Create Network Diagrams Online Easily with EdrawMax

Learn about powerful and versatile diagramming software to create a wide range of network diagrams, from simple sketches to complex technical drawings. It can help you create professional-looking diagrams quickly and efficiently.


A network diagram is a visual representation of the devices and connections that make up a complete network. These connections represent the flow of data that occurs between each of these components.

Diagrams of networks are essential for administrators of networks because of their visual representation; they assist in the identification of problems and the development of solutions. In addition, network diagrams serve as documentation for the existing infrastructure of the network, which is useful for both troubleshooting and planning for the future of the network.

This article provides instructions on creating a network diagram online using Edrawmax. It also discusses the tips for making network diagrams and the benefits of using these for your projects.

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  1. How to Draw a Network Diagram Online
  2. Drawing Network Diagram with EdrawMax Online
  3. Why Use EdrawMax?
  4. Network Diagram Templates
  5. Tips for Making Network Diagrams
  6. Conclusion

Part 1. How to Draw a Network Diagram Online

Online network diagram creation is easy and efficient to bring out your creativity and visually represent complex concepts and relationships with ease. It not only saves time but also enhances collaboration and communication among team members and stakeholders.

There are many tools available that you can use to create network diagrams online, and EdrawMax is one of those. It is a versatile and flexible diagramming tool that you can use to create visually appealing network diagrams and other visual representations effortlessly.

With a user-friendly interface and a rich library of ready-made templates and symbols, EdrawMax makes it simple to design professional-looking diagrams that effectively convey your ideas and concepts. Whether you're designing network architectures, flowcharts, or any other type of diagram, EdrawMax provides the necessary tools and features to bring your vision to life with precision and clarity.

Part 2. Drawing Network Diagram with EdrawMax Online

Step 1: Open EdrawMax Online and sign in using your Wondershare or social media accounts.

Step 2: Go to Templates on the homepage to visit the template community.

EdrawMax network diagram creation

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the template, customize it according to your preferences. Change shapes adjust fonts, colors, sizes, and themes using the formatting tools to make your diagram visually appealing.

EdrawMax network diagram customization

Step 4: Once your network diagram is complete, save your work. You can export it in various formats, including JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF, or even Microsoft formats like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Part 3. Why Use EdrawMax?

EdrawMax is a powerful and versatile diagramming software that can create various diagrams, including flowcharts, network diagrams, organizational charts, and more. It is a popular choice for individuals and businesses, as it is easy to use and offers many features.

  • Versatile diagramming tool: EdrawMax allows you to create visually appealing diagrams for all walks of life. Be it a professional-looking technical diagram, educational diagrams, floor plans and other interior design projects, SWOT analysis, flowcharts, and more.
  • Extensive library of templates and symbols: EdawMax offers an extensive library of 16,000+ templates that you can use to create diagrams of your choice. With a library of 26,000 pre-built symbols, you can customize your templates and meet your creative self.
  • Edraw AI: It is a powerful artificial intelligence-based feature that gives you suggestions for creating beautiful diagrams and also analyses your diagrams for you to provide suggestions for improvements
  • Easy-to-use interface: EdrawMax has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create and edit diagrams, even for beginners.
  • Wide range of export formats: EdrawMax can export diagrams to various formats, including JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Microsoft Office.

Part 4. Network Diagram Templates

Here are three templates from EdrawMax's templates community that you could get started with.

Office Network Diagram

This template is useful for visualizing network connections and assisting in performance improvement and upgrades. It can be helpful in office settings where you need to save time and be creative and productive.

You can change the images according to your preferences and then export them in the format of your choice.

Project Schedule Network Diagram

This block network diagram shows how various process entities are linked with each other. It supports a common practice of linking parts of a whole process as blocks and connectors.

If you’re a project manager, you can use this template to visualize different stages of a project to enhance the productivity of teams.

Home MoCA Network Diagram

This is an easy-to-create network diagram template for internet service providers to represent their projects visually. You can create and customize it within no time in EdrawMax; you can change the design, add more visuals and images, change colors, and present it to your clients.

Part 5. Tips for Making Network Diagrams

Here are some tips for making network diagrams efficiently:

Consistent Style

Maintain a consistent and coherent style throughout the design of your diagram. This uniformity contributes to the clear and effective communication of information.

Clear Labels and Coding

Label all devices and connections clearly and concisely. Use different colors to distinguish between different device kinds and connections. Well-defined labels and colors help viewers grasp the diagram's components and connections.

Data Flow Arrows

Include arrows in your diagram to illustrate the direction of data flow. These arrows indicate the flow of information or processes visually.

Include Useful Information

Don't leave out important information. Include critical details such as IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses. This information is critical for comprehending the network or system illustrated.


Include a legend in your diagram to explain any symbols or abbreviations used. A legend acts as a reference guide, ensuring that visitors can quickly interpret the contents of the diagram.


Conduct a careful examination of the diagram before sharing it with others to detect and correct any potential flaws or inconsistencies. This phase ensures that the diagram serves its intended purpose.


Network diagrams are an essential tool for network administrators and other professionals who need to visualize, document, and troubleshoot networks. However, it might be hard to find a suitable online network diagram maker and learn to use it. That’s why we have introduced EdrawMax, a free online network diagram maker, and how to use it.

EdrawMax is a powerful and versatile diagramming software that you can use to create many network diagrams, from simple sketches to complex technical drawings. Along with its online diagramming feature, you can also choose to download its  and  versions that add to your ease of diagram creation. The mobile terminal offers several additional features that you can use to be more creative than ever.

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