Best Free AI Content Generators To Use in 2024

By analyzing user data, free AI content writer tools can generate personalized content tailored to suit individual needs.

free ai content generator tools

In today's digital-driven age, content creation has become a fundamental aspect of connecting with audiences. From captivating blog posts to compelling social media campaigns, businesses rely on high-quality content to stand out in the crowded marketplace. However, not everyone is equipped with the skills and expertise to consistently produce captivating content. That's where AI content creation comes to the rescue.

Free AI content generators are a revolutionary approach to crafting impactful and relevant content for whatever industry you want. With their natural language processing capabilities, free content generator AI tools can assist in generating compelling text, enhancing productivity, and ensuring professionalism.

1. Top 6 Free AI Content Generators

Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, exploiting these AI content generator free tools can significantly enhance your productivity. Let's dive in to discover the remarkable features of these cutting-edge tools that are shaping the future of content creation:

1. EdrawMax

edrawmax content generator ai

While EdrawMax is primarily recognized as a leading diagramming software, its versatility extends beyond visual representations. EdrawMax also boasts advanced content creation capabilities, empowering users to craft professional-grade content effortlessly. With its smart AI Assistant, EdrawMax streamlines the content creation process. The tool is a consummate blend of intelligence and creativity to create impactful visuals that can make a lasting impression.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Main Features:

  • One-click AI content generation
  • Text translation
  • Adding text breaks
  • Continuous text
  • Making text longer or shorter
  • Changing content's tone
  • Q&A with Edraw AI Assistant
  • EdrawMax enables one-click content creation, saving valuable time and effort.
  • You can change the tone of your AI-generated content using the content tone change feature. For example, you can set your tone as friendly, informative, or more.
  • EdrawMax allows you to expand or shorten your AI-generated content if you are unsatisfied with the content's length.
  • You can generate content in bulleted or numbered format for better understanding.
  • The tool allows you to translate your AI content into more than ten languages to address your target audience.
  • You can convert your AI-generated content into diagrammatical visuals to amplify the audience's understanding of the topic.
  • The free version provides only 200 AI search points.

EdrawMax AI Tokens

EdrawMax AI tokens are a virtual currency to purchase the AI features of the tool. Although the free version of EdrawMax provides 200 AI points, but once they expire, you would need to acquire a token. By buying these tokens, you can unlock and utilize the advanced AI-powered features of EdrawMax, such as AI content generation capabilities.

How To Generate or Improve Content Using AI-Powered EdrawMax?

From generating compelling content to its structuring, EdrawMax AI revolutionizes your content creation journey. Let's observe how you can generate powerful content using the EdrawMax AI feature:


Download the latest edition of "EdrawMax" for content creation.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration


Go to the "New" tab in the left sidebar. Click the "Create New" tab in blue at the top to wake AI Assistant.

wake edraw ai assistant

Edraw AI will launch a popup asking for content requirements. Write your content requirements in the search box and hit the "Go" icon.

edraw ai enter content requirement

Edraw AI will generate relevant and compelling content against your search.

content generation by edraw ai

You can convert this information into a mind map, flowchart, bubble diagram, or concept map. For this, wake up Edraw AI again and select your preferred diagram type.

content to mindmap conversion edrawmax

2. Chat GPT

ChatGPT, as an AI content writer free tool, uses deep learning techniques to understand and respond to text inputs. The biggest perk of using the tool is that it generates human-like and coherent content. With its vast knowledge and language understanding, ChatGPT enables users to generate an extensive range of brilliant content, from articles and brand stories to social media posts.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Main Features:

  • Topic Expansion
  • Language Translation
  • Grammar and Style Correction
  • Content Enhancement
  • Personalization
  • Efficiency and Speed
  • ChatGPT automates the content generation, streamlining the content writing process.
  • It offers creative suggestions and novel ideas, inspiring content creators to think outside the box.
  • You can generate content across diverse subjects pertaining to different niches and industries.
  • The tool ensures accuracy and relevance because of its ultra-smart deep learning algorithms.
  • Sometimes the tool may generate inappropriate responses due to a lack of contextual understanding.
  • ChatGPT is handicapped in comprehending emotional or sensitive content because it lacks empathy.


