2nd Floor Home Designs with Balconies

Save on construction bills, get more privacy, and enjoy the picturesque view with 2nd floor home designs. Find the right house plan for your property and customize it accordingly.


With limited square footing and big families, people look for second floor home designs. For starters, double-story homes are practical, cost-effective, and visually appealing. The buildable structure, expansive space, and relatively low investments give you a luxury experience. However, building one is no joke.

It requires a detailed 2nd floor house plan with scalable dimensions and functional use of space. Designing one can take weeks of effort. What’s better is that you turn to pre-designed second floor designs. Let us check out these six 2nd floor house designs with balcony from the EdrawMax template community. Alternatively, you can explore and edit similar house plans by visiting the software.

In this article
  1. Advantages of a 2nd Floor House
  2. Smart Ideas for Your 2nd Floor Home Design
  3. How to Customize Your Second Floor Plan with Ease
  4. Why You Should Use EdrawMax?
  5. Conclusion

Part 1. Advantages of a 2nd Floor House

One vs two-story homes; which one to buy? It is an understandable query for many. In fact, a double-story house attracts you with better visual appeal, more space, and less spending. Sounds like a great deal. Let us find out how.

Second Storey Aesthetics

2nd floor homes are perfect for families living in picturesque locations. You can personalize the extra space however you like - a balcony to relax or an elegant high ceiling.

2nd Floor = Extra Value

Double-story house plans inarguably have better resale value, thanks to their buildable structures. Here, you can design an in-law suite, expand your living space, or build an art studio. The possibilities are endless. 

More Privacy

A second floor offers more room for families to roam around and an extra floor for a more private arrangement. One way to renovate your two-story apartment is by using the first floor for daytime entertainment and reserving the second for bedrooms.

Cost Effective

You will be surprised that building two-story homes is more reasonable than one-story homes. But what’s the logic? The simplest explanation is that it does not require excavation, expansive roofing, or massive foundation material.

Part 2. Smart Ideas for Your 2nd Floor Home Design

Renovating your double-story home? Planning to add a new floor to your house? Leverage these 2nd floor home designs to find the perfect match for your property.

1.   2nd Floor House Plan

Want a generic 2nd-floor house plan that goes with majority apartment settings? Well, here it is. This floor plan has a basic layout of a double-story house with three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and seating space. Moreover, the creator remained conscious that no narrow passageways disrupt the natural flow of the property.

2.   Two-Story Villa Floor Plan

Planning and scaling a big two-story space is tricky. This is where this 2nd-floor villa plan might come in handy. It is a straightforward take on a floor plan for medium-sized families. The bigger living space and separate dining offer a luxury-style experience. What’s even better is its labeled interior and dimension lines - appropriate for scalability later.

3.   Residential Second Floor Layout

The layout of this second-floor house plan is built around the spacious living area and family entertainment. The plan is divided into functional areas, including a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It further entails a corridor-like balcony, where you can add interior details for a visually pleasing living experience.

4.   Simple Two Floor Plan

This simple two floor plan is a general depiction of a medium-sized family house. It includes a general structure and a few physical elements like furniture and equipment. Hence, planning the entire space with furnishings is easier before you move in. Ideally, this arrangement also comes in handy for designers to plan numerous properties.

5.   Second Floor House Plan

Here is yet another 2nd floor house plan with a straightforward arrangement. It represents an optimal relationship between traffic patterns, space, and physical interior. Architects and designers can use this visual guide to assess whether the space is appropriate for the intended purpose.

6.   Flat House Plan with Two Floors

Lastly, this flat 2nd floor plan is perfect for those planning a traditional and visually pleasing home with a natural ambiance. It showcases a horizontal structure and open spaces, creating an illusion of space. The arrangement also works wonders for the natural sunlight. And the open courtyard adds to the overall aesthetics.

Part 3. How to Customize Your Second Floor Plan with Ease

Found any template useful? Download their eddx. file and start editing. Here is how you do it. Alternatively, you can explore similar examples from the EdrawMax template community.

