Saudi Royal Family Tree

In this article, we are going to learn about the family tree of the Saudi royal family and how to make such a family tree in minutes with EdrawMax.

Saudi royal family tree

The House of Saud is an important family in Saudi Arabia. They have been ruling the country for almost the last three centuries. They are the descendants of Al-Saud, who was the founder of the Emirates of Diriyah. The Emirates of Diriyah was declared the first Saudi state back in 1727. The King of the state is the most prominent position in Saudi Arabia. Kings' families consist of almost 10,000 to 20,000 people, but the ones in power are almost 2,000. The King's family have wealth ranging from $500 million to $3 Trillion.

However, King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rehman has got attention due to his legacy. His sons got into power one after the other.

Sons of the Great King Abdulaziz al Saud

King's sons have been ruling the country for decades now. They had worked hard in their time to make the country run well.

Kings and Princes of the State

The first king after Abdulaziz al Saud was his first son, Saud bin Abdulaziz al Saud. He ruled for almost 11 years after the death of his father.

After Saud, Faisal bin Abdulaziz got the throne and worked hard to set rules for his country according to the modern age. His nephew assassinated him over a conflict in 1975. He has two sons, Saud al Faisal and Khaled al Faisal, who work as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Education.

Khalid bin Abdulaziz became King of the state and retained his position till 1982. During his reign, the Islamic extremists occupied the holy mosque.

After the death of Khaled, Fahd bin Abdulaziz became King of the state in 1982, and he ruled the state more than any other son of Abdulaziz. He remained King for almost 23 years. His son, Muhammad bin Fahd al Saud, served as a governor of the Eastern Province.

Sultan bin Abdulaziz was the crown prince and retained his position for six years till 2011. Although he was not a king, he was in the elite class of the royal family. His son, Khaled bin Sultan, has been the deputy minister of defence. Bandar bin Sultan, Sultan's other son, is the secretary General of the National Security Council.

Prince Talal, one of Abdulaziz al Saud's sons, was known as a red prince for his liberal views. He is still an active member of UNESCO. Alwaleed bin Talal, his son, is a businessman. He lives out of the country for his businesses, like hostels and restaurants.

Nayef bin Abdulaziz al Saud and Sultan bin Abdulaziz were brothers from the same mother. He served his country as an interior minister. He died in 2012. Nayef has two sons, Saud bin Nayef and Muhammed bin Nayef. Saud is the governor of Eastern Province, and Muhammed bin Nayef is the current Interior minister.

Muqrin bin Abdulaziz was appointed the head of Saudi Arabia's intelligence agencies. His nephew Bandar bin Salman replaced him in 2012. Muqrin has been named deputy prime minister and rightful son of the throne after King Salman. He is the youngest son of Abdulaziz al Saud.

The Current King and Prince of Saudi Arabia

Salman bin Abdulaziz is the current King of Saudi Arabia. He has three sons, Faisal bin Salm, Muhammad bin Salman and Sultan bin Salman. Muhammad bin Salman is the current crown prince of the state and deals with all the matters in the country. He used to visit foreign countries for deals and partnerships. However, the last verdict was only given by King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Although Salman bin Abdulaziz is the King of the state, his son has all the authority to make decisions in the country. The King himself is getting old and doesn't visit or look after anything. There is a high chance for Muhammad bin Salman to be tcountry's next Kingtry.

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Part 1. How to Make Such a Family Tree?

Method 1: Starting from Scratch

Family trees offer a greater value than those of conventional writing. It is better to visualize things when you have a family tree. In order to make family trees, there are just simple things to do. First, gather all the information about the family, children and relationships among them.

Step 1: Start with the family's eldest member, like the mother and father. Here, we are going to take an example of a family where Jason and Emma are the parents. They have four children named Victoria, Michael, Sam and Emily. Then we add their children as well, and so on.

Add all the members of the family on one page

Step 2: Collect pictures of all the members and add them to the family tree diagram. Pictures are not necessary, but they help make the family tree more valuable and visually appealing.

Add pictures with names to make it obvious to understand

Step 3: Add Relationships among the family members in the family tree. The relationship lines are not interconnected in family tree diagrams. Children are only connected to their parents.

Add relationships to make your family tree clear

That's it. Your family tree is ready to view. However, drawing these elements in the diagram could irritate at some point. You need to generate so many elements to create a full diagram that could take hours to get ready. But method 2 is much simpler, assisting you all the way through. Let's check it out.

Method 2: Starting With a Template

A template makes things easier and saves a lot of time. All you need to do is to move elements around the canvas. You have all the tools to take and play with them. Here is how you can make a family tree using a template.

Step 1: Click to download this template and open it.

download the template from eddx template community

Step 2: Remove all the elements you might think are unnecessary in the family tree, including texts and graphics.

Step 3: Upload your pictures and place them in the correct way. Label each family member's list with names and other information, if needed.

Add a picture and name each member of the family

It is all you need to do, and you're ready to go. A readymade template is a way forward for you if you're a newbie who is looking to make a family tree for you. It will assist you and provide all the elements you need to create a perfect family tree. You must try it!


In this article, we discussed the Saudi Royal family tree and their family members. The discussion was about how wealthy this family is and how they have played an important role in the country's success for the last century.

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