India's Tata Group Family Tree

In this article, you are going to learn about the Tata Group family tree. How to make such a family tree and what elements are needed to make such a diagram. Keep reading!

family tree for the Tata group

Jamsetji Tata

Jamsetji Tata, the founder of this group, established it in 1868. He was born in 1839 and graduated from college in 1858. He joined his father's trading business. When he was 29, he started his own textile mill. The name of the mill was Alexandra Mill. He preferred Nagpur over Bombay for his express mills when everybody was trying to move their businesses to Bombay.

It was a profitable move by Jamsetji Tata. He founded an Endowment fund in 1892, aiming to provide Indian students with the opportunity to study abroad and acquire good skills. Freany Cama, a medical doctor, was the first beneficiary of the JN Tata Endowment fund.

The iconic Taj Mahal Hotel was one of his best works. The inauguration of the Taj Mahal took place back in 1903.

Sir Dorabji Tata

After the death of Jamsetji in 1904, Sir Dorabji Tata took his place. He was the elder son of Jamsetji and took his father's legacy to another level. As a second chairman of the group, he founded Tata Steel and Iron Company in 1907. It was the first steel mill in India. Before the construction of the steel mill, he also managed to construct a hospital near the mill to cater for the needs of the people in the area.

The First International office for Tata Group

He took a brave decision to build his family's first international office in London. It was for global expansion and took the name of the company to another level. It was just the beginning of the global recognition.

The Science Institution

It was Jamsetji's wish to build a science institution for the student in India. Although, he passed away and couldn't manage to build one. However, five years after his death, an institution was built in 1909, and the first batch of pilots was passed in 1911.

Hydroelectric Power

Sir Dorabji introduced the first clean energy to Mumbai by establishing India's first Hydroelectric Power station. This was one big achievement and gave birth to Tata Power.

Sir Ratanji Tata

Sir Ratanji Tata studied abroad and made significant contributions to the family's work. The role of his wife, Navajbai, is even bigger. Both sons of the Jamsetji had no children. So Navajbai adopted a 13-year-old naval officer who was able to put his foot forward in the Tata business.

Naval Tata

Naval Tata married two women and had three sons. Ratan Tata and Jimmy Tata were born to the Sooni Commissariat. The third son, Noel Tata, was from another wife, Simone Naval Tata. Naval Tata was born into a middle family and kept the shape of the business well.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is one of the most successful chairpersons of the group. Under his tenure, the family business grew to the highest levels and made almost 100 billion USD. Ratan Tata is unmarried and doesn't have any children.

Tata Business is now based on many other businesses like Tata Sky, Tata Steel Europe, People's Car, Tata Communications, Tetley, Tata Motors, Jewelry, watches and much more.

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Part 1. How to Make such a Family Tree?

Method 1: Start From Scratch

A family tree is used to best visualize the family members, their ancestors and descendants. If we use pictures, that would be more than beneficial. A visual representation of a family tree gives enough information to anyone, someone like a child. It is a fun way to represent a family where you will be able to find your roots. Children are the ones who get to know their family members, cousins, and others.

Here is a simple method to draw a family tree. Follow each step to work things out better.

First of all, make a list of all the members on a page. Separate one couple from the other. Write down the names of the children of the couple. Find a relation of the couple from another couple, like they could be brothers or sisters.

list all the members of the family

Arrange all the photographs and put them with their names for better understanding. Although it is not a compulsion to add photographs while making a family tree, it is good to show faces for a complete guide. There is a possibility that you might not have photos of your family members, like your grandfather, etc. In such cases, you can just write names for them, keeping the Image space empty.

add appropriate pictures in the diagram

Add relationships line among the members. One couple's Children must be connected to them only. These lines are vital and must be clean enough and at certain distances so that things do not mix up. Sometimes, the family tree is too big, and these lines are mixed up. For such trees, you need to take the bigger canvas to play around and keep everything clean.

Add relationship lines and colours if needed

Method 2: Start with a Template

It is a bit tedious to draw every element in the family tree and add information one by one. To make things easier and faster, a template could be used to help you out. A readymade template offers you the ease to complete a task within minutes, except for taking hours to draw everything on the canvas. Here is how you can make a family tree while using a template.

Step 1:  Download this template and open the file. You can exit the file online as well if you haven't downloaded the EdrawMax app.

download a template from eddx community

Step 2: Remove all the unnecessary elements like backgrounds and, boxes, etc. It is important so that you can adjust the remaining elements and make more copies if needed. The lines and elements could be drawn or copied from the canvas as well. You can choose whatever you find comfortable.

remove unwanted components and elements from the template

Step 3: Replace canvas Photos with yours and add the information you want for each family member. Don't forget to add Relationship lines on the canvas. Although you are using a template, so most of the lines must be connected already, but you can add if there is still a need.

Add relationships and colours with images

It's done, and you're ready to use the family tree and show it to the little ones to let them know their families.


In this article, we learned about India's Tata Group Family Tree. We have discussed their businesses and their work for the country. They have helped India bring top products to the international market. So, the Tata family has a huge role in making India what it looks like today. They have made enough contributions to charity programs where they invest in poor children and pay their fees for education and home.

We have drawn their family tree based on the information we have. The two methods discussed to make family trees are used these days. They are easier to get. However, a template is a way to go, as it has everything set up already. You just need to move things around, and that's it. So, get a template and start creating a family tree now.

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