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Fishbone charts, or Ishikawa diagrams, are problem-solving tools professionals, managers, and business owners use in various industries. They help identify the root causes of issues or events, visually displaying them in a structured way.

In this article, you'll find some fishbone chart examples and guide you on creating one online using a fishbone diagram maker. You'll also learn tips to maximize its potential. Finally, we'll address frequently asked questions about fishbone charts. Without further ado, Let's get started!

edrawmax fishbone chart example
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  3. Tips for Designing Effective Fishbone Diagrams
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Part 1. Fishbone Chart Templates Editable Online

Fishbone diagrams, also known as cause-and-effect diagrams, are visual tools used to identify the potential causes of a problem or situation. To better understand what they are and how they are used, let's take a closer look at some fishbone chart examples and how they can be helpful for managers, teams, and businesses.

Shipment Delay Fishbone Diagram Online

edrawmax shipment fishbone chart template

This fishbone chart example is a simple visual template that shows possible reasons for a problem. Picture yourself as a manager trying to understand project delays. This fishbone diagram can organize your thoughts and list potential causes behind the delays.

For instance, if the issue is "late deliveries," the "bones" could be "bad weather," "transportation issues," or "supplier delays." This diagram helps you analyze all the factors contributing to the main problem, making problem-solving easier.

Free Root-Cause Fishbone Chart

edrawmax blank fishbone chart template

Edit this fishbone chart example here.

The root-cause analysis fishbone chart example goes even deeper into the problem. You start with the problem at the head of the fish, add the major bones (categories), and then add smaller bones (specific causes).

Let's say the problem is "Low Sales." The significant bones could be "Product Issues" and "Marketing," and the smaller bones could be "Quality Problems" or "Not Enough Ads." This fishbone chart template chart helps you get to the core of the issues.

Fishbone Chart With Emphasis

edrawmax fishbone chart with highlight

Edit this fishbone chart example here.

Sometimes, certain factors have a more impact on the problem than others. In such cases, the fishbone chart with emphasis is your go-to template. It helps you highlight the most critical causes using thicker lines or different colors.

For instance, if "Lack of Training" is the primary cause of the machine malfunction, you can emphasize it in the diagram. This fishbone chart template ensures you focus on the key areas that demand immediate attention.

Part 2. How Do You Make a Fishbone Chart Easily?

Wondershare EdrawMax is an online diagramming software that makes creating fishbone charts fast. It feels like using Microsoft Word, with a drag-and-drop interface and a friendly design that makes it easy to use. You can even create other types of charts and diagrams besides fishbone charts.

Key Features

Let's explore the main things this Ishikawa diagram maker can do.

  • Free Version and Ready-Made Templates: One of the best things about EdrawMax is that it offers a free version, so you can try it before deciding if you want to subscribe. They also have several free ready-made fishbone chart templates, saving you time and effort.
  • Customize With Themes and Symbols: EdrawMax lets you go beyond plain fishbone diagrams. Get creative and add your personal touch with custom themes and symbols using its editing tools.
  • Collaborate and Share in Real-Time: EdrawMax, as a fishbone diagram maker, suits teams. Everyone can collaborate on the fishbone chart, leave comments, and share it easily on social media, through the cloud, or with links.
  • Supports Various File Formats: Don't worry about compatibility—EdrawMax supports various file types like Visio, Excel, PDF, JPG, and more.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: EdrawMax fishbone diagram maker works on all the latest web browsers and operating systems, so you can easily use it on different devices.

Price Plans

edrawmax pricing plans for individuals

If you decide to subscribe, there are different price plans.

  • Semi-annual subscription plan at $69
  • Perpetual plan with a one-time payment of $198.
  • If you need more than EdrawMax, there's also the Perpetual Bundle plan for $245, which includes EdrawMind and EdrawProj.

How To Make a Fishbone Chart With EdrawMax?

Now, let's walk you through the steps to create a fishbone diagram online using EdrawMax.


Go to the official website of Wondershare EdrawMax and click Try Free to start using it online. You'll need to create an account or log in if you already have one.


