Top 10 Family Tree Makers: Which Software Is Right for You?

Discover the top 10 family tree makers in 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Explore the best software options for creating and organizing your family tree on various platforms.


A family tree visualizes all your family members and how they are related to each other. It helps you see your family's history and learn about your ancestors. Family trees are important because they help you understand where your roots are.

Now that you know what family trees are and why they matter, explore the top 10 family tree makers. But before that, look at the criteria you should consider when choosing the best one.

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Part 1. Criteria for Selecting the Best Family Tree Makers

The following benchmarks will help you understand which family tree maker best fits you.

  • Skill Level: Picking the best family tree maker depends on who will use it. Some are best for beginners exploring family history, while others suit advanced users and professionals with advanced tools.
  • Use Cases: Family tree makers have various uses. Some for school projects, others for personal reasons like finding relatives. Some for in-depth family history research. Think about your purpose to find the right fit.
  • Features: Find a family tree maker that's easy to use and works on computers, phones, and browsers. Look for customization options and the ability to import and export files in different formats.
  • Ratings: Before making a choice, check what other users think. User reviews can tell you if a family tree maker is liked by many or not. If lots of people love it, it's likely a good choice.
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    Part 2. Top 10 Family Tree Makers

    Now, let's explore the top 10 family tree makers and see how they compare based on these criteria.

    Wondershare EdrawMax: The Most Powerful Family Tree Maker

    Wondershare EdrawMax is a highly-rated family tree maker today, scoring 4.3 out of 5 on G2. It's user-friendly and has useful features to simplify your family tree project. Besides creating beautiful family trees, EdrawMax offers over 280 diagram types. Create flowcharts, floor plans, and more. EdrawMax is ideal for school, personal, or professional diagramming needs. And the AI feature helps with organizing, connecting, and designing suggestions.

    edrawmax family tree chart online

    Key Features

    Here are the things EdrawMax offers:

    • User-Friendly Interface and Templates: EdrawMax has an interface inspired by MS Word, so you'll feel right at home using it. It also offers a variety of ready-made templates to kick-start your family tree or any other project.
    • Support for Multiple File Formats: You'll love EdrawMax's flexibility. It supports various file formats like Visio, Excel, Word, JPG, and more, making it easy to share your family tree with others.
    • Customization Options and Collaboration: EdrawMax offers theme customization, pre-built symbols, and auto layout for easy alignment. Collaborate easily with its shared workspace. Share your family tree on social media or publish it on websites with HTML links.
    • Online and Offline Use: EdrawMax works online and offline, so you can create your family tree on the web, PC, or mobile devices.

    Testimonials From Satisfied Users

    EdrawMax has received praise from various users.

    • A professor finds it suitable for academic and research activities.
    • A network design consultant sees it as good or even better than Visio.
    • A software engineer appreciates the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature for software designs.


    edrawmax individual subscription plan

    Check out the Individual pricing plan for EdrawMax:

    • Subscription Plan: $69, semi-annual
    • Perpetual Plan: $198, one-time payment
    • Perpetual Bundle Plan: $245, one-time payment

    Canva: Online Family Tree Maker for Students

    canva online family tree

    Canva is a graphic design tool and a family tree maker online. It's user-friendly, perfect for beginners. Simply drag and drop elements to create your family tree. Besides that, you can edit images, make presentations, and more. It offers various fonts, styles, and templates.

    Also, you can add your pictures to make it unique. Canva is more than just a website. It's also available as a desktop app on computers and phones like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


    Use Canva as a family tree maker for:

    • Free plan, limited features
    • Subscription starts at $119.99 per year or $14.99 per month (Canva Pro)

    Adobe Express: Creative Family Tree Maker Online

    adobe express online family tree

    Adobe Express, an online family tree maker, is easy to use, great for young creators, and has a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Not only can you make family trees, but you can also design resumes, TikTok, logos, and more. It offers templates, royalty-free photos, and fonts from Adobe Stock.

    AI-powered features from Adobe Firefly provide instant text effects and images. Share your family tree on social media and save it in file formats like JPEG, PNG, PDF, or an animated MP4 video.


    Adobe Express is included in Adobe Creative Cloud Express plans.

    • Free trial, limited features
    • Premium plan for $99.99 annually.

    Family Echo:Interactive Free Family Tree Maker Online

    family echo online interface

    Family Echo is an interactive family tree maker online, rated 4.5 out of 5. The software program makes it easy to edit and collaborate with your parents or grandparents. Sign in, start creating your family tree, and invite family members to join in and add missing details.

    With Family Echo, you can personalize your family tree. Change background colors, gender boxes, and view modes. Show middle names, life years, and more. Easily switch partners and given name display. Add images and represent adoption or fostering. Print or download your family chart as a PDF to share with others.


