Everything You Need to Know About Average Bedroom Sizes

Deciding on a standard bedroom size and planning the floor plan comes as a challenge. Come with us as we discover answers to all your queries and confusions!


There's no denying: bedrooms are one of our favorite spaces. Being a haven of peace where you unwind after a long, demanding day, it goes without saying that bedrooms deserve to be designed as a comfortable space that facilitates sound rest and retreat.

And, while the decor varies with your personal aesthetic, the average bedroom size requires a more well-thought plan to ensure it optimizes the space available and provides a tranquil sanctuary.

But what bedroom size is the best? The answer varies with your requirements, like your lifestyle, the furniture you intend to add, and your design preference. So, continue scrolling to learn everything about average and standard bedroom sizes, including what to consider when choosing yours and tips on designing your own bedroom floor plan as a rookie!

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Average Bedroom Sizes

The average bedroom size of a U.S. homeowner can vary between 120 and 132 square feet, with dimensions measuring 10 feet x 12 feet and 11 feet x 12 feet. However, this size differs with the bedroom type.

Bedroom Type Dimensions Total Area (sq. ft)
Master Bedroom 14 feet by 16 feet 224
Guest Bedroom 10 feet by 12 feet 120
Kids' Bedroom 10 feet by 10 feet 100

The list below provides a clearer idea of the differences in the average bedroom sizes.

  • United Kingdom: 80 to 130 square feet
  • Canada: 121 to 131 square feet
  • Italy: 75 to 96 square feet
  • Sweden: 108 to 215 square feet
  • Australia: 86 to 100 square feet
  • China: 86 to 161 square feet

10 Bedroom Floor Plans for Home Remodeling

Floor Plan #01

The floor plan shown in the picture above is a spacious bedroom with adequate area for both essential furniture and optional accent pieces.

Accommodating a small workstation, a seating area for entertainment, and a cozy nook for reading, the bedroom is ideal to be shared by two people. The room also has built-in closet space to keep things organized without cluttering the room.

Floor Plan # 02

The above image is a bedroom with dimensions different from the average bedroom dimensions of a U.S. home.

Measuring 19 feet x 13 feet, the bedroom provides enough room for a double bed, two nightstands, and a television. The right wall can fit in a double-seat sofa or an armchair to relax. Additionally, the bedroom includes a walk-in closet with two cupboards and a full bath with a double-sink vanity, tub, and toilet.

Floor Plan #03

This floor plan — being in line with standard bedroom dimensions in the U.S. — is ideal for a couple to share. Though small in size, it can easily fit in a bed, nightstands, and a seating area (in the south-west corner). The large window on the left wall and the spacious closet make it ideal for young professionals looking for a well-lit room with adequate storage space.

Not to forget, the full bath and roomy laundry area enhance the functionality.

Floor Plan #04

The blueprint above shows a master bedroom joined with a separate study room, a terrace, and a luxurious bathroom. The floor plan is great for people pursuing work-from-home jobs, as it provides two workstations. Both the bathroom and the study offer a good amount of storage space.

Additionally, the big windows in the bedroom and the bathroom promote good exchange of fresh air and the penetration of adequate natural light.

Floor Plan #05

This layout is perfect for a kid's bedroom.

There is adequate room to walk around the bed freely and a separate unit to plan for a kid's activities like playing and studying. The roomy design of the bedroom and the practical interior of the bathroom (featuring 2 toilets) allow for the room to be comfortably shared by 2 or more siblings.

Floor Plan #06

Depending on your lifestyle needs and personal preference, the master bedroom can be kept simple with a bed, a television, and a closet in the room. In contrast, a more extravagant design featuring luxe add-ons like extra seating space, a small office, a walk-in closet, and an opulent, high-end bathroom can do great in improving functionality and aesthetics.

The floor plan shown in the picture presents a lavish interior with a glamorous bathroom and separate closets for the couple. The room has 2 entrances, one on the left wall and the other on the right, and 3 windows, one on the left wall and two behind each bedside table.

Floor Plan #07

While the average bedroom size of this floor plan is comparatively smaller than a master bedroom, the facility of a separate closet allows the residents to save space in the room for functional furniture pieces. The large window and full bathroom further add to the efficient design.

