Height of Common Facilities at Home You Must Know

Get to know the standard heights of your home's common facilities for comfortable living. Learn how to design your home with Edrawmax with ease!


Have you ever felt like your common household facilities were playing a game of hide-n-seek with your comfort? Well, that might be because of the absence of house planning. For example, if the height of kitchen countertops is too low, you may find yourself stooping, which can lead to potential strains.

To make your home a comfortable place to live, it is essential to know the height of common household facilities. This article will get you through the height of home amenities and a basic guide to designing your household with Edrawmax.

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Height of Countertops

Countertops are horizontal surfaces, typically found in kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere you like. These are used for food preparation, grooming, and cooking. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs to give your kitchen and bathroom an enchanting look.

  • The standard height for counters in the kitchen is 36 inches or 91.44 cm. The materials and counters are typically 1.5 inches thick, and the countertop box is 34.5 inches, totalling the measurement to 3 feet.
  • The standard height for a bathroom countertop is 32 inches.

However, the height of the countertops can also depend on the height of the human. 36 to 39-inch countertops are good for people of average height, and 32-inches are suitable for people of below-average height. People often depart from these standard conventions to craft a personalized design catering to their needs or preferences.

Height of TV

The general rule of thumb is that the TV should be mounted as high as the eye level. Most of the guides state that the standard height of the TV should be 45 inches from the ground to the center of the TV.

Moreover, other guides also state that when mounting a TV, the bottom should be at eye level when seated, and the top should be at eye level when standing. However, this can vary depending on the size of the television and location.

Perhaps the size of the TV is 42 inches; mount it at a height of 56 inches from the ground to the center of the TV. 66 inches for a 55-inch TV and approximately 67 inches for a 70-inch TV.

For a 43-inch TV, divide its screen height (22 inches) in half (11 inches), then subtract from the recommended mounting height. This gives a bottom-of-TV height of 45 inches from the ground when mounted. With this, you can easily mark the wall at this height.

Height of Kitchen Cabinets

To make your kitchen pleasant and great looking, you should know the standard height of kitchen appliances such as cabinets, ovens, and refrigerators. The right sizes or dimensions will help you gauge the design of your kitchen when buying new appliances.

Kitchen cabinets have different heights, widths, and depths. It also depends on the kitchen layouts.

  • The standard height for the base cabinet is usually between 24 to 36 inches with adaptable legs.
  • The depth is 23 inches or 60 cm and 10 or 15 cm wide.

Wall cabinets have different standardized sizes and heights.

  • These are commonly found in heights ranging from 12 to 42 inches, with depths of 12 to 24 inches.
  • Widths usually vary from 9 to 48 inches.

Height of Kitchen Appliances Cabinets

The standard size for kitchen appliance cabinets is designed to fit appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers.

The cabinet size of the refrigerator comes in various varieties. These are usually 60cm wide with a height of 190cm, 217cm, or 229 cm.

Moreover, the built-in microwaves have a typical height of 38 or 48 cm. The standard height for these is 17 to 22 inches, and the depth ranges from 20 to 25 inches. They are designed to fit the height of the microwave, often around 15 to 18 inches above the countertop.

Height of Dining Tables

If the tables are too high or low, it can lead to discomfort in the body and strains. Therefore, it is vital to choose a table design with proper dimensions. Most people choose a typical height for dining tables around 71 to 76 cm (28-30 inches). The standard height for dinner tables is between 17-19 inches.

If an alternative height for the table is chosen, ensure that the chair's size matches the table. The appropriate height of the table ensures comfortable usability, regardless of their physical ability.

Height of Showerheads

Comfortable shower space is essential if you are updating your old bathroom or designing a new one. The height of the showerheads depends on several factors, such as human height and type of showerheads.

The standard showerhead is approximately 80 inches from the floor. The heights can vary from 68 to 86 inches depending upon the height of the human. However, adjustable showerheads are available to accommodate different heights and preferences.

Height of Pictures

The recommended guideline for hanging a picture is to position its center at 57 inches from the floor. This aligns with the average eye-level height of most individuals and is commonly observed in art galleries and museums. To adhere to this guideline, simply measure 57 inches up from the floor on the wall and lightly mark the spot with a pencil before hanging the picture.

However, it depends on where you hang your picture. If you hang it above the sofa/bed, make sure the bottom of the frame is above 6-12 inches to make it attractive and eye-catching.

How to Design Your Home With Edrawmax?

Now if you are planning to design your home, EdrawMax, a free online floor planner, is your ideal choice. It’s known to be an easy-to-use tool. And here is how to use it to make a floor plan in simple steps:

Step 1: Opening Edrawmax

You can either download Edrawmax on your PC or use it online. Register your account with your email to get started using Edrawmax. We recommend you download it for smooth design.

Launch the program after the installation.

interferance edrawmax

Step 2: Get Ideas from Templates

After successfully registering your account, scroll your mouse on the left side and click onTemplates.

interferance edrawmax templates

Search for House plan in the search bar for templates.

edrawmax house plan templates

Scroll down to see templates. You can view and take ideas for your house design.

edrawmax house plan templates

Step 3: Edit a House Plan

You can either create your own house layout or edit a template on Edrawmax. Select Engineering> Floor Plan> Home Plan.Or just type "house plan" into the search box.

create a house plan in edrawmax

Note: You need an upgrade plan for Edrawmax to edit the premium templates for the house plan.

house plan template in edrawmax

You can edit any free template by selecting it.

edrawmax house plan template

You can also create a new design on Edrawmax.

On the top left corner, select New > Blank Drawing to draw a house plan from scratch.

house plan on edrawmax

You can select any symbols, such as walls, doors, kitchen cabinets, and more, from the left side of the screen and drag it.

house plan on edrawmax

Step 4: Save and Exit

After you have finished designing the template, you can save the file from the top left corner. Therefore, you can easily access it later on for any edition.

house plan on edrawmax


For the use of comfortable home facilities, it is essential to choose the right standard size. From kitchen countertops & cabinets to showerheads, specific typical heights for common household facilities are available for every house facility. By prioritizing these, your home can create an environment that promotes well-being and satisfaction.

Additionally, you can design your house with Edrawmax's available templates and easy-to-use blank drawing space. There are symbols available for every household item, which you can choose from and use to create your desired design.

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