How To Make a Genogram Online?

Genograms give you insights into complex family systems by providing a visual representation of family bonds.

introduction to genograms

In the complex weave of the human lineage, cognizing family dynamics can be a challenging aspect. To know the intricacies of family links, experts in various fields have devised several tools. These approaches offer valuable insights into the patterns of familial entities.

One such powerful technique is the genogram. It is a simple yet effective visual representation of genealogical contacts. We usually use scorecards to help spectators understand players & their positions in gameplay. Likewise, a genogram helps us grasp family members' roles, actions, and health history. This detailed guide will describe how to make a genogram online using a reliable diagramming tool.

1. Basics of Genogram Diagrams

Although genograms are family trees but are more formal and comprehensive than a typical family tree. They visualize the ancestry, lineage, and family links across many generations. The details presented in a genogram may include basic information. For example, it contains the names, birth dates, marriage status, medical disease, or psychological disorder. It also displays behavioral information like sexual orientation.

Components of a Genogram

A genogram usually comprises symbols, textual information, and generational patterns. The symbols signify various family members, including siblings, parents, or grandparents. Specific shapes denote genders, and lines link the family members to show relations.

Textual information may cover crucial details about each family member. Such details involve their names, birth and death dates, marriage status, etc. The lineage patterns decode the social or emotional dynamics across various generations. These lineage factors affect family links.

2. EdrawMax - The Ultimate Way to Create a Genogram Online!

EdrawMax is an all-in-one platform for constructing your genograms. The tool offers several built-in features to update your genogram creation. It has a ready-to-use symbols library of all types to create an inclusive family diagram. Another aspect where EdrawMax surpasses is the availability of both the application and the online version. This feature lets you choose which medium you want to opt for a genogram.

edrawmax genogram creator

Further, its drag-and-drop feature makes it super easy to portray your familial bonds. You can also enjoy its auto-adjustment option to align your shapes. The tool offers a massive Templates Community to kick-start your genogram creation. Thus, you can avoid the starting-from-scratch issue.

How To Make a Family Genogram With EdrawMax Online?

A manual genogram creation may take several hours. Yet, the intuitive user interface of EdrawMax simplifies the diagram creation process. The drag-and-drop option allows even a beginner user to craft intuitive genograms in a few minutes. Here is the detailed process on how to create a genogram online using EdrawMax:


Start by analyzing the scope of your intended genogram. Determine whether you are making it for medical, psychological, or social purposes.


Decide the lineage or number of generations you want to add to your genogram. For example, if you are making a genogram for medical diagnosis, you can select up to 3 or 4 generations.


Collect data about your family links. You can search for age, diseases, actions, bloodline, marriages, divorces, or other events.


The following step is to select a certified diagramming tool. Using EdrawMax, you can assemble your gathered information in visual form. Therefore, we will use EdrawMax Online to construct our genogram.


Sign up on EdrawMax Online to access its interface.


Click the "New" option in the left panel and choose the "Genogram" tab from the main widget.

click the genogram option edrawmax online

Drag and drop all the basic symbols from the Symbols Library on the left. Make a structure of your genogram by adding details to your symbols.

basic genogram symbols drawing edrawmax

Now link up all the members. Sketch relationship symbols between them.

genogram links edrawmax online

Complete your genogram by adding extra details.

finishing edrawmax online diagram

Save your genogram in your preferred format. For this, navigate to the "Export" icon at the top.

genogram export edrawmax online

3. Genogram Symbols Library on EdrawMax

Genograms can describe complex details in an easy and visual way. Yet, it is crucial to know their symbolism. To make you familiarized with its basics and notations, we have presented a few templates. These symbol toolkits contain fundamental genogram symbols:

Legend-Winchester Genogram Symbols

A genogram consists of various basic and advanced symbols to depict different conditions. In the above symbols library template, Legend-Winchester genogram symbols are shown. Squares signify males, whereas circles mean females.

A crossed square means a dead male. Conversely, a crossed circle represents a deceased female. The lines or arrows display the links among the family members. It shows whether they are married, engaged, divorced, separated, or friends.

Basic Genogram Symbols

In a genogram, the gender of family members is indicated by the common symbol used. More, they also tell us about the sexual orientations and life events of different family members. For example, a square with an inverted triangle represents a gay. In contrast, a circle with an inverted triangle denotes a lesbian female. Similarly, the squares and circles with dotted inverted triangles represent bisexual individuals.

You can also depict immigration, multicultural variance, and pregnancy using these diagrams.

Psychological Behavior Genogram Symbols

Psychiatrists use genograms to know family details and identify patterns of issues. They also explore the impact of family history on current issues through these visuals. It helps therapists understand how family affairs influence the emotional well-being of individual family members.

Also, genograms document family medical histories. This information is crucial in diagnosing and managing genetic conditions. Such diagrams also tell us about the illnesses having a hereditary factor. The above genogram symbol library pertains to psychological and physical disorders due to gene transfer.

Family Relations Genogram Symbols

It is equally important to visualize the links and affinities among different family members. You need to know the actual links to construct a comprehensive family tree. For example, the "married" symbol in a genogram is represented by a horizontal line. This line connects a male and female symbol. Similarly, we denote the "engaged" symbol as two persons connected by a dashed line.

In contrast, the "divorced" symbol contains two small diagonal lines crossing the horizontal line. Like the divorced symbol, the "separated" symbol has two small diagonal lines crossing the horizontal line. In contrast, the "cohabiting" symbol contains a dotted line similar to the married symbol but without the marriage symbol.

4. Genogram Templates on EdrawMax

A full-fledged family genogram may assist you in comprehending the entire mechanism of how a genogram operates. For this reason, we have compiled a few valuable genogram templates for your insights:

Family Genogram Template With Key Symbols

The above genogram contains two families. One involves the patient's father, and the other is his mother. Both the paternal grandfather and grandmother of the patient were separated and dead. The paternal grandmother had cancer. In contrast, maternal grandparents are alive. Yet, they have asthma and chronic kidney diseases.

The parents and siblings of the patients are alive & healthy. This template represents a family genogram representing basic links and attributes.

Conflict Family Genogram Template

Genograms usually include specific notes about conflicts, disparities, or significant events. It is because all these factors affect family relations. For example, remarriages and stepfamilies can depict the trials & adjustments that may arise from merging families.

The above genogram shows a family that has several diverse situations. The family experiences conflicts, abuse, divorce, love, friendship, and more. A couple which is happily married engenders a son and daughter. The daughter is married and has further two daughters. The daughters are in love with some guys. The son has two daughters and a son who is in love with a girl, a close friend of his sister's son-in-law.

Genogram Template Showing Familial Relations

Genograms can portray family disputes and other relative affairs. It is because they represent the complexities & dynamics within a family system. Various elements in the genogram can shed light on conflicts, tensions, and disputes. Counsellors can gain valuable insights into family disputes by probing patterns within the genogram. They also check the emotional dynamics and unsettled conflicts.

You can use this genogram template as a perfect example of a social genogram. This sample is best for depicting disputes among different family members. For example, some members face sexual abuse, whereas some are having a cut-off with their young. You can also observe the love affair between the members of these two different families.

5. Conclusion

A genogram is a powerful tool for gaining deep insights into the complex web of ancestry and family linkage. With its visual depiction of lineages, the genogram offers an ample overview of a family's history. The diagram uses symbols and lines to depict different aspects of family life. Due to these perks, physicians use genograms to understand family dynamics.

This article provides some useful genogram templates and their symbol indicators. Let yourself uncover the actual usage of these diagrams.

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