Practical and Stylish One-Bedroom House Plans

Dive into the world of design possibilities with our top one-bedroom house plans. Craft your dream home, maximizing space and aesthetics for a cozy, stylish retreat.

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Welcome to a curated collection of the best one-bedroom house plans designed to elevate your home experience. From efficient 1-bedroom apartment layouts to stylish granny flat designs, the article has diverse options to suit every taste and need. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy retreat or a spacious round house, these floor plans cater to various preferences.

Unleash your creativity by delving into 1-bedroom flat plan drawings. Ensure every square footage is used effectively. Craft your ideal sanctuary where each layout is curated to provide functionality and charm. Explore the page to learn more.

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  2. Generate a One-Bedroom Floor Plan Using EdrawMax AI
  3. How EdrawMax Helps You Make 1 Bedroom Floor Plans
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Part 1. 7 One-Bedroom Floor Plans

Here’s a great selection of seven one-bedroom house plans from EdrawMax Templates Community. It encompasses diverse options such as 1 bedroom apartment layouts, granny flat designs, and round house plans. Explore the intricacies of each 1-bedroom plan. Choose the best template that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

One-Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

This one-bedroom apartment floor plan features a spacious design. It has the dining room and living room on the left and a central kitchen and bath. Meanwhile, the bedroom with a closet is on the right. The colored furniture drawings enhance clarity, making it easy to visualize the layout. It’s perfect for a comfortable and stylish 1-bedroom living space.

One-Bedroom Suite Floor Plan

The floor plan below is a versatile layout of a One-Bedroom Suite. It’s ideal for starter homes, vacation cottages, rentals, in-law dwellings, or studio and pool homes. These scale-drawn floor plans provide details on room types, sizes, and wall lengths. Whether a studio or a one-bedroom suite, the template is customizable.

Well-Organized One Bedroom House Plan

The one-bedroom house floor plan emphasizes a well-organized layout for easy movement of both humans and pets. Meeting the minimum requirement of 70 square feet, a bedroom must provide comfort for both sleep and living. Conventional items, like a closet, nightstand, desk, dresser, and even a television unit, find their place in this design.

One-Bedroom and One-Bathroom Floor Plan

The dimensions of a one-bedroom, one-bathroom layout delineate room sizes and wall lengths. The floor plan offers a comprehensive view of the space. It features details on equipment like sinks, water heaters, and furnaces. There are also construction specifics such as finishes, methods, and electrical symbols.

One-Master-Bedroom Floor Plan

This master bedroom floor plan features a central bedroom, an entertainment room, a study, and a restroom. The design embraces minimalism while offering ample space. The floor plan includes a balcony on the far right, adding a touch of openness and simplicity to the overall layout.

Cozy One-Bedroom House Design

Here is a one-bedroom house design that outlines room sizes, positions, and the arrangement of doors, windows, and furniture. The cozy yet spacious layout offers a comprehensive view of the harmonious relationships between various elements. It creates a comfortable living space that combines functionality with an inviting atmosphere.

Simple One-Room Home Plan

This one-room home plan embodies a compact and efficient living concept. It emphasizes simplicity and functionality. The design integrates versatile, space-saving furniture like foldable tables and convertible sofas. It even has strategic storage solutions to optimize the available area. These multi-functional elements enhance both livability and practicality within the space.

Part 2. Generate a One-Bedroom Floor Plan Using EdrawMax AI

Craft a one-bedroom house plan with ease using the intuitive Wondershare EdrawMax. EdrawMax uses the powerful Edraw AI to generate floor plans in seconds. This innovative tool streamlines the design process, sparking creative inspiration for your dream space. Follow these steps to kickstart your design journey:

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Step 1: Download and install EdrawMax or try it online. Sign in with an account of Wondershare, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step 2: Click New > Floor Plan. Upon opening the canvas, select AI > AI Drawing.

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Step 3: Input your desired one-bedroom floor plan using the designated text box. Describe your floor plan ideas. Enter more details to enhance the accuracy of the generated outcome. Choose your preferred Image parameters and quality. Afterward, click Start creating. Wait for the AI Drawing process to generate your floor plan.

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Step 4: Save the AI-generated one-bedroom floor plan on your computer. Next, import it to the canvas and refine the floor plan according to your preferences. Adjust room sizes, placements, and other details until the design aligns with your vision. Once done, save the one-bedroom floor plan.

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Part 3. How EdrawMax Helps You Make 1 Bedroom Floor Plans

EdrawMax revolutionizes the creation of one-bedroom floor plans. It blends a user-friendly interface with cutting-edge AI technology. Designing your dream one-bedroom space has never been more intuitive and efficient. Here’s how EdrawMax helps you make 1-bedroom floor plans with ease:

  • Intuitive interface and AI technology

EdrawMax boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the creation of one-bedroom floor plans. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to interpret your ideas. It then transforms them into visual representations.

  • Specialized floor plan templates

EdrawMax provides specialized floor plan templates via its vibrant Templates Community. It offers dedicated options for one-bedroom designs. These templates serve as a foundation to start with a pre-structured layout. Choose a template that aligns with common architectural standards.

  • AI Drawing feature for precision

The AI Drawing feature within EdrawMax enhances precision. It translates your textual descriptions into visual elements in seconds. The feature reduces the margin for error. It also enhances the accuracy of your design, saving time and effort.

  • Customization and refinement

EdrawMax enables extensive customization of the generated floor plan. After the AI has created the initial design, you can easily import it to the canvas and refine details according to your preferences. This includes adjusting room sizes, placements, and other elements. You can achieve a tailor-made one-bedroom floor plan without any difficulty.


EdrawMax offers a great solution for sketching your dream living space with its intuitive platform and AI technology. From 1 bedroom apartment layouts to cozy granny flat designs, its versatility in generating house plans is unmatched.

The precision of AI-driven floor plan drawings ensures accuracy. Meanwhile, taking advantage of customizable templates allows for personal touches. Whether you envision a small or spacious house plan, EdrawMax brings creativity to the forefront. Explore the endless possibilities and shape your perfect one-bedroom house plans with ease.

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