This article explores thirty free Christmas card ideas and more from the EdrawMax template community. It caters to every need, from quintessential reindeer to winter scenes and corporate-appropriate wishes.

So, dive right in, choose the perfect match for your loved ones, and make them feel special this Christmas Eve.

30 Free Christmas Card Examples

These free Christmas card examples from the EdrawMax template community come in handy in narrowing down the ideal card for appreciating your friends, families, and work colleagues.

Example 1

Send this "Merry Christmas" greeting card to make someone's Christmas special. Its vibrant color scheme and fun Christmas-specific infographics make it excellent for the holiday season.

Example 2

This simple yet attractive Christmas card has an old-school festive greeting layout. Just add a fulfilling message under this font and send it to your loved ones.

Example 3

The animated Santa hats and the jolly little holiday infographics make this an appropriate Christmas greeting card for friends and families.

Example 4

Want to send Christmas greetings to your corporate fellows? This Christmas greeting card might be it. Its subtle colors and amusing visuals make a perfect corporate gift.

Example 5

Here comes yet another traditional Christmas greeting card. Save your time at the store and print it. Pair it with memorable Polaroid photos from EdrawMax.

Example 6

There is nothing more heartfelt than a personalized message on Christmas. This end-of-year holiday template gives you ample space to add that.

Example 7

Have no time to prepare Christmas cards for guests amidst the chaotic holiday preparations? Print this template in bulk and place it on the dinner table. Make every guest feel special.

Example 8

The creator has decorated this Christmas card with several touching visuals. There is no other quintessential greeting than a ginger house, Santa's reindeer, and the Christmas tree, all in one place.

Example 9

Expecting people on dinner this end-year holiday season? Greet them with this Christmas greeting card. Print it in a preferred size and display it on the main door.

Example 10

This Christmas greeting card has a Santa figure holding presents for the small ones. Get this card’s hard copy and let them know they are special.

Example 11

This is yet another intriguing corporate Christmas greeting card. Save your time and money by printing them in bulk and distributing them among your colleagues.

Example 12

This Christmas greeting card is your call to celebrate e-Christmas. Add a loving message at the end and share it with your social media family.

Example 13

You can always add a token of appreciation to your Christmas gift. Make someone's holiday lovely by sending them greetings through this Christmas Heartening Christmas Card.

Example 14

Express your appreciation for your loved ones by sending them this heart-warming Christmas greeting card. The attractive layout and personalized message save you time and money to get one from the store.

Example 15

Do not let the busy schedule come in between your desire to wish others the best of the Christmas holiday. Get your hands on this card and edit it in seconds.

Example 16

The creator has left this Christmas card's right side blank. So, you have ample space to express your gratitude and appreciate friends and family.

Example 17

This Holly Jolly Christmas card design is here for people fond of expression through visuals. It encapsulates the entire holiday in one greeting card.

Example 18

End-of-year holidays are the time to be merry and reunite with friends and family. This Christmas card with a heartening message is your staple to cherish these memories.

Example 19

What is better than getting a generic Christmas card from the web is this e-Christmas greetings card. It makes your effort stand out in the crowd.

Example 20

Want to personalize Christmas greetings? The creator has used three photos in this card. Thus, you are free to replace them with your pictures with friends and family.

Example 21

This Santa Christmas template is an excellent way to wish the holiday season to your little ones. You can also personalize the message below the "Merry Christmas" fonts.

Example 22

Hope all the good things happen! A simple and heartfelt note for your loved ones. Share this Christmas card online with friends and families with a few clicks.

Example 23

This Christmas card has a car with lots of gifts over it. Have someone not attended Christmas parties this year? Let them know you care about their presence.

Example 24

Nothing hits the spot as a short but heartfelt message from your loved ones. This short Christmas card is your chance to appreciate your loved ones' presence during the holiday season.

Example 25

For old-school Christmas people, this end-of-the-year holiday card might sound suitable right away. Printing is as easy as getting your hands on it.

Example 26

This corporate Christmas card is an excellent way for small businesses to appreciate their workers. Just add a thank-you note for their services and print it in bulk.

Example 27

An ideal Christmas card for dinner tables and gifts, this template might be it. You can change its colors, add a note, and share it with friends online or in person.

Example 28

Have no time but want to make Christmas greetings personalized? This Christmas template is your call. Express your gratitude by adding an affectionate note on the right side.

Example 29

This gingerbread Christmas card is perfect for anyone celebrating the holiday with sweets. Pack a bag of some gingerbreads with this card and wish your loved ones Merry Christmas.

Example 30

Lastly, this touching quotation can make anyone's end-of-the-year holiday special. So, save time, print it in seconds, and add it to your gift bag.

How to Customize the Templates with EdrawMax

What Is Wondershare EdrawMax

EdrawMax is an advanced diagramming tool for professional businesses and individuals. It supports 210+ diagram makers, including flowcharts, organization charts, floor plans, and Christmas cards. Here is what makes it stand out in the crowd:

  • It has AI-powered functions, including AI Diagramming, AI Drawing, AI Chat, and AI OCR Extraction. With these, you can generate powerful illustrations and personalized heartfelt Christmas notes.
  • EdrawMax supports 10,000+ free templates, including Christmas greeting cards.
  • It has professionally designed symbols and clipart for 210+ types of diagrams, including Christmas cards.
  • EdrawMax supports over 10 export formats, including Visio, Graphics, PDF, and more.

How to Customize These Templates?

Want to customize one of the Christmas templates and make it your own? Here is how to do it:

Before that, download the EdrawMax desktop and log into your Wondershare account. You can also access it with your social media credentials.

Step 1: Download and Open

Visit the Templates CommunityM from the start page and type "Christmas cards" in the search box. It will display numerous examples. Scroll down, find the right one, and click Use immediately.
step 1 of using a christmas card template: downloading software

Step 2: Insert Clipart

The next step is to personalize it. Once on the editing panel, add icons and clipart to your card. Go to the Insert tab from the top menu and click Clipart or Icon.

step 2 of creating a christmas card template: inserting cliparts

Step 3: Draw Illsutration

You can also use the AI drawing function to make illustrations. Just click AI > AI Drawing and briefly describe what you need. Set preferences and clickStart Creating.

step3 of creating a christmas card template: drawing illustration

Step 4: Change Formatting

After this, proceed and change the formatting. Go to the Design tab from the top corner and adjust the color scheme, theme, background image, and card size.

step 4 of creating a christmas card template: changing style

Step 5: Automatic Formatting

Or, if you have no time, simply go to the Design tab and press the One Click Beautify. It will automatically adjust the colors and size of your card in seconds.

step 5 of creating a christmas card template: automatic formatting

Step 6: Export and Share

Finally, your Christmas card is ready to go. Click the Export icon from the top quick-access toolbar and get in whatever format you like (PNG, JPG, PDF, Visio). Or press Share from the top-right corner and show your love to social media friends

step 6 of creating a christmas card template: exporting and sharing


The true meaning of Christmas lies in spending time with the people you care about. Even so, there is no replacement for a simple yet heartening appreciation text. A wish pasted on a personalized card is your call to make your loved ones feel like they belong. So, go to the EdrawMax template community and find all these amazing personalized free Christmas cards.

May the Christmas season bring only joy to your family.

Lydia Iris
Lydia Iris Apr 15, 24
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