  • Before you begin, launch, download, and install EdrawMax desktop. Log into your Wondershare ID or use your social media account (Facebook, Google, etc).

1. Visit the Template Community from the EdrawMax main menu and type 2nd Floor House Plan. It will display several examples. Select one and click Use Immediately.


2. Once on the editing panel, import house plan elements in your symbol library. Click More Symbols > Floor Plan > Bedroom, Garden, Planters, etc.


3. Next, drag and drop the interior details in your plan. For instance, add a plant or bench on your balcony or an extra twin bed in your room.

Pro Tip: Add dimension lines with each interior detail to facilitate scaling. Go to the symbol library, find the item-specific dimension, and drop them onto the canvas.


4. EdrawMax allows changing the orientation of the interior objects in your house plan. Locate the floating icon above each object and rotate it accordingly. Once you have the correct orientation, it is easier to visually assess whether a furnishing piece is suitable for the space.


5. Once a rough draft is complete, adjust the floor plan to your property scale. For this, select any exterior wall and press More > Precision Tools. You can change the decimal and measurement units accordingly.


6. You can also import ready-made dimension lines from the symbol library. Drag and drop the required dimensions and place them on the physical elements in the plan. Doing it can aid you in analyzing the scale of the property.


7. Want to see your house in a 3D rendition? Go to the AI tab on the top and press AI Drawing. Insert a prompt and produce a house plan.

Pro Tip: Be accurate with your written commands to get the appropriate results.


8. Finally, the second floor plan is all set to go. Download it by clicking the Export icon on the quick-access toolbar and selecting a Preferred Format (Visio, PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.).


Part 4. Why You Should Use EdrawMax?

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Scaling a house plan is difficult when you have no visual guide. Designing this visual guide requires weeks of effort. But what if you can get them ready-made? Sounds convenient, right? This is why you should try EdrawMax floor plan maker. It is a digital diagramming software with designing and scalability tools. Here is why you should try this floor plan maker:

Key Features

  • Precision tools. The most standing feature of EdrawMax floor plan maker is its precision tools. With these tools, you can adjust the dimensions and metric scale of the property accordingly.
  • Vector symbols. EdrawMax has 26,000+ symbols, including floor plan specific. Be it a garden interior, home furnishings, or physical wall structure, everything is easily accessible. Just import them to your library and start plotting.
  • Pre-Made house plans. It has a massive community, having 20,000+ user-generated templates including numerous floor plans. So, finding a house plan specific to your requirements won’t be an issue. Find one and use it as a visual guide to plan and renovate your home.
  • AI drawing. EdrawMax supports a collection of AI tools, including AI Drawing. With this, you can produce 2D and 3D renditions of your second-floor house plans in seconds.

Reasons to Try

  • Affordable Visio alternative. EdrawMax has a free plan for freshers, which includes various scalable and editing tools. The paid plans are also flexible - suitable for professionals searching for affordable alternatives.
  • Precise design. The precision tools and ready-made dimensions add to the scalability of your home plan. Features like auto-align help you balance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the house without mathematical calculations.
  • No training required. EdrawMax features a drag-and-drop interface - perfect for non-technical users. So, even hobbyists and homeowners can produce fully-fledged home plans in half the time.
  • Easier and faster. EdrawMax’s AI assistance and ready-made visual home plan guides save you time and effort.

Part 5. Conclusion

Second floor home designs are secure and functional and possess high resale value. If you are planning or renovating one, think smart and lower the costs by switching to ready-made 2nd floor house plans. You can find numerous house plans on the EdrawMax template community. Just visit the software and find the right fit for your property. Modify its layout, add dimensions, and scale your space in minutes.

Moreover, EdrawMax has an AI drawing generator for property-specific results. All you need is to go to AI Drawing, enter a prompt, and produce 3D house plans. Give it a shot. You may like how easy it is, even for non-technical homeowners and hobbyists.

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