copy ai content generator free tool

Looking for a free AI content generator that takes your creativity to the next level? is a leading content writer AI free tool that inspires intelligence and swiftness in your content creation experience. Whether it's a sales copy, marketing email, or product descriptions, will be your prime assistant.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Main Features:

  • Multiple content types
  • Language and tone customization
  • Content templates library
  • Keyword optimization
  • Content suggestions
  • offers a spectrum of content types, including blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, and more.
  • You can customize the language, tone, and style of the content to align with your specific requirements.
  • provides a vast library of pre-designed templates to expedite the content creation process.
  • The tool also offers collaborative features, allowing teams to work together on content creation projects.
  • It offers limited content credit for the second month after registration.
  • Pricing structures and plans may change over time, which can affect users' affordability and long-term costs.

4. Writesonic

writesonic as ai content writer free

Writesonic is a cutting-edge AI-powered content generation platform that fills a spirit of appeal in your content. Whether you need creative ideas, a persuasive copy, or grammatically correct drafts, Writesonic has got you covered. With Writesonic at your fingertips, tread into a realm of excellence and let your ideas shine brighter.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Main Features:

  • Ideas generation
  • Content optimization suggestions
  • Vast integrations
  • Multi-language content creation ability
  • Content type and tone selection
  • Writesonic supports various content types, and hence, it is ideal for every industry user.
  • The tool offers templates and prompts tailored to each content type for quick content creation.
  • You will receive headline suggestions, blog post outlines, and topic ideas to commence your writing process.
  • Writesonic offers multi-language eligibility, allowing users to generate content in different languages to reach a broader audience.
  • Users looking for highly tailored or unique content may find the platform's templates restrictive.

5. Rytr

rytr free ai content writer

Rytr, a state-of-the-art content writing AI free tool, leverages advanced GPT-3 technology to streamline the content creation process. With a profound grasp of language models, Rytr effortlessly predicts words by accessing vast online databases. Its remarkable ability to generate unique, plagiarism-free articles in your desired style is just a click away.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

Main Features:

  • Multiple content tone availability
  • Diverse use cases
  • Customizable content
  • Expand or shorten the text
  • Version History
  • Rytr offers a wide array of options with more than 30 use cases and templates at your disposal.
  • You can expand, shorten, append, or rephrase the content.
  • Rytr provides multiple language support for global content production.
  • You can define the tone, genre, and industry to generate personalized results.
  • The content may lack the human touch and creativity.

6. Simplified

simplified ai free content generator

Unleash the potential of your content creation with Simplified - the game-changing AI content generator tool that generates content with maximal accuracy. Simplified is an advanced design tool infused with the power of AI. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and human-like creativity, Simplified empowers you to craft compelling content effortlessly.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Main Features:

  • Specified AI content creation functionality
  • Setting content tone
  • Content generation based on industry and brand preferences
  • Text expansion and shrinking
  • Content rewriting or section-based writing
  • Simplified AI content writer allows customization to match specific content needs.
  • You can pick from an assortment of prototypes and styles for different content types.
  • Simplified enables you to expand, shrink, or rewrite your content to meet your specific requirements.
  • The tool offers regular updates and improvements to enhance the functionality of AI-generated content.
  • The generated content may not always conform to the desired tone or style.
  • Complex or highly specialized content may require human intervention.

2. Conclusion

If you use online AI for writing, you'll experience a new level of efficiency and productivity in your content creation process. By leveraging these innovative solutions, you can produce high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Thus, say goodbye to manual content creation approaches and welcome an ultimate writing experience that helps you exceed expectations.

We have provided six top-notch AI-powered content generation solutions that can help you streamline your workflow by providing intelligent content at a fast pace. Let these AI content writer tools be your trusted writing companion.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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