10 Modern Ideas For Decorating a Small Bedroom

Here are 10 simple ideas for decorating a small bedroom. Use them to build a clean and relaxing space. Find a perfect balance between style and functionality.


Decorating a small room is a challenge. Sadly, an average apartment in a metro city will always have small bedrooms. When designing these tiny rooms, most strive to balance style and functionality. At first thought, we have magazine visions of an armchair, a makeup vanity, an ottoman, and a wall-fitted wardrobe.

However, building a tiny space that’s free of clutter and conducive to comfort does not fit the magazine image of a bedroom makeover. But fear not. Here are some quick ideas for decorating a small bedroom. Incorporate them into your discussions and check the differences.

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Part 1. 10 Ideas for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Want some quick small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget? Dive right in.

1.   Make Use of Lighting

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The right lighting can open up any small room. So, avoid black-out blinds and let your room breathe with the natural sunlight. In addition, your choice of light source should be clever. Typically, small bedrooms have tiny side tables, making table lamps insufficient. Instead, pairing them with hanging or ceiling lights might help. 

LED panels in a false ceiling are a better option, as they fit your small bedroom and don’t take up any floor space. You can illuminate your room with two or four LED panels, depending on other light sources. Adding one or two table lamps with the arrangement may also build harmony and aesthetic value in the room.

2.   Use Curtains to Separate Your Space

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small bedroom ideas: curtain-ideas-with-blinds

Studio bedrooms are the trickiest to work with. Their unusual layout and restricted space can make most hesitant. But, if the space is entirely yours, making it functional might not be as intimidating. And, adding curtains is the most effective move. It can separate your sleeping, eating, and seating space, giving the illusion of one bigger room.

Curtains also add color to your space, eliminating the need for expensive paint jobs. It specifically comes in handy for renovating a rental. However, understanding the layout is the prerequisite for installing curtains. Unless there is a small opening, going for bigger ceiling curtains might help. Just take your time and thoroughly inspect the space!

3.   Beware of Clutter

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small bedroom ideas: minimalist-small-bedroom-design

Planning to decorate a small bedroom? Think like a minimalist and declutter the space. Contrary to popular opinion, details are not always necessary. For instance, a big mirror installed in a massive vanity or an ottoman extending from your bed’s foot may look good in a magazine. But, average people like us can’t afford such arrangements in an already cramped space.

Ideally, adopting a minimalist approach and including functional accessories can make it look spot-on yet spacious. Let us say the bed is the reference object of your room. Choose plain sheets and pair them with similar color walls and curtains. Add an accent pure wood side table and a big rug beneath the bed. It will work wonders for your tiny bedroom.  

4.   Build an Accent Wall

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small bedroom ideas: small-bedroom-accent-wall

An accent wall is yet another dependable way to make your tiny bedroom appear larger and more spacious. It does not take up floor space and adds a twist to the interior. This is one way to build an accent wall. It has a flowy silhouette covering the window and installed floating lamps.

The two windows on each bedside maintain the natural light in the room. Typically, you do not want undue attention to the bed, hence, no headboard and plain sheets. If it is not a rental, wall panels and gallery walls work great as an accent walls. It's all about how daring you can get.

5.   Add Mirrors

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small bedroom ideas: small-room-mirror-ideas

Mirrors in a small bedroom can never go wrong, and so does wall-to-wall fitted mirrors. They spice up your box room and keep the visual harmony intact. Instead of your regular vertical mirror, try adding drawers in between them. This way, you will get a dresser in a tight space.

Pairing them with the right wallpaper and furniture gives your bedroom a spacious and larger outlook. You can also add a bonus mirror accessory like a side table but don’t overdo it.   

A Quick Tip: Don’t overcrowd the room with items, or else, they will reflect in your mirrors. No one wants a cluttered room!

6.   Play with Colors

small bedroom ideas: small-bedroom-color-ideas

Sometimes all it takes is modern furniture and the right color to perfect a tiny and cozy bedroom. However, proceed with caution, as colors are the deal maker or breaker for a small room. For example, the pictures show well-blended colors and perfectly balanced furniture arrangements. Adding a big neutral-colored rug can give an illusion of floor space. 

The center of the room is the big storage sofa bed and the details are built around it. It leaves the floor space empty for other items. The room design showcases a study area, made possible by skipping the big obvious side tables. 

A Quick Tip: This design and the following ones have been created using the AI drawing tool of EdrawMax. As AIGC develops rapidly, the results may surprise you from time to time. Give it a shot today. Besides, you could also try to draw a floor plan of your room using the free tool with tons of templates.  

7.   Simplify The Color Pellet

small bedroom ideas: small-bedroom-colors-2024

Though you are free to have fun with colors and furniture, it can often go overboard. If you always end up with bold and messy colors in your tiny space, try neutral colors. A minimalist color approach is a sure hit. For example, this room is built on shades of beige, brown, and yellow. All the colors complement each other and take the vision down to the center rug. 

Moreover, the furniture is located in the corners, making the center floor space big. When adding furniture in the room corners, keep the items tiny, as in the picture. It showcases a sofa bed and vertical shelves, offering a lot of storage options. The study area also has drawers and floating shelves to keep your essentials.

8.   Make Use of Every Corner

small bedroom ideas: small-bedroom-ideas-for-siblings

Sibling sharing one room mostly ends up in a disaster, given the contrasting opinions and tastes. A good way to approach such a setting is to select your corners. For example, this tiny room is a perfect sorting for siblings. Each corner has a sofa bed with built-in storage but with a different color pattern. This way, you do not need a wardrobe space.

The middle corner table acts as an excellent storage option and a separator. In addition, the bigger window and high ceiling divert your attention from the floor space and give it a bigger outlook. The rug in the center also adds to the clean space. Finally, you can also make use of high walls by installing shelves above the bed.

9.   Add Shelves

small bedroom ideas: small-bedroom-shelving-units

If the bed is the only thing you can fit in your bedroom, make sure to use it to the fullest. Adding a canopy, poster, or functional shelves can significantly maximize its utility and appearance. As in this case, the bed wall has a few shelving units. They give you extra storage for visual details like photo frames, books, etc.

It is also located just across the window to access the sunlight and enjoy a brighter interior. Instead of blackout blinds, the beige blind adds to the room’s character. Moreover, the floating side table is the perfect fix for your interior design dilemma. It also mixes well with the shelf scheme. 

10.  Bunk Beds

small bedroom ideas: small-bedroom-bunk-bed-layout

If you have several kids but limited space, bunk beds are the way to go. It is the ideal solution if your room has a high ceiling but a tight floor. But let us give the boring bunk setting a twist. This room is designed with Edraw AI Drawing. It features a bunk bed and a single bed, each having built-in storage. This way, there is no need for a separate wardrobe.

But if your kids have different color preferences, it is okay. The contrasting colors in this room are working fine due to the high ceiling. The studying area just below the big window also makes sunlight easily accessible. So, do not hesitate and make use of each corner.


Fun small bedroom ideas are hard to come by. You often end up frustrated after a long and hectic brainstorming session. Magazine photos and long design essays are no help. Here comes Edraw AI Drawing. It produces realistic bedroom designs, specific to your budget and room layout.

So, when find yourself clueless, give it a shot and incorporate it in your brainstorming sessions. Just give a customized written prompt and get the best ideas for decorating a small bedroom. Once you have the idea, you can re-design the room as per your needs.

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