2-Car Garage Dimensions: The Right Size for Your Garage

Size up your dream garage! Explore average and standard two-car garage sizes, factors affecting them, and more. Use Edrawmax to design a functional garage that fits your lifestyle!

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Getting the right size is important when planning to build or remodel your garage.A 2-car garage is a popular choice for many homeowners. When many families own two (or even more) cars, a two-car garage is helpful to keep your vehicles away from possible thieves and robberies.

Remember the news of the 4 wheels of Honda Civics being stolen? That's why you need a garage. Don't have a Civic? A garage stops people from breaking the windows and scratching the paint.

When a two-car garage is different from a regular one-car garage, what dimensions do you need? In this article, we’ll help you understand the best dimensions for a 2-car garage and everything you need to consider when building your garage. Hopefully, you can give the best protection to your cars.

In this article
  1. Some Common Dimensions of Two-Car Garages
  2. FAQs about Building A Two-car Garage
  3. How to Design Your Two-Car Garage Easily?
  4. Conclusion

Part 1: Some Common Dimensions of Two-Car Garages

Since everybody's situation is unique, there is no standard answers to the best two-car garage size. But we do have some common garage plans here:

Garage size 
(W*L ft)
Square Ft Suitable for
18x20 360 Minimum size for two-car storage. You may not open the car doors fully.
20x20  400 A rather wider size for two cars. 
22x22 484 Offer more space. Perfect for two mid-size and full-size cars. 
24x24 576 Good for two full-size sedans and SUVs.
24x30 720 Best options for pick-ups. Has much space for storage, a workplace, or a home gym.

Let's come to the selection part here.

Minimum Two Car Garage Size:

If you have two small cars like two sedans (even the full-size ones that are 18 feet long) and have no plan to put stuff in the garage, the 18*20 dimension is good for your two-car garage plan. It's narrow and has almost no storage. 

Also, you can't likely open the car door fully. If it's a large full-size or luxury car, the truck may hit the wall when you pop it.

The only benefit is it saves money! Also, if you don't have much space land left on your property, this will be the perfect option.

For Wider Vehicles like SUVs, Wagons, Minivans:

For SUVs, wagons, and vans that are about 6 feet wide, we strongly recommend a 20*20 garage plan. It fits the width body of SUVs. The doors won't hit the wall when you open them. And the car trunk won't hit the wall when you pop it. But if both vehicles are wide, you may not have much space left for storage and other activities.

For more storage space, you can get a 22*22 garage plan. 

A Longer and Wider Full-size Vehicles and Pick-ups:

For large cars, a 24*24 is a better choice. It's wide enough for two 6.5 feet width cars. Also, you can place shelves, tables, and other stuff in the garage.

Maximum Two Car Garage Size (You can expand it as you wish):

To park your full-size pick-ups and vans? A 24*30 will be awesome. No need to explain. It's just long enough to park your pick-ups. Also, you have space for storage, a workshop, or even a home office.

Part 2: FAQs about Building A Two-car Garage

There's never a standard size to your garage option. Customize it based on your situation. Take out a piece page and write down your answers to the following questions. Then, consult the construction or design team for the final draft.

different sized cars

What Size Are Your Vehicles?

Why do we need a garage? For the vehicles. So, the sizes of your cars decide the dimensions of the garage.

Measure the width and length of your largest and longest vehicle, ensuring it fits comfortably side-by-side with space for door opening without collisions. That's one foot at least for a slim adult. When one of your family members is strong or overweight, add extra feet to the garage if you don't him/her to be trapped in the car.

Do You Need Storage Space For Other Items?

There must be some space left after parking your vehicles in the garage. After measuring the sizes of your cars, you can think about some storage needs like bikes, tools, a mower, a motorbike, or your vacation gear (snowboard, fishing rod, etc). 

Plans for shelves, cabinets, or a workbench to maintain organization and free up home space are up to you as well.

If the expected room is not enough, consider expanding the garage before building it.

Can a 20*20 garage fit two vehicles?

Yes, it's a pretty common size that many homeowners will use. But this is applicable when your vehicles are not large. Also, the thickness of the walls matters. The ideal number will be 6 inches (and less) for a small two-car garage wall. 

Will You Use The Garage For Other Activities?

Are you up to exercising? How about doing some technical work? 

If you lift some irons and plan to build a home gym, the garage can be a good spot.

Some like carpentry works, car repairing (even tuning), or pottery-making. In these cases, a garage can be built to fit these purposes as well.

Just pay attention that any purposes will need extra space in the garage. It increases your budget.

How Much Space Do You Need To Walk?

You need to get out of the vehicle and walk out of the garage. So, you need to consider some extra room for you and everyone that gets into the garage.

If one of you is overweight, double or triple the space.

Is It Cold in Your City?

