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Learn and edit split level house plans on Edrawmax with the given step-by-step instructions. Edrawmas is a pioneer tool with symbols and elements for customization.


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Why do staircases in homes ignite curiosity? One architectural style that leverages this intrigue is the split-level house plan. Characterized by its unique floor plan, a split-level house seamlessly divides living spaces into short flights of stairs that lead to different levels. Beyond a mere design choice, this layout offers both privacy and open spaces within the same structure.

The upcoming sections will unveil pre-designed templates of split-level house plans and guide you through creating your own split-level house floor plan with EdrawMax. Prepare to explore the architectural charm and functionality of split-level homes through expertly crafted designs.

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  1. How To Make a Floor Plan in EdrawMax
  2. Why Choose EdrawMax To Design Your Split-Level House
  3. Split House Examples and Templates
  4. Why Should You Build a Split-Level House?
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Part 1. How To Make a Floor Plan in EdrawMax

Shifting gears, we now guide you through the process of creating your own split-level house plans using EdrawMax. This user-friendly tool simplifies drawing detailed floor plans, making it straightforward to design a home that matches your vision.

Whether you're a first-timer or have dabbled in design before, follow along as we step into the world of EdrawMax to craft a split-level home that's uniquely yours.

split level house floor plans

Step 1. Launching Your Design

Kick off your split-level house design in EdrawMax by selecting New followed by Blank Drawing for a fresh start. Alternatively, if you have a specific layout in mind or a previous project to modify, choose the Import option to bring your existing split-level house floor plan into EdrawMax.

search split level floor plan

Step 2. Template Selection

For those ready to jump into design but not from the ground up, EdrawMax makes it easy. Navigate to the template community and search for split level house plans. Here, a variety of templates will appear. Simply choose one that closely aligns with your vision and click Use Immediately to start customizing it to your preference.

add text to floor plan

Step 3. Personalizing Text

Fine-tune your split-level house design by editing the text directly on your plan. Simply double-click the text to reveal a floating toolbar, providing you with various formatting tools. This easy step is crucial for labeling different rooms and areas, ensuring every part of your split-level home is clearly identified and personalized.

add different objects

Step 4. Object Replacement and Adjustment

Modifying your floor plan is a breeze with EdrawMax. To replace any object, simply click on it to see the floating toolbar, then hit Replace to find a new option that fits your layout. This toolbar also allows you to tweak object sizes, ensuring every element in your design is just right.

save split level floor plans

Step 5. Finalize Your Design

Once your split-level house plan is complete, securing your work is straightforward. Click Save As to store it safely on your computer. Ready to share? Choose the Export option to save your design in various formats, perfect for sharing with friends, family, or professionals.

Part 2. Why Choose EdrawMax To Design Your Split-Level House

EdrawMax is a versatile and user-friendly platform that excels as a 2D floor plan maker, offering a canvas for everyone from hobbyists to experts in design. It's the go-to tool for crafting your split-level home plans, providing a vast array of over 210 diagram types, from UML and network diagrams to flowcharts and organizational charts.

Its simplicity allows you to bring your split-level house to life with professional finesse. Plus, with its online accessibility and free resources, EdrawMax ensures that your next home design is both high-quality and conveniently within reach.

edrawmax split level plan

Key Features

Pre-designed Templates: With a vast library of over 5,000 free templates, EdrawMax is equipped to jump-start any project, including detailed split-level home plans.

Precision Tools:

  • Text Tool. Text editing for detailed annotations.
  • Format Painter. Format painter to maintain consistent styling.
  • Styles. Enhance the visual appeal of your diagrams with varied line and fill styles to clearly differentiate between elements.
  • Line Tool. Shape and line customizations for exact representation.
  • Wall Tool. Specifically designed to draw walls, this tool automatically adjusts thickness, length, and alignment, aiding in the accurate representation of space.

Integration with CAD, MS Office: Seamlessly connect your work with other platforms. EdrawMax integrates with CAD for detailed design work and MS Office for presenting and reporting.

AI Drawing: Utilize the AI Drawing feature to transform descriptions into precise illustrations. Enter a concept, and let the AI craft your vision into reality, complete with your chosen styles and parameters.

edrawmax reasons

Part 3. Split House Examples and Templates

Here are split house examples:

Example - 1

This is a ground floor plan, which is similar to split-level house plans. It can be customized in different ways according to your requirements on Edrawmax. It is a simple plan that contains two bedrooms and an attached bathroom The living room is connected with a kitchen, where guests can easily be entertained.

Moreover, you can put different symbols and elements into this template with Edrawmax to make it look better and design it according to your needs.

Example - 2

Customize this floor plan for free on Edrawmax symbols and elements. Edrawmax has hundreds of free elements and tools for editing different templates. This plan is quite suitable for your split-house plan design. It contains all the requirements, which is required for a household.

Add different symbols and elements into your design on Edrawmax and edit it with AI feature to save time. It contains two bedrooms and a single bathroom in between them. The living is connected with the dining hall for guest entertainment.

Example - 3

It is a simple and elegant ground floor layout for split house plans. Edit this on Edrawmax with free tools and symbols to save time and money. It contains a large garage for car parking. The kitchen is connected to the living room, which allows you to enjoy with the guest while working on house chores.

Additionally, you can adjust the alignments of the elements and symbols with precise settings on Edrawmax.

Part 4. Why Should You Build a Split-Level House?

Split-level home plans represent more than just an architectural design; they symbolize a blend of privacy and openness within a home's layout. One of the primary reasons to opt for a split level house plan is the separation of living spaces. With distinct levels segregated by short staircases, living areas can be designated for specific purposes.

Another advantage is the utilization of land. Split-level designs are particularly adept at adapting to uneven or sloping lots, turning a challenging terrain into an aesthetic and functional asset. The multi-level structure can provide scenic views and natural light that a single-level home may not capitalize on as effectively.

Moreover, split-level house plans often offer a higher level of affordability in terms of construction and maintenance. Additionally, these homes can be less expensive to build per square foot due to the reduced need for a larger foundation and roof area compared to a single-story home with the same square footage.

Choosing a split-level house plan means investing in a home that is both economically savvy and creatively spacious. It's a design that caters to the diverse needs of modern living while also providing a unique character to your living space.


Embarking on a home creation journey brings a mix of thrill and opportunity, especially with split-level house plans offering inventive solutions for living spaces. We've unfolded how these designs utilize space efficiently, ensuring every corner serves a purpose. EdrawMax stands as the optimal tool to personalize your split-level house floor plan.

The robust features of EdrawMax, from its extensive template library to the precision of its AI drawing tool, make it the go-to choice for bringing your dream home from concept to concrete plan. It's designed to streamline the design process, whether you're refining an existing layout or starting from scratch.

Ready to step into the designer’s seat and mold your perfect home? With EdrawMax, the pathway to tailored split-level home plans is just a few clicks away. Start today and see how your vision can take shape!

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