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Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the principal architect of the Indian Constitution and a champion of oppressed people's rights, was born into a family that had experienced injustice and poverty for decades.

His ancestors belonged to the Mahar caste, considered "untouchable" in the Hindu caste system. Despite these obstacles, Ambedkar's family produced many successful individuals who bucked social norms and contributed significantly to Indian civilization.

Ambedkar's family tree demonstrates the Mahar community's tenacity and commitment. Despite centuries of tyranny, Ambedkar's family produced a line of leaders, activists, and thinkers who contributed to the formation of modern India. This article will discuss Ambedkar's family members' lives and contributions to Indian society.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Family Contributions to the Civilization of Indians!

  • Architect of the indian constitution: B.R. Ambedkar was a significant contributor to the process of establishing the Indian Constitution, which laid the foundation for a nation that is democratic and welcoming to different people.
  • Advocacy for social justice: The family's contributions include a tireless campaign for social justice, equal rights, and the removal of untouchability, which has had a significant impact on the social fabric of India.
  • Educational institutions: The establishment of educational institutions, such as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, demonstrates their dedication to releasing the shackles of ignorance and uplifting marginalized communities by acquiring information.
  • Inspiring social movements: The principles of the Ambedkar family continue to serve as a source of inspiration for social movements that are working to challenge systematic inequalities. These movements contribute to continuous attempts to create a more compassionate and just society.
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Part 1. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Family Tree

Note: This family tree has been made with Wondershare EdrawMax. If you are interested in making a family tree like this one, download it or try or free tool online.

B. R. family tree EdrawMax

The creator of the Indian Constitution and a steadfast supporter of the Dalit community, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, wasn't born from nothing.

His revolutionary attitude sprang from a family weaved through generations of hardship and resiliency. Their tale of breaking through social norms and forging new paths is crucial to Ambedkar's legacy.

The Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar family members are listed below with their respective details.

First Generation

  • Ramji Maloji Sakpal: Discipline and a sense of self-worth were instilled in Bhimrao Sakpal by his father, Ramji Maloji Sakpal, a subedar-major in the British Army. Due to his Mahar caste, he endured societal hostility, yet he persevered, establishing a secure foundation for his family.
  • Bhimabai Sakpal: A pillar of strength, Bhimrao Sakpal's mother fostered his intellectual curiosity and instilled a profound knowledge of social injustice. Bhimrao Sakpal was a pillar of strength. Despite adversity, she defied social standards and advocated for her son's education.

Second Generation

  • Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar: The architect of India's Constitution and advocate for Dalit rights. He surmounted societal obstacles to obtain an education, eventually becoming a lawyer and leading the struggle for social reform. His steadfast commitment to justice and equality has left an everlasting imprint on Indian history.
  • Manjula Ambedkar: Bhimrao Ambedkar's older sister, Manjula Ambedkar, defied expectations by attaining a medical degree, paving the way for many others. Her story demonstrated the power of education and perseverance in overcoming social boundaries.
  • Gajanan Ambedkar: Gajanan Ambedkar was the younger brother of Bhimrao Ambedkar. He was a lawyer who persistently battled for the rights of those who were disadvantaged than himself. He supplemented Bhimrao's efforts by using his legal abilities to challenge discriminatory practices and advocate for social transformation.
  • Anandrao Ambedkar: The brother of Bhimrao Ambedkar, Anandrao Ambedkar was a passionate educator who significantly contributed significantly contributed to the empowerment and education of Dalit communities. He raised social justice consciousness and encouraged educational endeavors in his neighborhood.

Third Generation

  • Radhabai Ambedkar: Despite personal hardships, Bhimrao's first wife, Radhabai Ambedkar, supported him during his early life. She supported his vision for social justice and urged him to pursue it.
  • Ramabai Ambedkar: Bhimrao's second wife, Ramabai Ambedkar, became a passionate campaigner for women's and Dalit rights. She was active in his social organizations and political campaigns, contributing her voice to the battle for equality.
  • Yashwant Ambedkar: Bhimrao Ambedkar's son inherited his father's desire for social justice. He rose to prominence as a politician and journalist, championing Dalit rights and making substantial contributions to the Ambedkarite movement.

Fourth Generation

  • Prakash Ambedkar: Yashwant Ambedkar's son, Prakash Ambedkar, carried on the family's political engagement and social advocacy history until his death. He was a Member of Parliament who worked for the rights of underprivileged groups.
  • Ramabai Anand Teltumbde:: is Yashwant's daughter, an academic and activist who bears the torch of social justice. She focuses on the rights of Dalit women and adds to the critical discussion on caste and gender inequities.

A Look at the Obstacles and Victories

  • Discrimination and rejection: Because of their Dalit heritage, the Ambedkar family was subjected to ongoing discrimination and social exclusion, which influenced their path.
  • Economic difficulties: Besides social difficulties, the family had to deal with financial limitations, underscoring the other obstacles they had to overcome.
  • Weight of community aspirations: In addition to the difficulties he and his family faced, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had the duty of fulfilling the aspirations of an entire community.

Successes and determination

  • Unwavering devotion to education: Ambedkar's quest for knowledge represented empowerment, and the family persisted in their devotion to education in the face of financial hardships.
  • Visionary leadership: Ambedkar inspired generations of the Dalit community to work toward a brighter future, encouraging his family and others, even beyond his challenges.
  • Legacy of resilience: The family's ability to persevere in the face of hardship is a moving example of their resolve to question social norms and create a more equitable and equal society.

Part 2. The Kardashian Family Tree - Broken Links and Strong Ties

EdrawMax can help you create such a family tree easily. You can follow any of the methods below to showcase your creativity!

Method 1: Starting from Scratch

Step 1: Download, install, and launch EdrawMax on your computer to unlock the creative world.

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Step 2: Start with the Blank Drawing and discover your creativity.

Step 3: Draw the shapes for the family members and scatter them on the canvas. Keep the shapes number equal to the family members and align them to show the hierarchy of the generations.

Note: Label the shapes as the names of family members so you know exactly where to place the shape on the canvas.

EdrawMax Ambedkar family tree creation

Step 4: Connect the shapes to represent the family members' relationships.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar family tree with EdrawMax

Step 5: Once done, customize the family tree by adding family members' shapes or changing the text formats to make it look more visually appealing. You can also add colors to the shapes instead of adding pictures.

EdrawMax ambedkar family tree creation

Method 2: Starting with a Template

Step 1: Download this eddx file.

EdrawMax template for bhimrao ambedkar family tree

or find a family tree template from the EdrawMax template community.

Step 2: If you’ve decided to customize the template from the Template Gallery, insert Family Tree from the symbol library and add shapes and profiles for the family members.

Start drawing by choosing family tree symbol library in EdrawMax

Step 3: If you’ve downloaded the eddx file, replace the images in the family tree. You can also fill in colors in place of images.

Updating color and images for the family tree in EdrawMax template

Step 4: Update the connector types to modify relationships between the family members. You can also customize the connectors according to your choice.

Update or customize connector type in EdrawMax

Step 5: Double-click anywhere on the editing panel and add/replace the description for the family members. You can also change the font style and number for each.

Changing the text format for family tre in EdrawMax

Step 6: To change the formatting of the timeline, click on the Design tab. There are options to change the background color and image for the family tree.

Updating design for family tree template

Note: You can also get suggestions from EdrawMax AI to make the family tree look more attractive. It helps you analyse your diagram and gives you ideas for improvements. It is a valuable tool that you can use to make your family tree stand out.

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