Never underestimate the power of climates. In some areas, winds, rains, and snow in the winter will make you suffer. It may freeze the door and keep you waiting outside for minutes. This is devastating.

You may need to heat the garage with some heaters mounted on the wall or ceiling. Or you can add insulation to the garage and seal windows and doors to keep the cold outside.

Both require extra space in the garage.

Do You Own Electric Cars?

If you have a Tesla or any other electric vehicle and plan to install a charging point at home, consult the company. Ask if you need to install a wall or ground connector. Never forget the exact dimensions of the equipment.

two-car garage for EVs

What Is The Available Space On Your Property?

Do you have enough land left on your property to build a two-car garage? If yes, just go ahead and start your plan.

Consider property constraints and setbacks. Be realistic about available space to avoid overshadowing your house or yard with an oversized garage.

Do You Need A Permit to Build A Garage?

This is a complex question. It varies based on local laws and community regulations.

First of all, call the local government for the details. See if you need to get permission from the local department.

Then, go to the community office to consult if you need their permission to build a garage.

And finally. make sure the contractor you hire is 100% qualified to build a garage.

What's Your Budget?

A larger garage costs more. We can't give you the exact cost of building a garage. Regions, seasons, duration of construction, materials, blueprint, and sizes will all affect the cost of building a two-car garage.

Consult the local contractors and ask for a price.

What's The Cheapest Way to Build a Two-car Garage?

The cheapest way to build a two-car garage is always to do it all by yourself. You need to DIY a blueprint for the garage, buy materials, get them home, and build it from the ground.

However, every step involved, except the blueprint, requires plans, patience, skills, knowledge, and techniques. You can apply to a garage blueprint found on some design software (Check Part 3 for EdrawMax, download and edit a floor plan for the two-car garage ) and edit it for free.

Part 3: How to Design Your Two-Car Garage Layout

Before diving in, familiarize yourself with Wondershare EdrawMax for a functional and stylish two-car garage floor plan design in simple steps.

What Is Wondershare EdrawMax?

a simple tool to design two-car garage

Wondershare EdrawMax is a user-friendly online diagramming tool to help you create professional-looking two-car garage floor plans in minutes, even without experience. It offers plenty of benefits for you, including the following:

Free Trial

Begin your design journey with EdrawMax's free trial. No need for hefty downloads; design seamlessly from your web browser. Also, it saves you money of hiring a designer or buying a garage layout from private companies. Just use this floor plan maker and it saves budget.

Versatile and Simple

EdrawMax is more than garage layouts; it's your all-in-one tool for various diagrams, from flowcharts to mind maps. Now, focus on its intuitive interface for easy garage floor plan creation.

Pre-Designed Templates

No need to face a blank canvas! EdrawMax provides a collection of pre-designed two-car garage floor plan templates. Use them as a starting point, tailoring them to your specific needs. Skip the process of starting from zero. EdrawMax provides everything you need for a garage plan.

Steps to Design Your Two-Car Garage on EdrawMax

Designing your dream two-car garage floor plan is a breeze with this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Sign Up And Access The Workspace

Download EdrawMax or try it online for free. Sign in with a Wondershare ID, Google account, or your social media Credentials.

Step 2: Choose A Template (Simplicity Reigns!)

Once logged in, click Workplace for the design interface. Go to the Templates section and use the search bar to find relevant templates, like Two Car Garage Floor Plan or Two-Car Garage Layout.

searching two car garage floor plan templates

Choose a template resembling your desired layout for efficiency. Get your cursor to the desired template and click Use Immediately to edit it.

Step 3: Customize And Edit The Template (Your Creativity Takes Center Stage!)

Open your chosen template and unleash creativity:

customizing template
  • Experiment With Different Layouts: Play with element positions to optimize your garage space.
  • Resize And Rotate Elements: Easily adjust sizes and angles for precise control.
  • Save Time Using AI: Chat with Edraw AI to get ideas and design tips to simplify editing and save time.
customizing template

Step 4: Save, Export, Or Share Your Masterpiece!

When satisfied, save, export, or share your design seamlessly. EdrawMax allows exporting in JPG, PNG, or PDF for easy sharing with contractors or family.

  • To save your design, go to File and click Save As to upload it to the Cloud or add it to your Personal Template.
  • Go to the top right corner and click Export or Share to export or share your design.
saving exporting or sharing


Building a two-car garage is a valuable investment, enhancing property worth, prolonging car life, and offering essential storage. So, for optimal functionality and comfort, it’s essential to tailor your two-car garage size to your specific needs.

Consider creative layouts using EdrawMax for visualization before construction, ensuring your dream garage becomes a reality. Transform the space into not just vehicle protection but a property enhancement. Your dream two-car garage is just a few creative clicks away!

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