5 Best Ideas and Tips to Place Your TV in a Living Room

This read familiarizes you with ideas to put the TV in a living room and lists potential tips to do it in the right manner.


Whether you are planning to design your room or shifted to a new home, one of common questions that comes to your mind is “where to position the TV in the living room.”

If you put the TV in the right spot, it will give a vibrant and brighter look. On the other hand, a TV placed in the wrong area will look muddy or washed out. It spoils your experience when watching your favorite shows or movies.

Placing a TV in the living room depends on three factors: shape and size of your room, furniture, and your TV. This article presents valuable ideas to position your TV.

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  1. Ideas to Place TV in Your Living Room
  2. Tips for Placing TV in Your Living Room
  3. How to Use AI to Simulate the Effects
  4. What is Wondershare EdrawMax

Part 1. 5 Ideas to Place TV in Your Living Room

Follow the five ideas (listed below) to put the TV in your living room and make your watching experience memorable.

1. Mounted On the Wal

This idea works best for small rooms. If you are living in a small room that doesn’t allow you to put a separate stand or a media console to place the TV, you can simply mount it on the wall. A great idea to put your TV is to mount it on the gallery wall.

wall mounted tv

How you design your gallery wall is completely your choice. The more decent and eye-catching it is, the more appealing it will look in your room. Mounting the TV on the wall saves a lot of space on the floor and produces a clean look.

The benefit of placing your TV with this approach is that you can adjust its height according to the best viewing angle. After mounting your TV, you can add an art shelf under it to add more value to the beauty of your room.

2. In Front of the Couch

Choosing the sleek and modern TV unit makes your living area brighter and more elegant. The reason behind this fact is that it does not add unnecessary bulk in your room. Usually, the most suitable place to position the TV in your room is in front of the main sofa or couch.

If you use a media console to place your TV, it will provide you with the storage space for other media components as well, e.g., sound system and gaming console. It becomes a focal point of your living area and makes the environment inviting and cozy.

place the tv in front of sofa

3. Above the Fireplace

If you want to give your room a classic look, ensure you put a flat-screen TV above the fireplace and see the magic happen. Once your TV is mounted above the fireplace, it will not occupy your floor space. It also works best for both small and big TVs.

With this idea, you don’t see the wires when watching the TV. Because the wires are hidden with cable trunks. Therefore, the distraction gets reduced to a great extent. When placing your TV above the fireplace, ensure that you maintain a specific height that does not disturb the view of the fireplace.

put a tv above the fireplace

4. On a Media Wall

One more idea to position your TV is to put it on the media wall. This idea allows your TV to sit within the wall. It becomes a modern focal point in your living room. Do you want to make your small room an entertainment center? Choose this idea to proceed with.

While putting the TV on the media wall, adjusting the height is super important. Make sure the middle of your TV is at the sitting eye height. This way, you do not have to strain your neck or look up while watching movies on the TV.

place the tv on the media wall

5. In the Corner

If you are someone who doesn’t like to place the TV in the center of the room, you can use a stand to put the TV in the corner. Whether you have a small or a larger TV, this idea works best for both. Usually, the room corners are dark compared to other areas within the room, so you don’t have to worry about the reflection problem.

place a tv into cabinetry in a living room

Part 2. 5 Tips for Placing TV in Your Living Room

Now that you know different ideas for putting your TV in a living room, let’s look at some potential tips for doing this effectively.

1. Locate a Power Source

Always find a power socket close to the place where you want to put the TV in the living room. Ensure to maintain enough sockets for extra power supply for other objects, like sound systems, chargers, Blu-ray, and more. Don’t forget to consider the windows’ direction and expected glare.

2. Select a Focal Point

If you want to make the TV your focal point, ensure to put it in the center of your living space. In case the focal point is different, like a costly window view or creatively decorated mantel, you can mount the TV on the wall close to your focal point to make the view comfortable.

3. Flip It

If you want to use one TV in different areas without changing its position, you can buy the one that allows you to flip as and when needed. This idea is the best for home offices where you can use the TV for different purposes.

4. Surround the TV with Books & Objects

Try positioning your TV on the bookcase and placing photographs, objects, or books in its surroundings to provide it with an appealing look. You can also surround it with art or a gallery wall. Doing this will make your room look attention-grabbing.

5. Viewing Distance

Putting the TV at eye level is the ideal way. With this adjustment, you don’t need to strain your eyes or neck by looking up or down to watch TV. If we talk about the best height for putting the TV on a stand or wall, it is 4 feet above the ground. Now, to find the best viewing distance, multiply the diagonal width by 3.

Part 3. Use AI to Simulate the Effects

The steps for using Wondershare EdrawMax to stimulate the effects of positioning TV in different spots are given below.

Step 1:

Download and install the latest version of EdrawMax on your computer.

Step 2:

Launch EdrawMax and tap on the New button. Then click the Blank Drawing button, as shown below.

launch wondershare edrawmax

Step 3:

Now, go to the AI tab and click on the AI Drawing option, as shown below.

generate ai image

Step 4:

Enter the image prompt in the field shown below and hit the Start creating/Create again button. Doing this will help you create the image you need, as shown below.

generate ai image

This is how four simple steps enable you to use EdrawMax AI to stimulate the effects of placing the TV in various positions in a living room. Let’s now create different images with EdrawMax AI showing TV placed in different places in the room.

Part 4. What is Wondershare EdrawMax?

It is a wonderful AI-powered diagramming solution that assists you in visualizing your thoughts and ideas in a unique manner. With over 16 years of global experience, this tool is currently available in more than 100 countries, and over 30 million people are actively using this software.

As far as the downloads of this utility are concerned, they are over 100 million, and the number is increasing every other day. Whether you want to make a flowchart, org chart, Venn diagram, floor plan, UML model, or any other diagram, EdrawMax will be your helping hand.

Key Features

  • AI mind mapping, AI flowchart creation, AI drawing, AI analysis, AI chat, and AI diagramming.
  • You can create presentation slides for any diagram.
  • It allows you to import and export data when creating diagrams.
  • You can find hundreds of templates for different diagrams, like floor plan, org chart, flowchart, etc.
  • This tool comes with a customized symbol library
  • EdrawMax is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, and Linux.

Ending Note

Where to position the TV in the living room? It is one of the frequently asked questions, especially when you get shifted to a new home or plan to reorganize your living room. It is always better to explore potential ideas and tips before you put TV in your room. Placing a TV in the right way makes your room look elegant.

If you want to stimulate the effects of positioning your TV in different places in the living room, try Wondershare EdrawMax. It is an AI-powered diagramming utility that uses the latest AI approach to create images based on the given prompts. This way, you can get a better idea of how your room will look when putting the TV in different spots.

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