Best Microsoft Office App For Flowcharts in 2024

Microsoft Office 365 flow chart-making apps are quite handy, especially MS Visio is the most extensively used tool given its reliability and incredible functionalities.

best office app for flowcharts

Doubtlessly flowcharts are a proven way to eradicate the perceiving complexity of projects & processes by visually making things clearer & straightforward. You can easily find a plethora of choices in the context of flowchart designing tools or software. However, you need to figure out the scope of your project and exact requirements in the first place to land on the most suitable platform.

Microsoft flowchart tools are considered greatly assistive in designing flowcharts on varying complexity levels with utmost convenience. Against this backdrop, here you can get a chance to explore the best office app for flowchart creation.

1. Best Microsoft App For Flowcharts

Microsoft Office, the most popular computer software package, offers different applications extensively used to perform productive tasks in no time, i.e., creating document files, spreadsheets, databases, graphs, charts, flowcharts, Gantt charts, etc. If all you need is a reliable flowchart maker, Microsoft Office then presents the MS Visio application in this regard.

Visio is a marvelous designing & diagramming tool that assists you in visualizing the data and processes in an organized manner. The tool works superbly in both online & offline states. Here we have comprehensively elaborated on the best way to make flow charts in the office using the Microsoft Visio tool.

2. How To Create Flowchart With Microsoft Visio?

Using Microsoft flowcharts designing app, i.e., MS Visio, doesn’t involve any complex procedure. To make the flowchart designing process hassle-free, MS Visio comes with a massive library of flowcharts’ shapes & symbols; you just have to drag & drop the required symbols to instantly craft your desired flow diagram.

Operational Steps:


Launch the MS Visio app to initiate the flowchart designing process.


Choose the Basic Flowchart option and proceed with the process by clicking the Create button.

basic flowchart in ms visio

Add all the required flowchart shapes to the page by simply dragging & dropped the shapes from the Shapes Library located at the left panel.

visio flowchart shapes insertion

Insert the textual information and connectors to complete your flowchart design; navigate to the Insert tab to add connectors. For textual details, you need to double-click on each shape.

flowchart structure in ms visio

Go to the Design tab to customize your flowchart by changing its theme & background Color.

customize the visio flowchart

Click the File option in the top menu bar and save the flowchart in your desired format.

export the visio flowchart

3. Alternative Microsoft Software for Flowcharts

Though MS Visio is considered the specialized Microsoft tool for flowcharts and other diagram designing, still designing flowchart with office apps isn’t confined to it; several other choices are available that serves to be a good Microsoft Office flowchart maker application in this connection, i.e., Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, etc. The given section comprehensively illustrates how you can utilize Microsoft apps other than Visio to meet your flowchart designing needs.

How To Create a Flowchart With MS Word?


Access the Microsoft Word application on your PC and select the Blank Document option.

blank document for flowchart creation in word

Insert all the respective flowchart shapes to open Blank Document, and add textual information by double-clicking on each shape.

flowchart shapes insertion in ms word

Complete your flowchart structure by adding connectors; follow the path Insert > Shapes > Line arrows to add connectors between shapes.

design flowchart structure in ms word

Then, you can access the Design tab to change the shapes, color, page color, fonts, etc., before saving the flowchart.

customize ms word flowchart

How To Create a Flowchart With PowerPoint?


Open the PowerPoint application and select a Blank Presentation to initiate the flowchart creation.

blank presentation for powerpoint flowchart

Access the Insert tab and click on the SmartArt option.

smartart feature in powerpoint

In the SmartArt Graphics menu, click on the Process tab and choose a suitable process design. Then click on the Ok button.

powerpoint smartart graphic selection

Add the relevant text in the chosen process flowchart design shapes.

text insertion in powerpoint flowchart shapes

You can change the flowchart's layout, style, and color by accessing the SmartArt Design tab.

customize the powerpoint flowchart

Click on the File option to save your process flowchart in an appropriate format; you can easily export your designed flowchart to PDF, XPS, Video, etc.

export the powerpoint flowchart

How To Design a Flowchart With Excel?


Launch the MS Excel software on your system and select the Blank Workbook option.

blank workbook option for excel flowchart

In the Blank Workbook sheet, follow the path Insert > Illustrations > SmartArt to begin the flowchart design.

ms excel smartart feature

Select the Process tab from the left panel menu and choose a suitable SmartArt Graphic from the displayed list. Click Ok to proceed with the process.

smartart process chart in excel

Insert the textual data in launched process chart design by clicking on each shape.

text insertion in excel flowchart

Customize your Excel flowchart by changing its layout, color, and style through the SmartArt Design tab.

customize the excel flowchart

Click on the File option in the top menu bar to save your flowchart. You can even change the flowchart format by selecting the Export option.

flowchart export option in excel

4. Experience The Best Flowchart Creation With EdrawMax!

If we consider Microsoft flow charts crafting tools, not all are primarily developed in accordance with diagramming requirements; MS Visio is the only option mainly designed to create diagrams & charts.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a fantastic Visio alternative, then EdrawMax is a top-notch option that is far easier to use than Visio and is enriched with incredible features to take the flowchart designing experience to the next level. Designing even complex flowcharts is just a piece of cake with EdrawMax, as the tool allows you to access a vast library of pre-built editable flowchart templates to accommodate your needs.

How To Design a Flowchart Using EdrawMax?

EdrawMax is highly convenient to use, given its intuitive interface. You can easily create a flowchart without any particular technical knowledge, even if you’sssre a novice; you can install it on your device or access the EdrawMax Online version on any browser. However, we have briefed the operational steps to create a flowchart using the EdrawMax desktop application.


Launch the EdrawMax software for flowchart creation on your device.


Choose the New tab from the left side panel and select the Basic Flowchart option to begin creating the flowchart.

edrawmax flowchart symbols

Drag and drop the desired symbols and shapes from the left side panel to create the flowchart structure. Use the connectors by double-clicking on the shapes to create a flow between the symbols.

insertion of edrawmax flowchart symbol

Insert the textual information into the relevant flowchart shapes by double-clicking on the symbols and then customizing the font & size as desired.

insert textual information in the flowchart

Customize the shapes & symbols by changing sizes and flowchart theme color by accessing the options available on the right panel for a professional and complete flowchart.

edrawmax flowchart customization

Navigate to the Export icon on the top bar to export your created flowchart. It can then be saved into multiple formats, i.e., pdf, docx, xlsx, etc. For instance, if you choose the Export to Graphics option, then you need to enter the required details in fields like file name, format, range, and quality.

edrawmax flowchart export option


Given the need to create flowcharts for various purposes, tons of tools are available dedicated to facilitating users to create flow diagrams in particular scenarios. In this respect, flow charts Office 365 apps, I.e., MS Visio, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc., are quite useful on small to advance scales.

In fact, MS Visio is considered the most efficient among all flow charts Microsoft Office tools. Therefore, this detailed article covers the thorough procedures for using multiple Microsoft Office tools in making flowcharts. Moreover, we have also suggested a highly remarkable tool EdrawMax as an excellent alternative to MS Visio in the context of flowcharts & diagrams designing.

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