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This guide provides steps to convert Visio files into Excel. It also introduces a powerful diagramming tool in EdrawMax as an alternative to Visio.


In today's data-driven landscape, converting Visio to Excel documents has become pivotal. The process simplifies data analysis, enhancing efficiency. This guide delves into seamless steps to achieve this transformation.

Moreover, leveraging specialized diagramming tools like EdrawMax might offer added advantages, as it can easily convert Visio files to Excel and various other file formats. Having EdrawMax in hand provides accurate data migration and preserves visual clarity throughout the process. Read on below to learn more.

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Contents of the article
  1. Understanding the Visio to Excel Conversion Process
  2. Wondershare EdrawMax — A Powerful Visio Alternative
  3. How to Convert a Visio File to an Excel Document
  4. FAQs about Converting Visio Files
  5. Conclusion

Part I: Understanding the Visio to Excel Conversion Process

When converting a Visio file into an Excel spreadsheet, you're inserting a version of the Visio file for editing. Once it's integrated, modifications are possible. Follow the steps below to convert a file from Vision into Excel.

Step 1: Launch Visio on your computer. Open the Visio file that you want to convert to Excel. Navigate to the corresponding tab to access the specific page you wish to convert.

navigating visio to convert to excel

Step 2: Ensure that no elements are currently selected. Go to Visio's Home tab, click the Copy option, or press the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut. Next, launch Excel. Head over to the Home tab and click Paste > Paste Special. From the options, choose Microsoft Visio Drawing Object.

converting visio file to excel

Step 3: To make changes to your file, double-click it to open a separate Visio pop-up window. Make any desired changes you want. Once finished, close the pop-up window and save your changes by clicking outside of the pop-up.

editing visio file on excel

Part II: Wondershare EdrawMax — A Powerful Visio Alternative

EdrawMax stands as the diagramming software for converting Visio files into Excel. The platform allows users to create intuitive visualizations. EdrawMax offers a professional interface that suits creatives across diverse industries. Its array of over 280 types of diagrams, 15,000 templates, and 26,000 symbols enables the creation of intricate designs in minutes.

Key Features

EdrawMax is an efficient Visio alternative because of its ability to amplify your diagramming. Here's why.

  • Seamless Compatibility and Flexibility. One standout feature is EdrawMax's seamless compatibility with Visio files. It enables users to import Visio diagrams. It eases the transition for those seeking an alternative solution. EdrawMax also ensures that imported diagrams keep their integrity. This feature allows for smooth editing and enhancement.
  • Exporting to Excel and Beyond. EdrawMax takes a step further by offering an array of export formats. Among them is the capability to export diagrams, including Visio-imported ones, to Excel. The software supports other formats, such as Graphics, PDF, Word, HTML, and more.
  • Beginner-friendly UI. EdrawMax is known as a powerful but easy-to-use diagram maker. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, you can easily get started with its sleek and simple UI.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality. EdrawMax is available for many platforms. It has an online and offline app as well. Hence, you can access to EdrawMax regardless of your device or operating system.

The Benefits of Using EdrawMax

EdrawMax is loaded with benefits that propel your diagramming experience. Aside from converting Visio into Excel, users are always ahead of the pack with EdrawMax due to these advantages.

Unleashing Creativity With Pre-Designed Templates

EdrawMax streamlines your diagramming process with a plethora of professionally designed templates. These templates cover various categories, from business, education, to science and technology. This rich selection jumpstarts your visualization projects, saving you valuable time and effort.

diagram templates on edrawmax

Comprehensive Shapes Library

EdrawMax's extensive library of shapes constructs intricate and customized diagrams effortlessly. Whether it's flowcharts, diagrams, or floor plans, the diverse array of shapes ensures your projects are compelling.

shapes options during diagramming

Intuitive Interface, No Third-Party Tools Needed

EdrawMax's user-friendly drag-and-drop interface eliminates the need for external software. This self-contained platform equips you with all the tools required for seamless diagram creation.

drag and drop interface of edrwamax

Enhanced Collaboration

With EdrawMax's compatibility and shared project capabilities, collaboration becomes seamless. Real-time editing and instant feedback promote efficient teamwork.

sharing diagrams on edrawmax

Part III: How to Convert a Visio File to an Excel Document

 With EdraweMax, converting Visio files is super easy. All you need to is to follow two simple steps:

Step 1: Go to File > New > Visio (vsdx, vsd) to import visio files. Also, there is an option of batch import in case you have a large number of files to deal with.

import visio file

Step 2:  Go to File > Export & Send > Excel. Click Export to export the file in Excel format.

export visio file

Part IV: FAQs about Converting Visio Files

This section answers common questions about Visio files and EdrawMax's features.

1. Can I Convert Visio Files to Powerpoint with EdrawMax?

Yes, you can convert Visio files to PPT with EdrawMax. Export your Visio diagrams to PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 by generating slide snippets. Next, transfer them into your presentation.

2. Is Microsoft Visio Free?

No, Microsoft Visio is not free. It offers subscription plans, annual or monthly, and one-time software purchase options for various licensed versions.

3. What is the Difference Between Visio and EdrawMax?

Visio and EdrawMax are both diagramming tools. However, EdrawMax more affordable and beginner-friendly. It also offers a broader range of pre-designed templates. Unlike Visio, EdrawMax offers s a free version, which might make it a more suitable choice for some users.


Converting Visio to Excel is significant in optimizing data analysis workflows. Migrating Visio files into Excel documents streamlines efficiency and enhances analytical presentations.

EdrawMax emerges as a standout solution. It ensures precise conversion and maintains visual clarity. Using EdrawMax, professionals can convert Visio to Excel without worries. Delve into EdrawMax's comprehensive features for diagramming and empowering your data-driven endeavors. Start taking advantage of converting Visio files to Excel or other formats today for a more effective approach to diagramming.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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