10 ER Diagram Templates for Hospital Management Systems

Explore 10 free ER diagram templates for hospital management systems from EdrawMax's templates community.


Entity Relationships or ER diagrams showcase relationships of several objects in a database. ERDs are widely used to manage inpatients, doctors, outpatients, receipts, and payments across a clinical setup. A fully-fledged ER diagram for hospital management may include additional entities like HR, cafe, and advanced medical examinations.

However, plotting even a simple ER diagram for a hospital management system is never wise. It demands complex connections and interconnective entities. This is where the ER diagram template comes in. This article explores how doctors can maintain their ER datasets by cutting their creation time in half. So, dive right in.

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10 ER Diagram Templates for Hospital Management System

Want to know more about how big hospital setups and doctors maintain their ER datasets? Here are a few ER diagrams for hospital management examples from th template community of EdrawMax, a free onlin ER diagram maker.

ER Diagram Template 1

This hospital ER database depicts all visual instruments of a hospital system. At first sight, the entities are structural through an operational hierarchy. The creator has used arrows to define structural linkages between the entities. It creates a convenient way to store data about the inpatients, doctors, outpatients, and billings and optimizes the workflow.

ER Diagram Template 2

Given above is an ER diagram of a hospital management system. It showcases four entities, including the patients, hospital, doctors, and medical records, each having a one-to-one relationship. You can observe the type of relationship by looking at the diamond-shaped facilitators between them.

ER Diagram Template 3

This traditional ER diagram represents the stakeholder entities in a clinical healthcare setup. At a glance, the creator has used red rectangles and yellow circles to differentiate entities and attributes, respectively. It further extends into one-to-one relationships. This ER hospital management system improves the communication between these entities, ensuring high-quality deliverables.

ER Diagram Template 4

This ER diagram depicts the database for a dental clinic where each entity is divided into several entities. At first sight, the green boxes at the top of each box represent a respective clinical entity. Following those are the patients' and doctors' information set in white and green. This example is an excellent Kickstarter for small clinical setups to aid the day-to-day efficiency and patient retention.

ER Diagram Template 5

Want an intricate network of connections within a hospital facility? Here comes this ER database for healthcare facilities. Unlike others discussed, this ER diagram explores the association between the attributes within entities. Hence, the data flows are more precise and offer clear communication lines between the stakeholders.

ER Diagram Template 6

This diagram represents the hospital management entity model using the optical database instruments and their dedicated relationship. A few of these entities include nurses, hospitals, patients, medicines, etc. It also utilizes a few common key attributes that help you identify the information easily and streamline routine tasks.

ER Diagram Template 7

Want to keep a record of in and outpatients, depending on their doctor visits and tests? This ER hospital diagram might be it. This flowchart-like diagram depicts three entities, tests, patients, and doctors, shown by the purple squares. It further demonstrates how each patient is associated with a log of tests and several doctors.

ER Diagram Template 8

This ER example is a traditional take on hospital management. It showcases healthcare entities like patients, laboratories, finance, and HR using blue squares. The creator has further leveraged circles and diamonds to represent attributes and relationships. Overall, the entire structure promotes communication between the stakeholders in a clinical setup.

ER Diagram Template 9

Here comes yet another ER diagram for hospital management for patients. The creator has used gray to represent entities on the top of each box, including patients, treatments, equipment, etc. It utilizes one-to-many and many-to-many relationships to evaluate the patient's medical records and history. Using this example can help doctors optimize their assessment.

ER Diagram Template 10

This ER diagram of hospital management visualizes how different entities within a clinical setup interact. This ER flow chart focuses on six entities, represented by the rectangles and their respective attributes, shown through the ovals. It uses labeled lines to signify the relationships.

Make an ER Diagram in EdrawMax

Want to make your hospital management ER diagram? EdrawMax has pre-made templates and professionally designed symbols to help you. Here is how. template community and see how to personalize one in seconds.

Before you begin, download the EdrawMax desktop version and log into your Wondershare account ID. You can also access it using a social media ID (Google, Facebook, etc).

Method 1: Start With a Template

Step 1: Click Templates on the start page. Search "ER diagram hospital management. Numerous options will appear. Skim a little to find the perfect match. Once decided, click Use immediately.

method 1 step 1 of creating er diagrams: selecting a template

Step 2: Once on the editing panel, add and remove shapes from the left-side symbol library.

method 1 step 2 of creating er diagrams: adding symbols

Step 3: After a satisfactory structure is established, add visual details. Go to the Design tab and change its theme, color scheme, and background colors.

method 1 step 3 of creating er diagrams: change format

Method 2: Start From Scratch

Suppose you did not like any premade template and wanted to proceed from scratch. No worries. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Click IT > Database Modeling > Chen ERD > Preferred Layout from the main EdrawMax menu.

method 2 step 1 of creating er diagrams: choose layout

Step 2: Once on the editing panel, go to the left-side symbol library and select Database Modeling > Entity Relationship. Next, plot symbols on the canvas and complete the outline.

method 2 step 2 of creating er diagrams: make an oultine

Step 3: Use the floating button on each shape to build connections.

method 2 step 3 of creating er diagrams: build connections

Step 4: Double-click anywhere on the screen to label the connectors. You can directly change its font or go to the Home tab to personalize the font style and size.

method 2 step 4 of creating er diagrams: personalize style

Step 5: Congratulations, your ER diagram is now ready, but a few colors can make it pop. So, go to the Design tab on the top and change its theme and color scheme.

method 2 step 5 of creating er diagrams: change color and theme

Export and Share

Finally, once the ER diagram is ready, you can download it. Click the Export icon on the quick-access toolbar and choose a preferred format (Visio, PNG, JPG, etc). Or click Share from the top-right corner and show it to your social media friends.

er-diagram-export and share

Free ER Diagram Maker: EdrawMax

Making an ER diagram using basic diagram tools is never a good sight. Plotting inter-connected entities and building one-to-many attributive relations demand advanced canvas like EdrawMax. It has an exclusive ER diagram function with versatile vector symbols and pre-designed user-generated databases. Here is why it might stand out among other diagramming tools.

EdrawMax Key Features:

  • 210+ types of diagrams, including ER diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, network diagrams, etc.
  • Over 26,000 professionally-designed symbols including numerous symbols for ER diagrams.
  • Import of CAD, SVG, and VSDX files and export in a dozen formats
  • 10,000+ free templates made my Edrawers, including those of ERD databases and ER system management.
  • Collaborative workspace with free 100 MB storage. Teams can access and store their projects in this personal space.


Healthcare businesses use ER diagrams for hospital management systems as a data modeling approach. It helps them track their medical examinations, inpatients, outpatients, payment receipts, etc. However, making one from scratch can be challenging amidst a hectic schedule.

What's better is to use pre-designed ERDs to plan and execute a clinical dataset from the EdrawMax template community. Its intuitive interface and AI-powered assistance make it suitable for non-technical users.

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