Walton Family Tree

This article will discuss the Walton family through a family tree. The importance of such family trees and how valuable these trees could be-- all of this is going to be discussed. We will also learn a few methods to draw such family trees.


Let's discuss the members of this family who put a lot of hard work into bringing the family where it is now.

Walton Brothers and their Hard Work

Both Brothers, Sam and James Bud Walton, started the empire after serving in World War 2. Sam and Bud both began franchising numerous stores in Missouri and Arkansas. The five-and-dime stores were so successful that Sam started his chief with his brother Bud. Sam opened the first Walmart in 1962. The company grew rapidly with Sam as chairman and CEO. Walmart went public in 1970 and had 190 stores by 1977. Walmart becomes America's largest retailer.

Sam earned the Medal of Freedom before he passed away in 1992. His brother James Bud passed in 1995, but the Walmart legacy didn't end. Their family took over operations with Walmart and inherited billions, even though most Waltons are busy running the Walmart empire. The company isn't the only venture they dedicated their time to before Stand even opened the first Walmart. They founded the best bank, which his son Jim Walton now runs. The bank's total assets are approximately over 18 billion dollars.

Alice Walton

Sam's daughter Alice is the second richest woman in the world and spends her time curating art. Her art collection is worth about $500 million and is housed in her Arkansas museum, including work by artists like Norman Rockwell, Antiwar Hall and Georgia O'Keeffe. 

John Thomas Walton

Alice's brother John had an adventurous spirit. He dropped out of college during the Vietnam War to serve as an army green beret and was awarded the Silver Star for bravery in combat. He founded a sailboat manufacturer, a venture capital firm and a children's scholarship fund before dying in a plane accident in 2005. John's scholarship helped fund more than 67,000 children's tuition and still provides tuition for eighty families today. 

Samuel Robson Walton

Samuel Robson Walton, known as Rob, was chairman of Walmart. He now sits on the board of Conservation International in 2016. He granted more than $111 million to programs that protect the environment.

Ann Walton—Daughter of James Bud Walton

Stanley Kroenke, who married James Bud's daughter Ann Walton—a registered nurse owns five professional sports teams: the Denver Nuggets, the Los Angeles Rams, the Colorado Avalanche, the Colorado Mammoth and the Colorado Rapids. She’s also recently struck a controversial deal to become the controlling owner of Arsenal FC, a European soccer team. His son Josh is president of two teams, the Nuggets and Avalanche Josh.

Bill Laurie and Nancy Walton

Bill Laurie, who married Ann's Sister Nancy, was also in sports for some time. Bill was a basketball player at Memphis State University and played in the 1973 NCAA tournament. He bought the NHL Saint Louis Blues in 1999 for $100 million and sold the team in 2005. Nancy also had a passion for dance; she founded the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York and provided millions in funds for over a decade before closing the troop in 2015. But even with all these other ventures, the Waltons also dedicate a lot of focus to the family business, with a handful of family members holding numerous positions with the company in 2018.

Revenue Generated by Walmart

Walmart generated more than $500 billion in revenue, and the company also continues to invest in the future with initiatives like blockchain-powered delivery truck fleets, more drone assistance, and wearable tracking devices for employees. The retail chain isn't going anywhere, so yeah, when you hear the name Walton, you think Walmart, but with this giant family also dedicating their time to their passions. Owit's just a game of wait-and-see for what the Waltons do next.

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Part 1. How to Make Such a Family Tree?

Method 1: Starting from Scratch

Step 1: Download EdrawMax, and if you have it already, Open EdrawMax and Click New> Family Tree.

open new project to start with

Step 2: You'll find image containers on the left-hand side of the screen. Drag appropriate image containers from there. These image containers are of different shapes and designs. Pick your containers wisely.

drag containers on the canvas and make copies

Step 3: Label each container on the canvas. Keep the font size in check.

Label the containers correctly

Step 4: Add relationships among the containers in the right way. Family tree could get tedious as there are a lot of family members, and you need to connect them correctly.

add relationships among the family members

Step 5: Insert Images in those containers with clear faces on them. You can do it by just dragging and dropping. You can also upload images one by one on the canvas.

add images in their respective containers

Step 6: Complete the diagram by adding a background. You can use backgrounds given in EdrawMax to use your own to make your family tree look better.

Walton family tree final results

Method 2: Starting with a Template

A template makes your work easier, giving you directions to complete it faster.

Step 1: Open EdrawMax, click templates>Enter Family Tree in the search bar.

search for a suitable template on EdrawMax

Step 2: You will find hundreds of family tree templates. Pick one according to your needs.

templates with different styles and layouts

Step 3: Move your Cursor to the selected template and click "Use immediately".

pick a template to start with

Step 4: You'll see the template on your canvas for editing. Delete pictures and labels to edit them and add your images and labels.

sample to start making changes


Most people like to buy through Walmart, and this article was focused on all the family members who founded and ran Walmart for decades. We discussed their roles and enlisted all those members in the form of the family tree. This family tree is quite helpful for knowing about the Walton family. If you want to draw a family tree for your family, you just need to draw it through EdrawMax, which is quite a handy tool.

If you want to make your work easier, go for a template. It will help you draw a family tree in no time. So, try it out and introduce your family to your children. Cheers!

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