Visualize Your Home With a Cozy Living Room Planner

This article will help create a cozy living room planner with Wondershare EdrawMax. Explore the convenient steps of creating living room planning maps and get inspiration from the template examples!

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Designing the layout of a living room can often be a challenging yet crucial task for homeowners and interior designers alike. This space, central to daily life and entertainment, demands a thoughtful arrangement combining aesthetics and functionality. You must choose the right furniture, optimize space, and ensure a harmonious flow. Thus, living room floor planning requires a tool that simplifies these decisions.

This is where a free living room floor planner like EdrawMax becomes invaluable. It offers an accessible, user-friendly platform to visualize and experiment with different layouts. Thus, you can be sure that the final design perfectly aligns with one’s lifestyle and preferences.

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  3. Why Choose EdrawMax as Your Living Room Floor Planner
  4. FAQs for Living Room Floor Plan Design
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Part 1. How To Make a Living Room Floor Plan on EdrawMax

In this part of the guide, you will delve into designing a living room layout using EdrawMax. This tool provides a dedicated floor plan mode, simplifying the creation of such plans. You can create one from scratch or use EdrawMax’s templates.

Start From Scratch

Creating a floor plan from scratch lets you express your creativity with ease. This approach lets you intricately design and adjust each living room aspect. This way, you won’t be bound by templates or other standards. Follow these steps, considering that experimenting with the application’s features will always yield the best results.

Step 1: Download and install EdrawMax from the official website, then open the program.

Step 2: From the homepage, select +New > Floor Plan.

edrawmax homepage

Step 3: The EdrawMax symbol library, accessible from the left panel, includes various standard icons suitable for living room designs. Simply drag and drop these icons onto your canvas.

edrawmax elements panel

Step 4: Click on any icon to view its dimensions, then adjust them to suit the specific measurements of your living room. You can change measurement units via Settings > Unit.

edrawmax measurement units

Step 5: You can use the Fill, Style, or Line options on the floating customization bar when you click on an element to customize your living room floor planner further.

edrawmax customization bar

By following these steps, you can craft a bespoke living room layout. If you find this process challenging, consider using EdrawMax’s template-based approach.

Start With Templates

EdrawMax also offers a variety of living room layout templates. These can be found in the Templates Community, providing a wealth of inspiration and a solid starting point for your design.

Step 1: Navigate to Templates on the EdrawMax homepage to access the Templates Community. Search for “living room floor planner” to find relevant templates.

edrawmax customization bar

Step 2: When you find a template that resonates with your vision, click Use immediately to start editing.

edrawmax customization bar

Once inside a template, you can resize, modify, and personalize it to fit your living room’s needs. The steps outlined in the previous section can guide you in customizing these templates to your preferences.

Part 2. Free Living Room Floor Plan Templates

Having a starting point can be incredibly helpful when designing the perfect living space. This is where EdrawMax’s Templates Community shines. Here, you’ll find an array of templates of living room floor plans that serve as excellent inspiration.

Remember, these templates are not meant to be used exactly as they are. Instead, they’re a foundation for customization, allowing you to tailor each design to the unique dimensions and needs of your living room.

Example 1

This template is ideal for those who want to prioritize entertainment and connectivity in their living space. It includes designated areas for television and carefully planned electrical outlet locations, ensuring a seamless and functional layout. This template helps in visualizing the best spots for your TV and gadgets, keeping in mind the flow of the room and seating arrangements.

Example 2

Incorporating a comfort room (CR) in your living room layout can be practical, especially in smaller homes or apartments. This template thoughtfully integrates a CR into the living room design, demonstrating how to balance functionality and aesthetic appeal. It’s particularly useful for those looking to maximize their space without compromising convenience.

Example 3

Modern homes often feature a combined living room and kitchen area, creating an open, fluid space for both relaxation and dining. This template showcases how to blend these two areas harmoniously, focusing on efficient space utilization and a cohesive design.

It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy open-plan living and want to ensure a natural transition between cooking and lounging areas.

These templates can be adapted and modified to suit your living room dimensions, style preferences, and functional needs. The Templates Community at EdrawMax provides a versatile starting point for envisioning and creating your ideal living room layout.

Part 3. Why Choose EdrawMax as Your Living Room Floor Planner

Wondershare EdrawMax is a comprehensive diagramming solution that excels in various design tasks, including creating detailed living room layouts. Its standout features include a user-friendly interface and a broad spectrum of capabilities, making it a top choice in the realm of home design tools.

edrawmax visual
  • User-friendly interface. With its natural drag-and-drop functionality, EdrawMax makes it easy for anyone to start designing without a steep learning curve.
  • Rich symbol library. The tool boasts a vast collection of pre-drawn elements that simplify the design process. This library includes diverse furniture, fixtures, and décor elements essential for living room design.
  • Advanced customization tools. Offering advanced drawing tools, EdrawMax allows for detailed and precise plan creation. Users can adjust colors, textures, and dimensions, ensuring that the design aligns perfectly with the specific characteristics of their living space.
  • Inspirational templates. A variety of professional templates provide a solid starting point for your designs. The Template Community within EdrawMax is a treasure trove of ideas, showcasing the creative efforts of other users, which you can adapt to your living room’s dimensions and style.
  • Flexible import and export options. EdrawMax supports exporting plans in PDF, JPG, SVG, and other formats for easy sharing and printing.
  • Cross-platform accessibility. Available on PC, Mac, and online, EdrawMax offers flexibility in usage, allowing you to work on your living room layout from any device.

In summary, EdrawMax is a versatile and comprehensive tool for anyone planning to design or revamp their living room. Its user-friendly features, extensive template and symbol library, customizable options, and multi-platform accessibility make it invaluable for creating functional, stylish, and personalized living room layouts.

Part 4. FAQs for Living Room Floor Plan Design

Some commonly asked questions about creating living room floor planners or designs are here.

1. What’s the typical size of a living room?

The typical size of a living room varies depending on the home’s overall size. Living rooms are usually about 300 to 400 square feet in average-sized homes. However, this can be smaller in apartments or larger in more spacious houses.

2. What’s the height to mount a TV?

When seated, the ideal height for mounting a TV is at the viewer’s eye level. This is typically around 42 inches from the floor to the center of the TV. However, this can vary based on your seating height and comfort.

3. What’s the typical height to place a picture?

Pictures are best hung so that the midpoint is between 57 to 60 inches from the floor, aligning with average eye level. This height can create a harmonious balance in the room and is visually accessible for most people.

two people making floor plan

4. How much walking space should be between furniture?

It’s recommended to have at least 30 to 36 inches of walking space between pieces of furniture. This allows comfortable movement around the room without feeling cramped.

5. What is the best way to arrange furniture in a small living room?

Focus on maximizing space in a small living room by choosing furniture that fits the room’s scale. Opt for multi-functional pieces and consider floating pieces away from walls to create the illusion of more space. Arranging furniture to facilitate conversation and maintaining clear pathways can also make the room feel larger.


In conclusion, designing a living room planner with EdrawMax is a journey that blends creativity with practicality. The platform’s comprehensive features, from intuitive design interfaces to a rich library of templates, provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Ultimately, a well-planned living room enhances the comfort and appeal of your home. With EdrawMax, you can transform this central space into a reflection of your style and needs.

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