Manning Family Tree

Here is the Family Tree for the Mannings. It covers all the members of the family with their names and images. Let's discuss family members and their achievements.


Archie Manning

Archie Manning is the first person in the family to play Football collegiately and professionally. He played for Oli Miss at college levels and then continued his career as a professional with the New Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings. He actively played a role in promoting Football at college levels.

Once, in an interview, he said that he never forced any of his children to play Football as it could backfire on him if he did something like that. His children choose to play Football of their own will. Peyton and Eli had comparatively longer career than his father and played for different teams.

Cooper Manning

Cooper Manning, Archie's oldest son, played Football collegiately for Ole Miss, just like his father. He wanted to play Football and become a professional player but was diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

He tried his best to overcome his issue and play Football for his country but could not get a positive sign from the doctors to continue. However, Cooper always keeps himself busy giving interviews and talk shows about games.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is the one who played Football collegiately for Tennessee and professionally for the Indianapolis Colts. He was a good player with multiple awards, including two Super Bowls and MVPs.

He was traded to the Denver Broncos from the Indianapolis Colts. He was a 14-time Pro Bowl selection. He also has five ESPY awards to his name, including Best NF Player three times, Best Championship Performance and Best Outstanding Team one time each.

Eli Manning

Like his father, Archie Manning, Eli Manning started playing Football in his school. He played for the New York Giants and won two Super Bowls.

The San Diago Chargers had an interest in picking him for the team. But Eli and his father Archie couldn't come to terms with the Chargers. So, Eli refused to play for the Chargers. He stayed with the New York Giants for the rest of his career.

Arch Manning

Cooper Manning's oldest son has also started his football career. We might see him grow to play for bigger leagues in the upcoming years, too.

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Step 4: Connect these image containers with the help of the connector shown in the image. The connectors are of different types, so choose them wisely while using them.

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Step 5: Add images in the containers. You can do it by uploading images or by using the drag-and-drop method.

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Step 6: Add a background to your diagram and adjust the colours.

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Your diagram is ready, and you can save it in different formats according to your needs.

Method 2: Start with a Template

A template method is a comparatively easier method. You can start with a template to make a good family tree without following the above-given steps in the scratch method. Here is how you can do it.

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Step 2: You will find numerous templates to download.

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Step 4: The template will show directly on the canvas and be available for making changes. Delete the images from the template if available and edit the details like name, date of birth, etc.

edit the template on the canvas

Step 5: Make changes in this template to make your family tree in minutes. Add details of your family members, and that would be it.

That's it, and it is easy to make a family tree of your own with the help of a template. All you need is to move things around on the canvas, and your design is ready.

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The Mannings greatly impacted Football as most of the family members played the game for different leagues. Manning's family tree showed all the members of the family. We covered their career details, their records, and how well they played the game. If you want to draw your family tree, you can easily design the diagram with the help of EdrawMax.

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