Creating Harmonious Spaces with Vastu House Plans Using EdrawMax

Read the step-by-step guidance in this article to learn about Edrawmax features for editing Vastu house plans. It has hundred of symbols and elements for customization.

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Could the ancient wisdom of Vastu influence modern living spaces for the better? Vastu house plans and vastu home plans revolve around Indian science focusing on designing buildings in harmony with nature's forces to promote well-being. This article will unfold with 10 pre-designed templates inspired by vastu principles, showcasing how to incorporate these ancient guidelines into contemporary home designs.

Additionally, we'll guide you through crafting your vastu-compliant layout with EdrawMax, ensuring your space not only meets aesthetic standards but also aligns with energies for a harmonious living environment. Stay tuned as we explore these transformative designs, offering both inspiration and practical tools for your architectural journey.

In this article
  1. How To Make a Floor Plan in EdrawMax
  2. Why Choose EdrawMax To Design Your Vastu House
  3. Why Should You Build a Vastu House?
  4. Vastu House Plan Examples and Templates
  5. Conclusion

Part 1. How To Make a Floor Plan in EdrawMax

Now, let's walk through creating your own Vastu house plan using EdrawMax. This section will guide you step-by-step, showing just how simple and effective it is to design a floor plan that aligns with Vastu principles.

Whether you're new to design software or have some experience, EdrawMax makes it straightforward to bring your vastu-inspired home to life.

vastu house floor plans

Step 1. Begin Your Design

After opening EdrawMax, select the New option followed by Blank Drawing to begin crafting your vastu floor plan from the ground up. Alternatively, if you have a vastu floor plan already, use the Import option to bring it into EdrawMax and tweak it as needed. This step lays the foundation for your personalized vastu-inspired space.

search floor plan

Step 2. Choosing a Template

Instead of starting anew, head to the EdrawMax template community. There, a simple search for vastu home plan will offer a selection of templates. Pick one that suits your vision and click Use Immediately to begin personalizing it to your taste.

edit floor plans

Step 3. Customizing Components

To modify an element in your Vastu plan, simply select it to bring up the options bar. Click Replace to swap it with another object. Use the same bar to adjust the object's size to match your design needs.

icon for note

Tip: To customize your own house plan for a vastu house, you may need to understand the symbols of floor plans.

adding text

Step 4. Modifying Text

Double-click on any text area, which prompts a toolbar to appear for editing. This feature allows you to label rooms accurately, like adding a Pooja Room to infuse your design with vastu essence. It's a simple yet powerful way to personalize your plan and make it truly yours.

save vastu floor plans

Step 5. Finalize Your Design

Finished with your vastu design? Click Save As to store it securely. To share or use your design elsewhere, select the Export option. This allows you to choose formats like JPG or PDF and even customize the quality and size of your exported file.

Part 2. Why Choose EdrawMax To Design Your Vastu House

edrawmax vastu plan

When envisioning the perfect vastu house floor plans, EdrawMax emerges as a top choice, equipping users with the tools to design spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also vastu compliant. This tool is revered for its versatility, offering the ability to create over 210 types of diagrams, including UML diagrams, network diagrams, flowcharts, and organizational charts.

Its straightforward interface pairs with powerful functionality, making it a go-to online 2D-floor plan maker. With EdrawMax, users can effortlessly transform their Vastu concepts into professional-grade layouts, all while accessing the platform for free. This potent combination of simplicity, proficiency, and accessibility makes EdrawMax an indispensable resource for crafting vastu-inspired homes.

Key Features

Pre-designed Templates: With a vast library of over 5,000 free templates, EdrawMax is equipped to kickstart any floor plan design, including those adhering to Vastu guidelines.

Precision Tools:

  • Text Tool. Label each room clearly and with precision.
  • Wall Tool. Apply consistent formatting across your floor plan for a uniform look.
  • Settings. Tweak the minutest of details to fine-tune your design.

Integration with CAD, MS Office: EdrawMax syncs seamlessly with CAD for detailed architectural work and MS Office for easy documentation and presentations.

AI Drawing: Unleash your creative potential with AI Drawing. Just describe your idea and let the AI translate it into a visually compelling drawing.

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Part 3. Vastu House Plan Examples and Templates

Here are Vastu House plan examples:

Example - 1

Customize this vastu house plan example according to your needs on Edrawmax. Edrawmax has all the premium tools and features available for free. Hundreds of symbols and elements are available for free, which can save time and money.

You can also easily adjust the room sizes, and add different sets of items and symbols to make it look more aesthetic and pleasant. Edit it with the AI feature on Edrawmax and clear your queries with the help of the AI chatbot.

Example - 2

Here is another example of Vastu floor plans, which can be customized differently on Edrawmax. Add symbols and elements to give it a better look. Edit it according to your preference with the help of an AI tool and adjust the precise settings.

There are hundreds of symbols and elements available on Edrawmax for free. The template provides peace of mind as it is already designed by a professional.

Example - 3

This is a classic and elegant vastu floor plan template available for customization on Edrawmax. It contains two comfortable bedrooms, a living room, and an aesthetic kitchen. Add symbols, and elements, and leverage the AI feature on Edrawmax to save time and money for editing this template.

There is no need to design it from scratch as this template already contains traditional vastu household settings. Customize it and add different elements according to your preference. You can also adjust the precise settings of the elements.

Part 4. Why Should You Build a Vastu House?

The concept of a Vastu house plan extends far beyond mere architectural design; it is about creating a space that resonates with the rhythm of the natural world, promoting harmony and positive energy. Opting for vastu home plans brings a multitude of benefits that enhance the living experience.

Firstly, Vastu principles advocate for a design that optimizes the flow of energy, or prana, through the home. This can contribute to the overall health and well-being of the occupants. A home planned according to Vastu is thought to ensure that all the five elements of nature are balanced, bringing mental peace and physical comfort to its residents.

Secondly, vastu home plans are reputed to attract prosperity. The strategic placement of rooms, doors, and windows in accordance with Vastu can supposedly pave the way for financial stability and wealth. By aligning the layout of the house with the cardinal directions and natural forces, Vastu aims to create an environment that is conducive to success and abundance.

Lastly, these plans consider the aesthetic aspect without compromising on functionality. They offer a blend of beauty and utility, resulting in living spaces that are both pleasing to the eye and practical for daily use. The thoughtful positioning of spaces ensures ample natural light and ventilation, making the home energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Embracing the harmony of ancient architectural wisdom with the versatility of modern design tools, we have journeyed through the art of creating vastu house plans with EdrawMax. Vastu home plans invite prosperity, health, and tranquility into your living space, and with EdrawMax's intuitive features, such a sanctuary is but a few clicks away.

From a wealth of templates to precision editing tools, and from seamless CAD integration to revolutionary AI drawing capabilities, EdrawMax equips you with everything needed to customize your Vastu house floor plan to perfection. Whether you are drafting a sun-drenched living room that invites wealth or a peaceful pooja room to center your home's energy, this platform is your canvas.

Why settle for a standard home layout when you can elevate your living space with a design attuned to the ancient science of Vastu? Let EdrawMax be the tool that brings your vision to life. Try it out now!

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