8 Garden Floor Plans and Examples

Explore editable garden floor plans and key design considerations, and learn to customize your dream space using the free tool, EdrawMax. Turn your landscape vision into reality - start planning today!


Home gardening is booming with good reasons. It's a rewarding way to connect with nature, grow fresh food, and create a peaceful haven. But before you jump in, planning is crucial. That's where garden floor plans come in. Think of them as blueprints for your dream garden, helping you visualize, organize, and optimize every inch of space.

With landscaping floor plan templates plus some tips below, you can design the best space, no matter your experience level. Read on, and let's make your green oasis beautiful and functional.

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Part 1. Eight Garden Floor Plan Templates

These templates from Wondershare EdrawMax Templates Community save time and offer pro design. Select one below to craft stunning gardens fast, even without design skills.

Office Zen Landscape Garden Floor Plan

Escape the office bustle with this minimalist design. Smooth gravel, strategically placed rocks, and pruned greenery create a calming atmosphere. A central water feature adds serenity, while pathways encourage mindful contemplation. A garden style for house plans like this is ideal for small home spaces seeking a touch of Zen.

Urban Oasis Garden Floor Plan

Bring nature's embrace to your urban haven. Vertical gardens adorn walls, while raised planters brim with vibrant flowers and herbs. A hidden patio offers a private escape, with cozy seating and a water feature for tranquility. You can use this as a Principal garden floor plan example if your clients are city dwellers yearning for a green retreat.

Sports & Recreation Garden Floor Plan

Plans like this for gardens are all about active enjoyment. A designated play area with a swimming pool or a climbing frame keeps kids entertained. A basketball court provides space for friendly competition. Relaxing seating and a shaded BBQ area create a post-game haven. Ideal for families seeking outdoor fun and togetherness.

Free Front Garden Style House Plan

Boost your home's charm with this welcoming design. Colorful flowers frame the entrance, while a winding pathway invites guests in. A seating area tucked amidst greenery offers a peaceful spot to enjoy the view. This free landscape garden floor plan is perfect for homeowners who want a beautiful and inviting first impression.

Relaxing Rooftop Garden Room Floor Plan

Transform your rooftop into a personal sanctuary. A covered patio provides shade and shelter, while comfortable seating and a fire pit create a cozy atmosphere. Lush greenery and potted plants add a vibrant touch. This garden room floor plan is ideal for urban dwellers seeking a private escape with stunning city views.

Garden With Parking & Patio Landscaping Floor

If you are looking for Better Homes and garden house plans, this template maximizes space and functionality. A designated parking area keeps your driveway clear, while a spacious patio offers a perfect spot for entertaining. Lush greenery and strategically placed trees soften the hard surfaces and create a serene ambiance. Ideal for homeowners seeking a balance between practicality and beauty.

House Garden Backyard With Walking Loops Plan

Encourage outdoor exploration with this winding path design for garden floor plans. A meandering walkway leads through flower beds and past a hidden pond, creating a sense of discovery. A shaded seating area provides a peaceful rest stop. Perfect for families seeking a backyard adventure for all ages.

Modern House Garden Floor Plan With Pool and Parking Space

This sleek design combines modern aesthetics with natural elements. A clean-lined pool reflects the sky while adding a wooden deck offers a perfect spot for sunbathing. Lush greenery and strategically placed trees soften the modern lines and create a calming ambiance. A designated parking space ensures convenience. This landscape garden floor plan is ideal for homeowners seeking a stylish and functional outdoor space.

Part 2. Key Considerations for Customizing a Garden Floor Plan

park landscape design

Planning a garden is exciting, but before that, consider these four key areas:

  • Site and Environment

Think about your land's size, shape, sun exposure, and existing features like trees or slopes. Knowing your land helps garden floor plans fit perfectly.

  • Lifestyle and Activities

Do you love entertaining? Grow veggies? Relax in a hammock? Plan features you'll use most, like a cozy patio or raised garden beds.

  • Aesthetics and Theme

Cottage Garden, Zen retreat, or playful jungle? Choose a style that speaks to you and reflects in your garden-style house plans.

  • Budget and Sustainability

Be honest about your spending power. Opt for native plants, water-efficient features, and DIY elements to save money and be kind to the environment.

Part 3. How To Create and Customize the Garden Floor Plan?

EdrawMax can help you bring your vision to life with its easy-to-use design tools and extensive garden symbols. Here's a step-by-step guide to editing one of the templates above:

Step 1: Download and install EdrawMax on your desktop or try it online. Set up an account and go to Templates from the left-side navigation pane for inspiration.

Step 2: Drag and drop garden symbols to the canvas, like plants, paths, ponds, and seating areas, from the More Symbols section in the left panel.


Step 3: Experiment with different plant shapes, colors, and textures to create your desired theme. Use the Fill option from the floating toolbar to add textures like grass, gravel, or wood decking.


Step 4: Select an element in the garden floor plan, then click Settings in the floating toolbar. Adjust drawing scale, unit, and precision.

Step 5: Save your plan as a high-resolution image or PDF for printing or sharing.

export garden floor plan

Part 4: Visualize Your Dream Space With EdrawMax: Free Floor Plan Maker

edrawmax brand banner

Bring your green thumb dreams to life with EdrawMax, a garden floor plan maker. It is easy to use, has a free version, and also works online across your devices. Explore vast pre-made templates for inspiration, then customize them with a vast library of garden symbols. Get precise with built-in tools like dimension displays, scale adjustments, and measurement units. Plus, the AI drawing tool help you create layouts effortlessly.

Why Is EdrawMax a Great Choice for Designing Garden Landscapes?

Forget complicated software and expensive consultations. EdrawMax empowers you to create garden floor plans, whether you're a professional or just starting. Here's why EdrawMax should be your go-to garden design tool:

  • Precise Design

With EdrawMax, auto-align tools take the guesswork out. Adjust the drawing scale and choose from various units of measurement for ultimate control. Your garden floor plans will be as precise as your vision.

  • Affordable & Cost-Effective

Let's face it: landscaping can be expensive. But with EdrawMax, you can create stunning garden floor plans without breaking the bank. Its affordable pricing plans, including a free version with ample features, make it accessible to everyone.

  • Intuitive & Beginner-Friendly

EdrawMax's intuitive interface welcomes beginners with open arms. No design experience? No problem! Drag-and-drop functionality, a vast library of symbols, and helpful tutorials guide you every step of the way. Soon, you'll be crafting stunning garden floor plans like a pro.

  • Efficient & Time-Saving

EdrawMax understands your precious time is valuable. Pre-designed templates offer a jumpstart, while intelligent tools like object grouping streamline the design process.


Planning your dream garden shouldn't feel like a chore. With EdrawMax, pre-made garden floor plans become jumping-off points, not limitations. Breathe life into your vision easily: drag, drop, and customize! Create a space that reflects your unique style, from flower beds to patios. Start your free trial today and watch your garden dreams bloom!

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