10 ER Diagram Templates for University Management Systems

This article will showcase 10 different ER diagrams for university management systems from Wondershare EdrawMax's Templates Community and teach you how to make one from scratch.

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Every year, millions of students enroll in universities looking for higher education. On top of that, these institutions offer many courses or programs that students can enter. This naturally gives rise to a complex web of management systems. As universities grow bigger, it will only get more complicated. That is why it’s essential to have Entity-Relationship (ER) diagrams for university management systems.

If you want to start creating an ER diagram or understand how universities work, this article is for you. It will showcase ten different ER diagram templates for university management systems. In addition, it will also show you how to make one, or any ER diagram, for that matter, with the help of Wondershare EdrawMax. Learn more about diagram creation by reading through this article.

Part 1. 10 ER Diagram Templates for University Management

Here are 10 ER diagram templates for university management systems without further ado. You’ll see simple ER diagrams and maybe get an idea of how to create one yourself. You can always edit these templates for your purposes. Since these are templates from EdrawMax’s Template Community, they’re sure to be easily accessible.

Example #1

Starting the list, here’s a clear-cut ER diagram involving all aspects of the university.

This includes the department, concerned staff, roles, student information, program, etc. It’s great to show the relationship between different concerned entities in a university and how data should be handled or processed.

Example #2

Second, here’s a quick ER diagram for courses and the professors or instructors involved. Teaching administrators will find this helpful for an overview of who teaches what.

It also adds other important information like IDs, names, departments, room IDs, year integers, etc. Use this for better department management of courses and instructors.

Example #3

This ER diagram is more concerned with integrating computer solutions into the management system. It utilizes a login system to determine who can access what. For example, if you’re a student, you will only have permission to access specific data. This is great for the software engineers of a University looking for a basis for their coding.

Example #4

This ER diagram example uses tables and coding language to express the relationship between entities. It’s hard to understand for many, but software engineers or employees who usually deal with university information will find this helpful. It even has dedicated nodes or tables for guardians – arguably an essential part of universities. This way, they can easily access guardian information in cases of emergency.

Example #5

Fifth on our list is another clear-cut ER diagram for university management. It’s easier to understand than the previous ones because it uses normal language. Now, diagrams like this are better for administrators unfamiliar with coding language and prefer something more accessible to read. At least, everyone can be informed about the relationships between entities in the university.

Example #6

Similar to example #5, this template uses simple language as well. You can easily see the students’ information and how they connect with the university system. It also has nodes for the program, course information, and the instructors assigned. You can also schedule such classes depending on what’s needed.

Example #7

Where things get more complicated, Example #7 is your perfect diagram template. Often, universities have interconnected entity relationships. This demonstrates that the complex web is comprehensive and understandable at the same time. Of course, you can remove any data that you don’t need. But more or less, everything from course information, scheduling, and other data can be found in this diagram.

Example #8

If you want something more encouraging, Example #8 is your template. It employs a circular design for the main points with arching branches for the specific nodes. This way, you can see everything clearly, and everything’s categorized better. It eliminates confusing webs of relationships by employing a streamlined design.

Example #9

It’s a rather long diagram, but it’s so comprehensive. This is ideal for internal viewing and reference. While it’s harder to look at, you can put much information here, such as training, development, and other delegated work that your university staff can review. As always, you can edit or delete some nodes from this template.

Example #10

Lastly, this college ER diagram is the simplest of them all. It encompasses basic data and how they connect. You can use this as a reference for starting an ER diagram for your university. The best part about this is that it uses a colorful scheme so that it might also be a treat for the eyes.

Part 2. How To Make an ER Diagram in EdrawMax

If you haven’t found anything to your liking with the templates provided, you can always draw ER diagrams for university management systems.

If you’re not confident enough, don’t worry; Wondershare EdrawMax has you covered. This free ER diagram maker is known for its simplicity and , helping you create the best ER diagram.

Step 1:

Download Wondershare EdrawMax or try it online. Log in to this tool with an account from Wondershare, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step 2:

On the homepage, go to +New > +Blank Drawing.

edrawmax homepage

Step 3:

Begin the diagram by click-and-dragging shapes from the More Symbols panel.

edrawmax elements

Step 4:

Drag the small dots on the side of each shape to your targeted location. This will create lines or relationships between the entities.

edrawmax relationships

Step 5:

Add text to your diagram by double-clicking on the shapes and then typing. You can also change the appearance of your diagram by using the customization bar when you click an element. Repeat steps 3-5 processes until you finish the ER diagram.

edrawmax relationships

Part 3. Introducing Wondershare EdrawMax: A Free ER Diagram Maker

Imagine a tool that makes creating ER diagrams for university management systems as easy as pie. That’s what EdrawMax does. It’s a versatile diagramming tool that’s easy to use, even for beginners.

Wondershare EdrawMax can help you create professional-looking flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, network diagrams, floor plans, and more. Whether you need to visualize your ideas, communicate complex information, or collaborate with your team, EdrawMax has everything you need to get started. You can easily customize your diagrams with rich colors, fonts, shapes, symbols, and templates.

To be more specific on its capabilities, here are some of its key features:

  • AI features: EdrawMax has intelligent features like OCR, Copywriting, Diagram/Table Analysis, AI Chat, and AI Drawing. These features automate various tasks, making creating diagrams smoother and more efficient.
  • User-friendly. The software is designed to be easy to navigate so you can focus more on creating content.
  • Templates galore. EdrawMax has a library of over 22,000 templates. You can easily find a template that suits your university management ER diagrams needs.
  • Diagram versatility. The software supports more than 210 types of diagrams, not just ER diagrams. You can create a variety of diagrams like flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more.
  • Symbols library. EdrawMax has a vast library of standard symbols, including those relevant to university management systems. This helps in accurately representing various components and relationships in your ER diagrams.

Try it out today to create your very own ER diagrams with ease. As always, you can visit the Templates Community to find more inspiration for your other diagramming needs.


As you’ve finished the article, you should have a basic idea of what ER diagrams for university management look like. After all, you’ve seen ten informative and inspirational templates. These will help you kickstart your diagram creation. If you want to edit the templates or create one from scratch, download Wondershare EdrawMax.

EdrawMax is a leading tool in the diagramming world, known for its simplicity and versatility. Thanks to its comprehensive features, it’s particularly useful for creating detailed ER (Entity-Relationship) diagrams for university management systems. Try it out today and experience diagramming like never before.

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