    Family Echo is a free family tree maker online, supported by advertising.

    MyDraw: Family Tree Maker for Mac

    mydraw app canvas

    MyDraw is a 4.4 out of 5 diagramming software that creates flowcharts, Venn diagrams, and family trees. Its user-friendly interface, inspired by Microsoft Office, makes it feel familiar and easy to use. You can also work with Visio drawings in family tree maker for MacOS. MyDraw also works on Windows desktops and offers various shapes and control points to customize your family tree.

    With advanced features like automatic layouts, your family tree will look great. Print or export it as a PDF, and you can even open, edit, and save family tree data in GEDCOM format.


    Get MyDraw for:

    • Free Trial
    • MyDraw License starts at $69 for Perpetual Single User License

    Microsoft Word:Family Tree Maker for a School Project

    ms word desktop family tree

    Microsoft Word is a program that helps you create documents, but you can use it for school projects like a family tree. With a 4.7 out of 5 rating, this tool is excellent for parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to make a family tree quickly. Microsoft Word is a family tree maker for Mac, which also works on Windows, iOS, and Android devices or online.

    You can make your family tree using basic shapes or the SmartArt feature. Customize it with images, icons, and different font styles to make it attractive. Explore different themes to add colorful touches to your family tree.


    Use Microsoft Word as a family tree maker online for:

    • Free (limited features)
    • Subscription starts at Microsoft 365 Personal - $6.99/month or $69.99/year (Annual subscription–auto-renews)

    DNA Weekly: Simple Family Tree Maker for Beginners

    dnaweekly online interface

    DNAWeekly is a simple family tree maker online and is so easy to use that even beginners can use it. When done, you can share your family tree with your family and friends by sending them a link with a password. DNAWeekly lets you upload images, add birth dates, and even dates of when family members passed away. Want a copy of your family tree? You can download it as a PDF or JPEG file and keep it safe.


    Free for creating family trees.

    Smilebox: Imaginative Family Tree Maker Online

    smilebox online canvas

    Smilebox is a versatile graphic editing software for creating invitations, slideshows, collages, and flyers. Surprisingly, this tool has a 4.6 out of 5 rating and works as an easy-to-use family tree maker online with animated templates to make your chart look impressive. Customize it with music, text, and background, and even schedule when to share it with others. Upload photos from your gallery or import them from Facebook.

    With this family tree maker, select your favorite colors and apply creative filter effects. Once your family tree is complete, you can easily share it through various options like email, link sharing, embedding, text messages, or posting it on social media platforms.


    Try Smilebox family tree maker online for:

    • Free with watermarks
    • Premium for $59.88/Year

    Nulab Cacoo: Collaborative Team Family Tree Maker Online

    cacoo online interface

    Nulab Cacoo is an online diagramming tool for making wireframes, network diagrams, and more. Surprisingly, you can also use it as a family tree maker. With a 4.7 out of 5 rating, it provides templates and features like revision history and multi-user editing. You can import assets from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and other platforms.

    With this family tree maker, you can collaborate with your family via chat or video, leave comments, and get notified of updates. Share the final family tree through a link, email, or social media, and export it in file formats such as SVG, PDF, and PowerPoint.


    Try this family tree maker online for:

    • Free trial
    • Pro for $6/month or $60/year (one user)

    FigJam: Family Tree Maker Online for Advanced Users

    figjam online canvas

    FigJam is a designer's tool that fosters teamwork to create better products. Its 4.5 out of 5 rating speaks for its efficiency in working on family trees, user flows, and more using easy shapes and connectors. Start with an editable family tree template and invite the whole household to join.

    Spice up your chart with fun Bitmoji avatars. Use it as a family tree maker for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and iPad, as well as online. Perfect for creating your family tree in a collaborative and user-friendly way.


    Try FigJam for:

    • Free Forever plan
    • Figma for design + dev: Figma Professional $12 per editor/month, billed annually
    • FigJam for whiteboarding: FigJam Professional $3 per editor/month, billed annually


    Now that we have recommended 10 top family tree makers for you, are you considering trying any of them? If you're looking for a powerful family tree maker that offers various customization options, collaboration features, and AI capabilities, EdrawMax might be the perfect choice for you. With its user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates, you can quickly create a family tree or other diagrams with ease. Give EdrawMax a try today and experience its versatility in creating stunning visuals for your family history and beyond.

    edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
    Simple alternative to Visio
    210+ types of diagrams
    10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
    10+ AI diagram generators
    10+ export formats
    edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
    Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
    Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
    Enterprise-level data security
    Team management and collaboration

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