A Guide To Creating 25x50 House Plans

This article will teach you how to create 25x50 duplex floor plans by utilizing Wondershare EdrawMax’s powerful tools and a rich library of user-powered templates.

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Designing houses is a challenging feat. Everyone knows that creating a single house’s floor plans takes a lot of time, effort, and care. However, have you ever thought about designing a duplex floor plan? It’s much harder to design two houses and more to make them match each other. After all, duplex houses rely on twin design, so you must always design them together.

If you’re taking on a personal project of a duplex floor plan or need inspiration for your next home, this article is the one for you. It will teach you how to create beautiful duplex floor plans and give you templates and examples you can follow.

Part 1. 25x50 Floor Plan Examples & Templates

This charming house boasts a spacious layout designed for comfortable living.

With dimensions of 25x50 feet, the house features three cozy bedrooms, one of which enjoys the luxury of an attached bathroom, offering privacy and convenience.

A well-appointed garage provides ample space for vehicle storage and additional storage needs. The heart of the home lies in its inviting living area, where family and friends can gather for relaxation and entertainment. Adjacent to the living area, a thoughtfully designed dining space creates the perfect setting for shared meals and memorable conversations.

Completing the ensemble, a modern kitchen awaits, equipped with all the essentials for culinary endeavors. This house blends functionality with warmth, offering a welcoming retreat for its occupants to call home.

3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1100 Sqft Step into the epitome of modern simplicity with our 25x50 minimalist house plan. Embracing clean lines and open spaces, it exudes contemporary elegance. From its efficient layout to its sleek design elements, every detail is thoughtfully curated to offer a harmonious blend of style and functionality, redefining urban living with grace.

Part II. How To Make a Duplex Floor Plan With EdrawMax

After seeing some duplex floor plans, you might be interested in making one yourself. If you want to make one, you’re in the right spot. This section will give you a general outline of how to create 25x50 duplex floor plans, even bigger ones!

You have two options: 1) make one from scratch and 2) edit ready-made templates from the Templates Community. Whatever you choose, know that you’ll do them from Wondershare EdrawMax – your reliable, all-in-one diagramming tool.

How To Create Duplex Floor Plans From Scratch

First, you’ll learn how to make duplex floor plans from scratch. This method offers unmatched flexibility. You can unleash your creativity by following the steps below. Of course, the only drawback is that you’ll spend more time making everything from scratch. Follow the steps below to learn more:

Step 1:

Install, download, and launch EdrawMax. You can also directly visit the online version. Log in with your Wondershare account or use your Google, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), or Apple accounts.

Step 2:

On the homepage, go to +New > Floor Plan.

edrawmax homepage

Step 3:

Drag and drop elements from the side panel to the canvas. You can lay them out at this stage.

edrawmax elements and canvas

Step 4:

Drag your elements to scale. To see the size of an object, click on them. Click Settings on the floating bar to change the measurement units for more precise measurements.

precision tools edrawmax

Continue dragging new elements and scaling them accordingly until you can design your house. Making duplex floor plans with EdrawMax is easy as everything’s intuitive.

How To Create Duplex Floor Plans From Templates

Next, you’ll learn how to take inspiration from others. Not only that, but you can also reduce the time spent designing floor plans from scratch because you can use templates. All you have to do is edit and adjust them to scale according to your needs.

Step 1:

This time, go to Templates. Then, when the search bar appears, type “duplex floor plan.”

templates community

Step 2:

Once you see a template you like, click Use Immediately after hovering.

edrawmax use immediately

Step 3:

Now that you have a template, you can design a floor plan based on this. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard to delete elements. Remember Steps 3-4 of the previous method to customize the template further.

edrawmax canvas template

Step 4:

Share your work by clicking the Export button. Then, choose a desired file format and follow the prompts.

Part III. Wondershare EdrawMax: Your Go-To Floor Plan Maker

You’ve seen how EdrawMax makes creating beautiful duplex floor plans easy. You now know it is more than just a diagramming tool – it’s a professional floor plan maker and more. It’s a reliable design toolkit for many creative needs. Once you load in EdrawMax, it’s hard to stop relying on it.

Here are some of the key features that make people love it:

  • 210 types of diagrams. EdrawMax supports many diagrams, from flowcharts to org charts to floor plans. You’ll never expect what this can bring, making it your all-in-one tool.
  • Extensive template library. As you’ve seen earlier, EdrawMax comes with access to a large Templates Community with 23000+ free and editable templates. Also, the app comes pre-loaded with several layouts or templates that you can use for any endeavor – including floor planning.
  • Precision tools. With EdrawMax, you can achieve pixel-perfect accuracy in floor planning. Every professional knows how important a centimeter is in ensuring the stability of a home. Designers know this, too, as the right amount of space makes for a great home.
  • AI-powered assistance. Beyond manual tools, EdrawMax gives you a reliable assistant: Edraw AI. It’s a chatbot, diagram generator, text writer, and more. Explore its capabilities to automate your workload fully. You can even ask it for inspiration or make it draw amazing images.
  • Symbols. Lastly, EdrawMax’s extensive symbols library has industry-standard icons that professionals can follow. So, even if you’re a layman, you can design your home and consult it with a professional for planning and execution.

With EdrawMax’s intuitive interface and powerful features, you’re in for a treat. Try it out today and design your very own duplex floor plan! Remember that you can also use it for other purposes as you may see fit. It’s the only diagramming and drawing tool you’ll need.

edrawmax capabilities visual

Part IV. Tips for Designing a Duplex Home

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s talk about making your 25x50 duplex genuinely excellent! With more space to work with, here are some tips to create a comfortable and stylish home:

  • Create a central space. Consider creating a central living area if you use the duplex together. This could be a spacious living room or a kitchen-dining combo - a place for everyone to gather and connect.
  • Add staircases for both sides. Since it’s a duplex, you’ll need separate staircases for each unit. Plan them efficiently to save space without sacrificing comfort.
  • Ensure proper ventilation. Proper ventilation is critical in any home but essential in a duplex. Make sure both units have good airflow to keep things fresh and comfortable.
  • Play with symmetry (or asymmetry). Symmetry can create a feeling of balance and spaciousness. Consider mirroring the layout of each unit for a classic look. However, you can also experiment with making each side of the duplex unique.
  • Maximize tall spaces in the center of the home. Duplexes often have tall walls in the center. Take advantage of this space with built-in shelves, lofts, or skylights to add functionality and a touch of drama.


Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to try creating a duplex floor plan on your own. Remember the tips in this section and experiment with what looks good for you. After all, you’ll live in it and have to dedicate it to yourself. So, make a duplex floor plan that’s comfortable for you.

To make duplex floor plans, use Wondershare EdrawMax. It’s a versatile, reliable, easy-to-use tool that will help you in any endeavor. It will surely make your floor planning a whole lot easier and better. Download it today and experience the beauty of designing your own home.

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