7 Restaurant Floor Plan Ideas to Renovate your Hotel

Whether renovating a restaurant or designing one from scratch, get help from these restaurant floor plan examples. Or build one from scratch with EdrawMax floor plan maker.


A restaurant floor plan represents your property in a 2D diagram. It essentially depicts the restaurant’s physical structure and interior details. A well-laid restaurant design plan can boost your business profitability and customer experience. As an owner, you would want a restaurant design plan that is welcoming and visually appealing for customers. For employees, it should be spacious to ease the server’s movement. Such small details can be very complex if the floor plan is not planned properly.

This article explores seven ideas to inspire your restaurant layout plan. Learn how to optimally use space, structure, and furnishings to boost your restaurant’s efficiency and sales. So, dive right in, find the right fit for your restaurant, and edit it immediately.

In this article
  1. Free Restaurant Floor Plan Templates
  2. How to Design Your Dream Restaurant Floor Plan?
  3. Types of Restaurant Plan Layout
  4. Why You Should Use a Dedicated Tool for Your Restaurant Blueprint?
  5. Conclusion

Part 1. Free Restaurant Floor Plan Templates

Renovating your restaurant space? Do not know how to utilize tight space for seating effectively? Let us check out some restaurant floor plans from the EdrawMax template community.

1.   Restaurant Design Plan

The restaurant blueprint depicts the relationship between physical elements and space. Straight ahead of the entrance, you see a reception area opening to a hallway and separating the seating space. Moreover, the toilet and kitchen on each corner add to the space's aesthetic appeal. Even better, the VIP tables give you a pleasant dine-in environment.    

2.   Restaurants Floor Plan

Restaurant renovations might not seem daunting with this colorful layout. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the restaurant’s rooms and suites. It can facilitate architects and interior designers in the optimal use of space and placement of furnishing.

3.   Restaurant Design Layout

Some physical structures can be challenging to work with. So, here is a traditional example of a complex restaurant layout. With this, designers can learn how to effectively utilize narrow passages for functional purposes, including water pipes and counter bars. Plus, it gives a clear idea about the available seating space for maximum utility.

4.   Small Restaurant Layout Design

Designing a basic plan for your restaurant is undoubtedly the trickiest. But no longer with this basic outline. It showcases a straightforward design with common cafe elements, including seating space, kitchen, and toilets. Additionally, the wide-open hall area creates an illusion of space. Ideally, it works best for people planning a cafe or a lounge.

5.   Restaurant Floor Plan

Renovating a restaurant space? Do not have a clue where to start? No worries, it is your go-to restaurant design plan with spacious seating and kitchen space. It includes interior elements like chairs, tables, hood, bar, etc - giving you a basic plan to scale your property. Plus, the creator has used labeled elements for further ease.

Part 2. How to Design Your Dream Restaurant Floor Plan?

You can download and edit the templates discussed above. Alternatively, if you want to design your dream restaurant plan from scratch, it is easy with EdrawMax. Here are the steps to do so.

Before you jump to the method, download, launch, and install the EdrawMax desktop version. Log into your Wondershare ID or access the software using Facebook or Google account.

1. Once launched, visit EdrawMax's main menu and press New > Engineering > Floor Plan. It will display several floor plans. Select one to enter the editing panel.


2. Once on the editing panel, import symbols in your library. Click More Symbols > Floor Plan and select the preferred symbol category.


3. Now, drag and drop the exterior wall structure on the canvas and adjust the precision settings. You can change the metric points, precision decimals, and drawing measurements to scale the plan later.


4. Next, build the seating space. Return to the symbol library and drop interior objects on the canvas for this. It gives you a clear 2D rendition of the space.    


5. You can also add dimension lines to facilitate the scaling later on. Select appropriate dimension lines from the symbol library and position them in the plan wherever you want.


6. Congratulations, the restaurant seating plan is ready. However, it can do better with a few design modifications. Go to the Design tab on the top and change its colors, theme, and background image.


7. Finally, download the floor plan by pressing the Export icon from the quick-access toolbar. You can get the floor plan in Visio, PNG, PDF, and other formats. Or, show it to your social media friends by clicking the Share button on the top-right corner and editing the permission. 


Part 3. Types of Restaurant Plan Layout

When designing a restaurant floor plan, one should be clear about the reference point of their space. Here are a few types of popular restaurant plan layouts you may like.

Outdoor Areas Floor Plan

Outdoor dining spaces are a new hit. These restaurants typically have a patio extending from an open hall. Here, the ideal patio location is closer to the kitchen, reducing the server’s delivery time and improving efficiency. Plus, the spacious outdoor layout performs great for summer.

Kitchen Restaurant Plan

Kitchen restaurant plans are laid around the kitchen space and staff. A well-put cooking space reduces accidents and improves service a great deal. Even better, an open kitchen floor plan boasts communication between chefs and customers - adding to the pleasant experience.  

Dining Room Restaurant Layouts

The dining area is arguably the most significant part of the restaurant. It can make or break the diner experience. When it goes wrong, it can affect sales. Alternately, a well-laid dining space attracts new people. A dining room floor plan should be intimate, spacious, and welcoming.

Hybrid Coffee Shop/ Bistro Plans

Recently, restaurants have attracted diverse customers with their coffee counters. A hybrid coffee shop/ bistro space lets you grab a bite with their routine coffee. 

Part 4. Why You Should Use a Dedicated Tool for Your Restaurant Blueprint?

Renovating a restaurant space amidst a busy routine can be intimidating. Digital tools like EdrawMax, with an intuitive interface and AI assistance, are a miraculous help. It is an advanced diagramming tool with a dedicated floor plan maker that features professionally designed symbols and editable examples. So, even as an inexperienced restaurant owner, building and scaling your property will be super simple.

Key features

  • Editable examples. EdrawMax has a massive community of over 20,000 user-generated templates, including restaurant floor plans. Hobbyists can kickstart their interior designing journey with these editable examples. Alternatively, they can inspire professionals to counter creative blocks.
  • Vector symbols. Users get floor plan-specific symbol libraries with EdrawMax floor plan maker. It includes wall structure, dimension lines, planters, seating space, and more. Hence, building and scaling restaurants is a blink away.
  • Precision tools. EdrawMax has a scalable floor plan maker. You can adjust its metric scale, dimension lines, and measurement units with this. So, scaling the property is possible later.
  • Automated blueprints. The AI Drawing function lets you produce restaurant blueprints with written prompts. Just give a command, and it will create fully-fledged blueprints specific to your property.

Why EdrawMax Over Other Floor Plan Makers?

  • Cost-effective. EdrawMax has a free plan for beginners. Plus, the paid plans are flexible for enterprises and individual designers.
  • Precise design. The metric scales and adjustable precision tools truly bless architects. It helps them scale complicated layouts in minutes.
  • Intuitive UI. EdrawMax features a beginner-friendly interface. The drag-and-drop canvas and easily accessible toolbar make jumpstarting the designing journey easy.
  • Time-saving. EdrawMax features free templates and AI tools (drawing, chat, translation, etc.) to save time and effort. So, even with hectic schedules, you can renovate a restaurant.


A restaurant floor plan gives you a top-down view of the property, helping you effectively scale and renovate the space. When done right, a restaurant design layout can improve your sales and offer an enjoyable customer experience.

However, it is understandably challenging for owners with zero technical expertise and a busy schedule. EdrawMax might be the right design companion if you are someone like this. Its pre-made restaurant floor plans and AI assistance help you through it. All you do is visit the template community and find the right fit for your restaurant space.

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