The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Visio Plans

Discover the ins and outs of Microsoft Visio Plans with our comprehensive guide. Dive into the details, explore features, and make the most of this powerful tool for effective visual communication.


Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular and powerful diagramming and vector graphics software used by professionals across industries for visualizing complex information. With Visio, users can create professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, floor plans, and more.

Microsoft offers Visio in different pricing plans to suit the needs of various customers including small businesses, enterprises, students, and individuals. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various Microsoft Visio plans in detail.

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  1. Overview of Microsoft Visio
  2. Decoding Microsoft Visio Pricing Plans
  3. Which is the Most Affordable Visio Plan for Individuals?
  4. Best Visio Alternative - Wondershare EdrawMax
  5. Creating a Data Flow Diagram Using EdrawMax
  6. Conclusion

Part 1. Overview of Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming software that helps create visual representations of information, processes, organizations, and systems. With an extensive collection of templates and shapes, Visio makes it easy for professionals to visualize concepts and communicate complex information.

Key features of Microsoft Visio:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to easily create flowcharts, diagrams, maps, floor plans, etc.
  • Thousands of professionally designed templates and stencils for various industries including business, engineering, software development, etc.
  • Data linking capabilities to connect diagrams with data sources such as Excel, SharePoint, etc.
  • Ability to collaborate with others by sharing diagrams online.
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 apps including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Advanced formatting and customization options to enhance diagrams.
  • Support for creating process diagrams, organization charts, floor plans, pivot diagrams, database models, network diagrams, and more.

Part 2. Decoding Microsoft Visio Pricing Plans

Microsoft offers the following Visio plans for customers to choose from:

ms visio plans

A. Microsoft Visio Plan 1

Microsoft Visio Plan 1 is the basic plan for individuals looking for a cost-effective way to create simple diagrams. Key details of Plan 1:

  • Only the Windows desktop app is included in Plan 1.
  • Ideal for the basic diagramming needs of individuals.
  • Includes essential stencils and templates.
  • Does not include advanced features like data linking, collaboration, cloud connectivity, etc.
  • Can be purchased as a one-time license. The current price is $5/per month.

B. Microsoft Visio Plan 2

Microsoft Visio Plan 2 is the standard plan with all the advanced features. Key aspects:

  • Includes both the Visio desktop app for Windows and the Visio Online web app.
  • Suitable for organizations and teams needing full Visio capabilities.
  • Includes all diagrams, stencils, and templates available in Visio.
  • Enables data linking, automation, collaboration, and cloud connectivity.
  • Available only as a subscription at $15/month when purchased individually. Volume licensing price starts at $7/month per user.

C. Microsoft Visio Online Plan

Microsoft also offers a free online plan with basic Visio functionality called Visio Online Plan. Highlights include:

  • Allows viewing, creating, and editing basic diagrams using the Visio Online web app.
  • Serves as a free alternative to the Microsoft Visio desktop app.
  • Contains a limited library of inbuilt shapes and templates.
  • Lacks advanced features like collaboration, connectivity, macros, etc.
  • Best for users with very basic diagramming needs.

Part 3. Which is the Most Affordable Visio Plan for Individuals?

For most individual users like students, freelancers, and small business owners who need to create simple diagrams and flowcharts occasionally, Visio Plan 1 is the most affordable option.

Priced at just $150, Visio Plan 1 is a one-time purchase that does not require any recurring subscription. It covers the core Visio features needed for basic diagramming work. While it lacks some advanced capabilities, Plan 1 is good enough for individuals who need to build basic flowcharts, process diagrams, office layouts, etc.

Visio Plan 2 is an overkill for individuals as it adds many complex enterprise-level capabilities at a recurring price of $15/month.

So, for budget-conscious individuals who need basic diagram software for personal use, Visio Plan 1 is the best bet.

Part 4. Best Visio Alternative - Wondershare EdrawMax

While Visio Plan 1 is quite affordable for individuals, there are even cheaper yet powerful Visio alternatives available. One such alternative is EdrawMax by Wondershare.

For individuals like students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who need an affordable Visio alternative, EdrawMax provides a comparable diagramming toolkit at almost half the price of Visio Plan 1, with no recurring fees.

Part 5. Creating a Data Flow Diagram Using EdrawMax

To demonstrate how easily complex diagrams can be created using EdrawMax, let's walk through the steps to build a data flow diagram (DFD):

Step 1:Download and install EdrawMax on your PC. Launch it after installation. Open a new document in EdrawMax and search for the "Basic Flowchart" template. This automatically adds the necessary shapes.

edrawmax interface

Step 2: Drag and drop the process, data, and terminator shapes from the toolbar to create the skeleton.

dfd in edrawmax

Step 3: Enter text into each shape to label the processes, data stores, and terminators. Right-click on the process shapes to add data inputs and outputs.

add texts

Step 4: Use formatting tools to change colors, fonts, shape styles and add other customizations.

customize colors

Step 5: Review the complete diagram and make any final edits required. Export or print the completed DFD by selecting from the menu.

export and save

Within a few simple steps, a professional data flow diagram can be created using EdrawMax saving significant time and effort compared to manual drawing. This is just one example of the many types of visually engaging and informative diagrams that can be designed with EdrawMax.


To summarize, while Microsoft Visio is a robust diagramming platform, the pricing plans may be expensive for some individuals especially Plan 2. Visio Plan 1 at $150 is the most affordable Visio license for basic personal use.

The one-time pricing, extensive template library, and advanced collaboration features make EdrawMax a complete diagram software for any personal or small business need. For unlimited access without ongoing subscriptions, EdrawMax is the most affordable Visio alternative.

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