Does a Bedroom Have to Have a Window?

Are you designing your bedroom but unsure if it needs a window? This post lists the reasons why a bedroom needs to have a window and covers helpful tips.


Bedrooms reflect a comfort zone to relax after a tiring day. However, designing a bedroom requires brainstorming, whether you are constructing your dream house or planning an architecture for a client. It includes answering a major question does a bedroom need to have a window or does a skylight count as a bedroom window? Clearly, you can’t decide until you create the floorplan and see how it looks.

Fortunately, you can experiment with their window styles and templates using online drawing tools. But if you don’t know how to use tools to design bedroom designs, we will help you. We discuss the importance of having a window in your bedroom and the method of creating bedroom plans in this post.

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  1. Reasons to Have a Bedroom Window
  2. Bedrooms with Open Windows Examples
  3. How to Design Your Bedroom with Windows on EdrawMax?
  4. How to Make the Most Out of Rooms with Windows?
  5. Conclusion

Part 1: Reasons to Have a Bedroom Window

Windows play an important role in a bedroom. A bedroom without a window seems like a prison with four-sided walls, a roof to stare at, and the ground for furniture. It is hard to visualize bedrooms without windows, but some people prefer not to place them completely.

Other than the aesthetic aspects of having windows in a bedroom, it brings several health benefits. Even some countries strictly imply having an egress (window for safety exit) in the rooms as part of the legal bedroom requirements. If you build an apartment with no windows legal cases arise in such regions.

Therefore, no matter what size of the window you choose, you should consider having it in your bedroom.

If you are still not convinced, here’s a list of reasons why does a bedroom need a window:

  • Windows bring in fresh air, which helps in breathing and improves ventilation within the compact space
  • It enhances the bedroom's overall look and makes it livable
  • Sunlight enters through the window, providing you with a good source of daylight
  • Windows add up to the room’s brightness and makes rooms appear bigger than their size
  • Windows connect you to the outdoors and surroundings by letting you watch the scenery, architecture, and all the activities around you.
  • Bedrooms with windows have high resale value, and security exits
  • Windows in the bedrooms provide a safety outlet to escape the fire
  • With windows in the bedroom, you can let the rescue teams enter your apartment in an emergency
  • Windows relief mental pressure and aid in regulating sleep cycles

Part 2: Bedrooms with Open Windows Examples

EdrawMax brings several ready-to-use templates that you can quickly customize according to your preference. Its bedroom floor plans let you design and organize your spaces by offering different amenities like furniture, doors, windows, etc.

You can easily select any template that fits your needs and visualize what your bedroom can look like with different settings. Let us discuss the templates one by one.

Example 1

This template is a 2D illustration presenting a spacious top-down view of the bedroom with all necessities under the hood. It is one of the most compact plans with several utilities, such as a workspace, an entertainment system, a sitting area, a reading corner, and a sleeping zone.

It has a large area allocated to the closet making it a special bedroom plan for wardrobe lovers. It can help users who think does a bedroom have to have a closet.

In terms of amenities, it comes with two windows on the opposite ends and a door. Additionally, one open window gives you a better view of the outdoors.

Example 2

The second bedroom plan is perfect for people who like bright and airy rooms. It has a huge window that allows daylight and ventilation. Moreover, it includes a workspace with a proper office chair and a computer system to boost your productivity in the comfort of your bedroom.

It is a simple yet modern template with a distraction-free sleeping area. Also, it has cabinets to keep your stuff secure.

Example 3

The template above is a layout for a one-bedroom suite ideally for small families or individuals. You can use this plan if you want to design your studio apartment, granny flat, or holiday cottage.

This template has a simple bedroom area covering the basic furniture. It has three large-sized windows on each of the walls making the one-bedroom apartment look cozy, bright, and big. Moreover, you can enjoy scenic beauty if it is a cottage among the green bushes or a hilly area.

This layout is the answer to the people who think you have to have a window in a bathroom. In addition to the room and the kitchen, the two bathrooms also have separate windows which is a great source of light and ventilation.

Example 4

This two-bedroom plan is good for users who want to design large spaces with attached bathrooms. If you are particular about precise measurements, this bedroom template is for you. It has minimal furnishings and zero electronic appliances.

