5 Class Diagrams for Hospital Management Systems

Explore the backbone of hospital management software with 5 crucial class diagrams. From Patient Management to Inventory Control, discover how these diagrams optimize operations and enhance efficiency.


In the intricate world of healthcare administration, efficient systems are paramount for smooth operations. Enter class diagrams – the blueprint for organizing data and processes within hospital management software. This article delves into five essential class diagrams tailored specifically for hospital management systems.

From Patient Management to Inventory Control, each diagram plays a pivotal role in structuring the software's architecture and facilitating seamless interactions between different components. Through detailed analysis and practical examples, this article aims to equip developers, stakeholders, and healthcare professionals with a deeper understanding of how these class diagrams contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of hospital management systems.

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5 Class Diagram Templates for Hospital Management Systems

Class Diagram Example 1

Class Diagrams for Hospiltal Management System

The diagram has the four classes.

  • The first class is person, which is the parent class of patient class.
  • The patient class is connected with the Doctor class.
  • The doctor class and admin class are linked with the admin class.
  • The admin class is the class through which the patient and doctor classes are managed.

All the classes have their data members and member functions.

Class Diagram Example 2

Class Diagrams for Hospiltal Management System

The above diagram has five classes which are hospital, reception, patient, doctor and report.

  • The hospital class is the main class which keeps the information of hospital. The hospital class is linked with the reception class.
  • The reception class is for the patients to get appoints of the doctor.
  • The patient class has the relation with the report class.
  • The reception will contact the doctor for the appointment.

Class Diagram Example 3

Class Diagrams for Hospiltal Management System

The above diagram has five classes which are doctor, patient, department, reception and bill.

  • The doctor and patient classes are linked with each other. The doctor class is linked with the department class for the information of the department of the doctors.
  • The patient class is linked with the reception class.
  • The reception class is linked with the bill class which is for managing the bills.

Class Diagram Example 4

Class Diagrams for Hospiltal Management System

This diagram has six classes which are reception, patient, doctor, indoor_patient, outdoor_patient and room.

  • The reception class is now linked with both doctor and patient.
  • The patient class has further child classes: indoor_patient and outdoor_pateint.
  • he room class is for the details of the room for admitted patients.

Class Diagram Example 5

 Class Diagrams for Hospiltal Management System

The above diagram has six classes which are admin, hospital, receptionist, pateints, reports and doctor.

  • The main class hospital is linked with the admin class.
  • The admin class is linked with receiptionist.
  • The receptionist is further linked with the doctor, patient and reports classes.
  • The reports class is for the reports which are collected by the receptionist for the patients.

Making a Class Diagram Using EdrawMax

Here are few steps to make class diagrams on EdrawMax. To access the full features of this diagramming program, you'd better download and install the software version on your computer, Windows or Max.

If you have just your phone around or want to have a trial first, you can simply visit the Online Diagram version of EdrawMax. This is a free entrence and it's handy and provides nearly every feature of the software version. Use it anyway.

Method 1. Use a preset class diagram

Step 1:

Open EdrawMax. Click templates and enter “class diagram for hospital management” in the search bar.

open edrawmax
Step 2:

Pick the template you like the most or the one that is most relevant to your needs.

pick the templates you want
Step 3:

The selected template will be added to the canvas and you will be able to edit the file or download the file from there. All the tools are available to make changes in your design.

edit the file

Method 2. Customize your own class diagram for hospital management system

Starting from scratch is a little time consuming but it allows you to design different and make the designs you want to create. Here are few steps you need to take while creating class diagrams for hospital management.

Step 1:

Open EdrawMax.Click new and then UML Modeling to start your diagram from scratch.

open edrawmax and click new
Step 2:

Drag symbols on the canvas and make changes according to the needs. You will find all the symbols you need to make a class diagram.

use symbols
Step 3:

Use tools to make your diagram better. You can align your symbols and change size of the diagrams according to your needs.

use tools
Step 4:

Now, you need to export your designs. For that, you have the liberty to save your files in different formats.

export the file

Free Class Diagram Maker: Wondershare EdrawMax

EdrwaMax is built to offer solutions and solve problems. It bring more benefits than you can imagine. Whatever you want to achieve with diagrams, EdrawMax will help you make it come true with its powerful and versatile features.

Templates: EdrawMax offers hundreds of templates for you to use. The templates for different categories are available there in the template community.

Symbols: The symbols used in different categories are different so EdrawMax offers you unique symbols according to your needs only. However, you can use symbols whenever you want whether they are related to your designs or not.

Export options: You can export file in different formats like PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, Word File etc. You can use all these formats to save your designs.

Import visio, svg: The svg and visio files are imported to EdrawMax and are edited in the program. These files are allowed to change add more elements in these files with ease.

Cloud storage: EdrawMax offer cloud storage that helps collaborators work in collaboration and help you get your work done faster. The cloud storage helps you acces anytime from anywhere.


Reasons to try

Simple. EdrawMax offer simple interface that help users understand it better and allows them to learn in fatter.

Versatility. With over 210+ types of diagrams available, including those commonly used by programmers such as ER diagrams, network diagrams, and architecture diagrams, EdrawMax caters to a wide range of needs. Whether you're a programmer, engineer, designer, or student, you'll find suitable diagramming tools to express your ideas effectively.

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Cross-platform compatibility. EdrawMax is available across multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as online versions and mobile apps. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that you can work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems, providing convenience and flexibility in your workflow.


EdrawMax receives high ratings on both G2 and Capterra, indicating its popularity and satisfaction among users:

  • G2 Rating: 4.3/5
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Both are trusted platforms for software reviews and ratings. The high rate of 4.3 and 4.6 out of 5 highly suggest the user satisfaction and positive feedback. Users are generally satisfied with its features, usability, and overall performance. This positive rating highlights EdrawMax's effectiveness in meeting users' needs and expectations.


Class Diagram for hospital management system design, EdrawMax emerges as an indispensable ally. Its extensive library of diagram types, including essential tools like class diagrams, proves invaluable in the development and visualization of complex systems. With a user-friendly interface and cross-platform accessibility, EdrawMax accommodates the diverse needs of programmers, architects, and designers alike.

Furthermore, its flexible paid plans ensure accessibility without compromising on quality. As evidenced by its high ratings on platforms like G2 and Capterra, EdrawMax stands as a testament to its efficacy and reliability.

For those seeking to streamline the complexities of hospital management system design, EdrawMax is undoubtedly a recommended solution, offering the tools and support necessary to navigate this critical domain with confidence.

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