Choose Blank Drawing and click Create New in the Classification section to start a new file. Alternatively, click Templates on the left-side navigation pane, search for fishbone chart, and select a template.

edrawmax classification of diagrams online

Customize your fishbone chart as needed.

Change Theme. Click the Theme icon on the right-side navigation pane and select your favorite one.

edrawmax right panel customization options

Edit Text. Double-click a text box, and use the floating toolbar to change font style, color, or size.

edrawmax online floating toolbar

Add Comments. Select a text box and click Insert > Comment in the upper navigation pane.

edrawmax insert comments on canvas

Once satisfied with your fishbone chart, go to File > Export and choose a file format. Alternatively, select Share to invite other editors, share it on social media, or get a QR code or HTML link.

edrawmax fishbone chart file export

Part 3. Tips for Designing Effective Fishbone Diagrams

Now you know how to create fishbone diagrams online easily using EdrawMax. Here are some tips for creating a fishbone chart that is more effective for managers, businesses, and teams.

Involve Cross-Functional Teams

Gather people from different parts of your business or team to make an insightful fishbone chart. When using a fishbone diagram maker, look for one with collaboration features. This way, team members can work together in real-time, share ideas, and contribute their expertise. Everyone's input is valuable.

data analysis business meeting

Analyze Data and Facts

For businesses seeking effective problem-solving, data-driven decisions are essential. Gather relevant data and facts from various sources to support the potential causes identified in the fishbone chart. Analyzing data provides a solid foundation for finding the most accurate solutions.

Identify Major Categories

Before creating your fishbone chart, figure out the main categories that could be causing the problem. Labels like "People," "Processes," "Equipment," "Materials," and "Environment" are usually helpful. Using clear and distinct colors for each category can make your chart easier to read and understand.

Keep It Simple and Clear

Managers and teams should strive for simplicity in their fishbone diagrams. Clear and concise labels make it easier for everyone to grasp the information. Too many colors or complex designs can distract from the main point of the chart. A clean presentation ensures that all team members can understand the fishbone chart and contribute to the discussion.

Use Visuals and Icons

Add some fun visuals and icons to your fishbone chart. Visual elements can make the chart more engaging and memorable. However, use visuals that are relevant to the causes you're exploring. For example, use icons of people for the "People" category and icons of machinery for the "Equipment" category. A fishbone diagram maker with various built-in icons can be a big help.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While creating fishbone diagrams, you might have some questions in mind. Let's explore some frequently asked questions and find the answers.

1.What Are the 6 Major Areas of the Fishbone Diagram?

In the manufacturing industry, these factors are often categorized as the 6Ms. The six major areas of the fishbone diagram are man, machine, method, material, measurement, and Mother Nature. Each bone represents one of these factors. When you put them together, you have a clear view of all the potential causes that can impact your process.

edrawmax blank 6m fishbone diagrams

2.What Are the 4 Ps of the Fishbone Diagram?

The fishbone diagram has four parts: People, Process, Product, and Physical Environment. People are human factors and personnel-related issues. The process involves methods that might be causing the problem. Plant (or Equipment) includes machinery and workspace issues. Place (or Environment) covers location, temperature, and other conditions.

3.What Is the Difference Between Fishbone and 5 Whys?

Fishbone charts help categorize potential causes into different groups. In contrast, the 5 Whys technique allows you to delve deeper into each root cause by repeatedly questioning "Why?" Using these tools together helps you dig deep into the problem and understand it better, making it easier to find the right solutions. They work hand in hand to guide you through a step-by-step problem-solving process.

4.Why Is the Fishbone Diagram Used for Risk Analysis?

The fishbone chart helps in risk analysis by uncovering less visible causes. It considers categories and alternative causes to find and prevent potential risks. This collaborative approach allows teams to work together toward better problem-solving.


Fishbone charts are helpful tools for identifying problems and making decisions. They give businesses, teams, and professionals a visual way to understand and find solutions to problems. To create one, you can use a fishbone diagram maker like EdrawMax, available online and offline for free. With EdrawMax, you can easily involve your team, add visuals, and simplify the process.

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