Explore our guide to craft the Vanderbilt Family Tree

Explore our guide to craft the Vanderbilt Family Tree with EdrawMax, uncovering the steps to illustrate this prestigious lineage.

vanderbilt family tree

One of the wealthiest and most powerful families in American history, the Vanderbilts have had a lasting impact on industry, philanthropy, and the arts. The Vanderbilt dynasty is now recognized as a symbol of wealth, status, and power in society. Their vast empire began with railroads and steamships and encompassed philanthropy as well as making institutions such as Vanderbilt University.

Famous homes like the Biltmore Estate represented their lavish way of life and became emblematic of American affluence and splendor. The Vanderbilt legacy is a monument to the transformational power of ambition and enterprise in forming American history.

In our article, we'll craft the Vanderbilt family tree with EdrawMax, mapping the lineage from the forebear Cornelius to modern descendants. We'll uncover the storied past of this eminent American clan, highlighting the figures who have shaped its legacy throughout generations.

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Part 1. Vanderbilt Family Tree

EdrawMax's diagramming capabilities offer an accessible way to assemble a detailed Vanderbilt family tree. The software is purpose-built to help users neatly arrange complex information in a visually appealing format. EdrawMax comes equipped with a comprehensive set of tools and an intuitive interface, ensuring the creation of a well-organized and attractive genealogical chart.

Here is the family tree developed with the streamlined features of EdrawMax’s mind mapping solution:

Cornelius Vanderbilt and Sophia Johnson

In the Vanderbilt family tree, Sophia Johnson and Cornelius Vanderbilt had a close bond. Cornelius Vanderbilt's first wife, Sophia Johnson, had thirteen children with him. Given that their children would increase the Vanderbilt family's riches and power, their union was vital in creating the Vanderbilt dynasty.

The "Commodore," Cornelius Vanderbilt, was an entrepreneurial tycoon who made his own fortune. Despite the tense relationship between Cornelius and his family, Sophia's contribution as his spouse and the mother of their children was essential to the Vanderbilt family's legacy.

William Henry Vanderbilt and Maria Kissam

Within the Vanderbilt family tree, Maria Louisa Kissam and William Henry Vanderbilt had a close link. On September 28, 1841, they tied the knot and went on to have nine children together. The fact that Maria Kissam was his spouse and the mother of his kids helped to carry on the Vanderbilt tradition.

One of the wealthiest Americans of his era was William Henry Vanderbilt, the eldest son of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, who inherited a sizeable fortune from his father. He held positions in several train businesses and was a well-known figure in the railroad sector.

Cornelius Jeremiah Vanderbilt

One of the Vanderbilt family members, Cornelius Jeremiah Vanderbilt, had a complicated and tumultuous connection with his family. Being the younger of the two, he had a strained relationship with his father, Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Due to his epilepsy, Cornelius Jeremiah's father was frequently forced to commit him to a mental institution. Even after being freed, he had a problem with gambling and had trouble succeeding in a variety of jobs. He took out a loan under the Vanderbilt name, but he never paid it back. Sadly, 51-year-old Cornelius Jeremiah Vanderbilt took his own life.

Part 2. How to Make a Family Tree in EdrawMax

EdrawMax is a simple-to-use tool for making family trees. Start with the primary person using the "Mind Map" template, then use a simple drag-and-drop method to expand to include family members. The user-friendly design tools in EdrawMax facilitate the creation of aesthetically pleasing family trees quickly and easily.

You can take two routes for making a family tree in EdrawMax:

Method 1: Start from Scratch

Step 1 Open EdrawMax Online or Desktop Version

Open EdrawMax on your computer. Access the program online or through the desktop app and sign in to tap into its full suite of diagramming tools.

login edrawmax

Step 2 Start New

To begin, click on "New" and opt for a blank canvas to lay the groundwork for your family tree.

start family tree

Step 3 Add the Main Person and Family Members

Select and place the patriarch/matriarch of the Vanderbilt family at the core of your workspace. Surround this anchor with figures representing family members, positioning them to reflect familial connections.

