How to Create an Interaction Overview Diagram in Visio

Explore how to create an interaction overview diagram in Visio. This simple guide offers step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, and best practices to make your project visuals clear and easy to understand.

how to make an interaction overview diagram in visio

An interaction overview diagram is a type of UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram that provides an overview of the flow of interactions between components or objects in a system. It's like a high-level map showing how different parts of the system communicate or collaborate to achieve certain goals or functions. Whether you're designing software, modeling business processes, or analyzing complex systems, this diagram provides valuable insights.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to create interaction overview diagrams using Visio and EdrawMax. We'll provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and best practices to help you effectively model interactions in your projects.

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How to Make an Interaction Overview Diagram in Visio

Microsoft Visio is a powerful tool for creating diagrams, including UML diagrams like the interaction overview diagram. With a wide range of templates and shapes, Visio simplifies the process of diagramming complex systems.

In Visio, it is pretty easy to create an interaction overview diagram. It involves a series of detailed steps from initiating a new diagram to adding the final touches for clarity and precision. Here's how you can make an interaction overview diagram in Visio:

  1. Start Visio > click File > New to start a new document.
  2. In the Search Box, type UML Interaction Overview Diagram to find the UML activity diagram template.
  3. Select the UML Interaction Overview Diagram from the search results.
  4. In the dialog box that appears, choose either Metric Units or US Units depending on your preference.
  5. Click Create to open a new UML Activity diagram.
  6. Once the diagram opens, you should see the Shapes Window next to the diagram. If it's not visible, go to View > Task Panes and make sure that Shapes is checked. If it's still not visible, click on the Expand the Shapes Window button on the left side of the screen.
  7. On the View Tab, make sure that the checkbox next to Connection Points is selected. This will make the connection points visible when you begin to connect shapes.
  8. Lastly, head to the File button and select Save or Export to download the file on your device.

In Visio, creating an object diagram may be challenging. You might struggle with representing the relationships and dependencies accurately. The layout can also be a hurdle. Also, arranging lots of objects in a neat and easy-to-understand way can be time-consuming and challenging. You need to know your stuff technically and have a good eye for design.

How to Create an Interaction Overview Diagram on EdrawMax

EdrawMax is an excellent alternative to Visio. With its intuitive interface, it simplifies creating complex diagrams. Plus, it comes with an extensive library of pre-designed elements. Here is how you can create one in minutes.

If you do not have EdrawMax, download EdrawMax desktop version or navigate to EdrawMax online to start making the diagram.

Step 1

Open EdrawMax and select Templates from the left menu bar. Once the library opens, head to the Search Bar on the top, enter “Interaction Overview Diagram” and click the Search button.

access the edrawmax template library
Step 2

Scroll through the library until you find a suitable option. Select the template you want to use and click Use Immediately. Wait a few seconds for the diagram to load on the canvas and then start working!

pick your desired template
Step 3

When the template opens, it's time for customization. Head to the top menu bar and open the Design tab. You can select the theme for your diagram from the left top corner. Moreover, you an edit all the text inside the boxes and boxes themselves.

customize the diagram theme
Step 4

Let’s add some more elements to our diagram. Go to the Symbol Library on the left sidebar and pick symbols that fit within your diagram. If you didn’t find one, you can search for them with their keywords. Once found, simply drag and drop them on the canvas to add them.

add symbols from the library
Step 5

Double-click on any shape or text to change its content. For instance, let’s change the main heading of our template.

edit text in the diagram
Step 6

Lastly, click the File button at the top-left corner > Save to get the diagram in the EdrawMax default format. Alternatively, select Export and choose your preferred format.

save or export final diagram

What is Wondershare EdrawMax?

Wondershare EdrawMax is a versatile diagramming tool that's both free and user-friendly. It offers a vast array of templates and symbols, making it easy for anyone to create professional-looking diagrams without any hassle. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, it simplifies complex diagram creation.


EdrawMax is an excellent choice for creating interaction overview diagrams because it offers:

  • AI diagramming: Utilize AI tools to generate and analyze diagrams.
  • Templates and symbols: Access a wide range of templates and symbols for different diagram types.
  • Intuitive interface: Enjoy a clean and user-friendly interface similar to MS Office.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Work across different devices with seamless integration.

Reasons to Choose

Choosing EdrawMax for your diagramming comes with several advantages:

  • User-friendly: Its intuitive design makes it accessible for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Resource-rich: A vast library of templates and symbols simplifies the creation process.
  • Customization: Customize diagrams with easy-to-use tools and a flexible canvas board.
  • Support and guidance: Comprehensive user guides and video tutorials are available to help you get started.
  • Free version: Start with a free version and upgrade as needed to unlock more features.

Tips for Creating Effective UML Interaction Overview Diagram

Creating an effective UML Interaction Overview Diagram involves understanding the system's flow and accurately representing the interactions. Here are some tips to enhance the quality of your diagram:

  • Simplify complex interactions: Break down complex processes into simpler, more manageable interactions.
  • Use consistent symbols: Stick to standard UML symbols for clarity and consistency.
  • Focus on flow: Make sure the control flow is logical and follows the system's actual processes.
  • Validate with stakeholders: Collaborate with system users and stakeholders to validate the diagram's accuracy.


In this article, we've explored the process of creating an interaction overview diagram in both Visio and EdrawMax. Remember, the key to a great diagram is to keep it simple, stick to the UML standards, and make sure it’s easy to understand.

Whether it is Visio or EdrawMax, the important thing is making a clear diagram in shortest time possible. For that, you may need some diagram-specific symbols and icons that only EdrawMax offers. Give it a try and see how it can help you visualize the interactions in your system.

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