Moreover, this layout resolves the concern of people who think that can a bedroom have two doors instead of a window. You can set the dimensions of your windows easily with this plan.

Part 3: How to Design Your Bedroom with Windows on EdrawMax?

If you want to skip the hassle of creating detailed bedroom blueprints and avoid spending time and effort, you can try the EdrawMax templates collection. It offers 20,000+ layouts to design your spaces with minimal effort using drag-and-drop functionality.

Let us explain the process of using EdrawMax to design your bedroom with windows.

Step 1:

Launch EdrawMax, navigate to Templates and search for the Bedroom floor plan in the search bar.

Once you find the template according to your requirements, click the Use Immediately button to begin editing.

select template: search-bedroom-plan

Step 2:

Click the window icon to open a menu and edit the shape. Click the Settings button to set the drawing scale and input precise window measurements. You can also fill the shape.

change window style: set-window

Step 3:

To add a new window, drag and drop the design you like from the symbols bar on the left under Doors and Windows.

add a window: add-new-window

Step 4:

From the top-right menu, click the Rotate button to change the direction of the window on the wall. You can also specify the dimensions to rotate it precisely. Also, you can flip the sides by selecting the flipping options.

window rotation: rotate-window

Step 5:

Navigate to the Design tab to change the background color, select the background image, add borders, headers, and watermarks, set the orientation, and pick the page size.

design bedroom: design-bedroom-template

Step 6:

After you have finalized the design, click the Disk icon next to the Printer sign at the top left of the menu to save the file. Note that EdrawMax provides 14+ export options so you can open your floor plan on all the universal tools online.

Why choose EdrawMax Floor Plan Maker?

EdrawMax is a versatile drawing tool with professional capabilities. It significantly reduces the time, effort, and cost spent manually creating blueprints by offering built-in templates. You can create a wide range of diagrams using the tool, like org charts, flowcharts, infographics, engineering plans, etc.

Let us cover some prominent factors about EdrawMax.


EdrawMax has 20,000+ diverse templates that can be easily and quickly customized for different use cases. You don’t need to start from scratch or set dimensions to draw bedroom plans.

Ease of access

EdrawMax has a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality. You don’t need any expertise to use the tool.

Advanced toolset

In addition to basic data visualization and presentation, EdrawMax provides autoconnection, smart containers, a spelling checker, file encryption, and Pixabay integration to assist planners.


EdrawMax offers realistic symbols for furnishings and bedroom amenities including fixtures like windows, doors, etc. You can plan every aspect of your bedroom with a large range of objects offered by the tool.

AI capabilities

EdrawMax brings AI-powered options in the toolset, like image text extraction, SWOT analysis, and AI drawing, to create stunningly artistic images.

Cross-platform compatibility

You can use EdrawMax on your PC, smartphone, and web interface.

Part 4: How to Make the Most Out of Rooms with Windows?

If you want to make your bedroom a lively place to relax, start by placing a window on the wall. It not only gives the outside view but also lets you enjoy the daylight and fresh air. In this way, you don’t have to worry much about breeding viral infections.

Here are a few useful tips that you can apply to make the most out of rooms with windows.

  • Keep your curtains light, and don’t overstuff the windows as layers of covering block the entry of light.
  • Go for white or light-shaded window frames with colored walls to make your room look spacious.
  • Place windows on the vacant walls where you don’t need to install your electronics or put other stuff.
  • Set flowers in the windows to give them a fresh look.
  • Get large-sized or full-length windows on walls that you don’t have furnished.
  • Attach floating shelves for books or wooden corners for the vanity near the windows to utilize the room space efficiently.
  • Keep the windows closed if you don’t have a protection net. Also, try to use insect repellants on the corners of the windows and inside the rooms to avoid these creepy creatures.


Bedroom designing is one of the most crucial parts of home planning. Since we spend our relaxation slots in there, our bedrooms must be safe and healthy spaces, and this isn’t possible without a window.

Windows are a source of light, ventilation, and security in times of emergency. This guide explains why a bedroom needs to have a window and explains the use of a drawing tool for this purpose. If you are looking for reliable drawing software with dedicated apps and conveniently customizable layouts, you can explore EdrawMax which offers over 20,000 free and customizable templates. You can either download it on your PC or simply access it through a web interface.

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