draw vanderbilt family tree

Step 4 Edit the Family Tree

To infuse life into your tree, double-click each figure to annotate with personal details—names, dates, and pivotal moments. Enhance the representation by inserting visual cues like photographs or symbols via the Insert feature.

edit family tree

Step 5 Connect Family Members

Establish the lineage and relationships by drawing connectors between the figures. Customize these links with various styles to denote different relational branches or generations.

connect vanderbilt family tree

Step 6 Save Your Family Tree

Once your family tree meets your vision, save the document securely in your chosen directory, ensuring the Vanderbilt history is preserved for posterity.

save family tree edrawmax

Method 2: Starting with a Template

Step 1 Open EdrawMax

Begin by opening EdrawMax on your computer. You can use either the online platform or the desktop application, depending on your convenience.

create family tree

Step 2 Choose Template Mode

Navigate to the "Template" section found on the left-hand side menu upon launching the program.

family tree templates

Step 3 Search and Select a Template

Use the search feature within the template gallery. Simply type in what you are looking for and choose the "use immediately" option on the template that best fits your needs.

vanderbilt family tree template

Step 4 Modify Template Elements

EdrawMax provides you with the flexibility to customize the template as if you were working on a new drawing. This means you can adjust text characteristics, such as size, style, and color, as well as add and modify images to your liking.

edit template

Step 5 Save Your Family Tree

When your family tree meets your satisfaction, save the file in a location of your choosing to ensure your work is not lost.

save family tree

What is Wondershare EdrawMax

edrawmax family tree

Wondershare EdrawMax is a versatile diagramming software that allows users to create over 210 types of diagrams, such as flowcharts, mind maps, info-graphics, and more. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and professionals. With a wide range of templates and symbols, EdrawMax enables users to create visually appealing and informative diagrams effortlessly.

Key Features

Some key features of Wondershare EdrawMax include:

  • Templates

EdrawMax takes pride in its vast library of in-built and user-generated templates that serve as a starting point for various projects. These templates enable users to jumpstart their creations efficiently.

  • Symbols

The software is equipped with an extensive collection of symbols and icons that span different fields and diagram types.

  • Platforms

Versatility is key with EdrawMax, offering compatibility across multiple operating systems. Whether you’re a Windows user, a Mac operator, or prefer working on Linux, EdrawMax ensures a seamless diagramming experience.

  • Customization

Personalization is at the heart of EdrawMax. The tool empowers users to tailor every aspect of their diagrams, ensuring that each diagram precisely reflects the user’s vision.

  • Export Formats

Recognizing the need for flexible sharing and publishing, EdrawMax supports a wide array of export formats. Whether you need a PDF for print, an HTML link for web sharing, or graphic formats like JPEG for presentations, EdrawMax has you covered.

AI Features

Some of the AI features available in EdrawMax are:

  • AI Chat

The AI Chat acts like a virtual assistant, helping users navigate through EdrawMax’s features or resolve any queries they might have while using the software.

  • AI Drawing

This feature simplifies the process of visualizing ideas, as it can quickly generate illustrations directly from the user's input, making it a potent tool for professional designers.

  • AI Text Assistant

The AI Text Assistant in EdrawMax assists users in a variety of text-related tasks. This includes continuing a piece of writing, polishing existing text, summarizing content, modifying the length of the text, adjusting the tone, and translating into different languages.

  • AI Diagram Analysis

This intelligent feature provides analysis of flowcharts, charts, Gantt charts, and organizational diagrams. It helps users gain insights from data by analyzing the structure and content of diagrams.


In conclusion, the complex network of family ties is captured and shown with great ease using EdrawMax. The extensive lineage of one of America's most illustrious families is attested to by the Vanderbilt family tree.  With the help of EdrawMax's feature-rich interface and intuitive design, we created family trees that are both comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing.

As we explore the more complicated branches of the Vanderbilt family tree, EdrawMax continues to pay dividends by making the normally difficult process of charting out generations easier. It is a priceless tool for everyone who is interested in accurately and precisely documenting and sharing their family history because of its customizable choices and versatility.

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