Floor Plan #08

Attached with a patio and a full bath, the floor plan of the bedroom above makes sure to provide the homeowners with a space that not only promotes good flow around the room but also provides a seamless indoor-outdoor connection.

Floor Plan #09

A spacious closet and a smooth flow between the bathroom and bedroom make the floorplan an ideal option for a guest room.

The bedroom can comfortably include essential furniture items, like a bed, a seating area, and a TV for entertainment. If your guest is a workaholic, a small table in the seating area can level up the game.

Floor Plan #10

What's better than a bedroom that provides an all-in-one floor plan — inclusive of different units, such as a study room, an entertainment room, a restroom, and a balcony?

Each unit is separated with freestanding room dividers to provide extra privacy in case the space is being shared. The separate HVAC systems for each designated area ensure a stable temperature throughout the floor plan, and the connection to a balcony allows for scenic views and seamless outdoor access.

How to Make Bedroom Floor Plans on Your Own as a Rookie?

Step 1: Login to EdrawMax

Start by downloading a floor plan diagramming tool. Here, we will try EdrawMax , a famous and handy tool for diagramming. By the way, it offers free online verision. You can simply use EdrawMax Online.

Once you've logged in, proceed to 'Building Plan' in the '+New' drop-down menu and click on 'Floor Plan.'

logging into edrawmax

Step 2: Open A New Canvas

Since you are creating a floor plan from scratch, press '+' to open up the user-friendly canvas with the drag-and-drop options.

Put together the basic outline and keep the scale aligned with your measurements. Don't forget to consider the outside rooms, as they will play a vital role in designing dynamic bedroom floor plans.

open blank file

Step 3: Consider the Elements

search for symbols

A bedroom floor plan is incomplete without symbols. On the 'Symbol Library' in the toolbar on the left side, look up 'Bedroom' in the search bar to find bedroom-related symbols.

icon for note

Tip: You can customize the symbol style in the floating toolbar of the inserted symbol.

search bedroom symbols

Add the Elements

Once you've imported all the required symbols, it is time to add them to the floor plan created in Step 2. To enrich the design, make sure to include essential symbols from the 'Wall Shell and Structure' and 'Doors and Windows' sections.

insert bedroom symbols

Save & Export

When you've completed the floor plan, you can export it in different formats, including JPEG, PNG, JPG, PDF, and other Microsoft formats like MS Excel, MS Word, PPTX, etc. From the menu bar, you can also share the blueprint on different social media websites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., or print it to share it with others.

save & export floor plan

Editing the Floor Plan

If your bedroom floor plan needs any changes after feedback, visit 'My Documents' on the homepage to find your project. You can then make edits as per the requirement.

edit floor plan

Using Templates to Design Bedroom Floor Plans

Instead of designing the floor plan from scratch, you can also opt for pre-designed, built-in templates. Choose the blueprint that seems to be the closest to your bedroom requirements. Add bedroom symbols, alter the details, and share the final result with others!

use floor plan template

What is Wondershare EdrawMax

Wondershare EdrawMax is a free online versatile and simple diagram maker. It provides a platform for creating different types of diagrams, from floor plans and mind maps to flowcharts and presentations.


  • Extensive template libraries—help users get a headstart on their projects.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality—allows users to search and arrange elements effortlessly.
  • Customizable elements—tailor the appearance of diagrams according to user preference.
  • Diverse diagramming options—cater to multiple visualization needs.
  • Cross-platform support—enhances compatibility across different platforms.
  • Advanced features like Gantt charts and UML diagrams—help create complex and sophisticated diagrams easily.
  • User-friendly interface—-makes it accessible to users with varying levels of expertise.

Final Words

Whether you're figuring out a floor plan for an average bedroom size or curating a layout for a room with distinct measurements (different from the standard bedroom dimensions), Wondershare EdrawMax is the solution. As a simple and easy-to-use tool, the software aids in putting together elaborate 2D floor plans, which allow the client and builder to stand on the same page before starting the hands-on part.

Designing appropriate layouts for any and every room size has never been easier!

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
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