The Best AI Article Writer To Choose in 2024

AI article writers can prove an abbreviated path to enhance efficiency despite their content needs a little manual modification.

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AI has unquestionably become the buzzword of the year, and the introduction of AI article generators has marked a significant turning point. Since their inception, these powerful tools have been creating ripples in various industries. Users continue to discover innovative ways to leverage their capabilities for enhanced productivity. With each new iteration, these AI article writers unlock fresh possibilities, allowing individuals to expedite their writing processes.

However, whenever you search article generators AI tools on Google, a massive pile of tools appears, leaving your mind confused. Therefore, we have brought some trendsetter tools that really provide commendable article-writing services.

1. Explore the Top 6 AI Article Writers

The powerful "AI to write articles" technique has proven to be a game-changer, empowering users to accomplish tasks with greater speed.

1. EdrawMax

edrawmax ai article writer

EdrawMax is an intelligent AI article generator designed to assist you in brainstorming, creating, and editing exceptional content. Fueled by advanced natural language processing capabilities, this tool comprehends the context of your text and creates compelling articles accordingly. Additionally, merging Artificial Intelligence capabilities with design choices does wonders, taking your article writing to the next level.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Main Features:

  • One-click AI blog post
  • Text translation
  • Continuous text
  • Changing content's length
  • Changing content's tone
  • Communication with Edraw AI Assistant
  • Using EdrawMax, you can create articles with a single click, removing manual efforts.
  • You can set the tone of your AI generated articles, such as professional, confident, direct, or friendly.
  • The tool allows you to expand or shrink your articles according to your requirements.
  • You can also export your articles into Word, PDF, HTML, or graphic formats for further modification or accessibility.
  • The free version provides only 200 AI search points.

How To Create Articles Using EdrawMax's AI Feature?

EdrawMax meets the expectations of its users by providing state-of-the-art content creation features. Your dream content is just a click away; just enter your article requirements and observe how your idea is transformed into a mind-blowing composition. Let's learn how to generate effective articles using EdrawMax within clicks:


Launch the "EdrawMax" application to use it as an article AI generator.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration


Direct to the working interface and click the "Create New" tab in blue. It will wake the Edraw AI Assistant.

wake edraw ai assistant

Describe your article requirements in the search box of the Edraw AI Assistant popup. Click the "Go" icon to let AI write articles on your provided topic.

input article requirements edrawmax

Edraw AI will generate a thorough and relevant article against your search.

edraw ai generating articles

You can modify it further, such as converting it into a mind map, list, flowchart, or bubble diagram. Also, you can export it in Word, PDF, HTML, or other formats for later accessibility. For exporting, click the "Export" icon at the top.

edrawmax article export

2. Hypotenuse AI

hypotenuse ai content writer

Hypotenuse is among the best article generator AI tools with incredible features. With Hypotenuse AI, you can experience the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to streamline your article creation process. From generating engaging articles in bulk to quickly summarizing lengthy documents, Hypotenuse AI offers a range of powerful features that save you effort. Say goodbye to tedious tasks like content creation and enjoy the efficiency of AI-driven automation.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5

Main Features:

  • Title, outline, and content generation
  • Content summarization
  • Rephrasing
  • Chatbot availability
  • Content templates
  • Hypotenuse AI allows you to generate bulk articles in a short amount of time.
  • You can quickly condense lengthy content into concise summaries.
  • The tool provides real-time assistance and interactive communication through the chatbot.
  • You can utilize pre-designed content templates to expedite article creation.
  • The tool has limited credits, which are offered in the 7-day free trial.


 aiseo article ai generator

If you spend massive time composing and optimizing your content by inserting keywords, AISEO is for you. Being the best article generator AI tool, the tool elevates the quality of your articles through SEO optimization. Also, it is equipped with built-in spelling and grammar checking functionalities to ensure your content is flawless. AISEO also offers section-based writing, enabling you to organize your content effectively and improve overall structure.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Main Features:

  • Command mode
  • Templates library
  • Readability improver
  • One-click article generation
  • Content paraphrasing
  • You can access a comprehensive library of pre-designed templates to streamline your article generation.
  • The tool lets you generate well-structured and engaging articles with just a single click.
  • You can rephrase and optimize your content, modifying it according to your preferences.
  • The tool also provides project management features to manage your workload.
  • The tool does not offer a free plan.

4. Anyword

anyword article generator ai

Anyword is listed among the best AI article generators that offer a seamless experience for crafting articles with minimal effort. You can generate a well-polished written work by simply clicking a few buttons. Moreover, Anyword's comprehensive grammar and spelling checks guarantee that your writing is pristine. With its "predictive performance score," Anyword provides valuable insights into audience engagement and responsiveness demographics.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Main Features:

  • Title, outline, and content generation
  • Content rephrasing
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Section-based writing
  • Content customization and keyword embedding
  • Anyword offers the freedom to rephrase and refine your content with just one click.
  • You can detect plagiarism within your content, resulting in unique and authentic articles.
  • Anyword divides your articles into sections and then adds content to them. You can add or remove a particular section.
  • You can also prompt the tool by introducing particular idea, background, or analytics to generate a personalized article.
  • The premium plans are pricier compared to other market competitors.
  • The plagiarism detection feature sometimes delivers inaccurate results.

5. WriteCream

writecream ai article generator

If you are looking for a tool leveraging AI for writing articles, WriteCream is an optimal solution. The platform offers a comprehensive toolkit of features aimed at simplifying the writing process and boosting productivity. With the platform's keyword optimizer, you can easily enhance the effectiveness of your content by optimizing it for relevant keywords. Additionally, WriteCream offers a customizable writing environment, allowing you to adjust fonts, layouts, and themes according to your preferences.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Main Features:

  • Chatbot availability
  • One-click AI article generation
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Multilanguage article generation
  • Long-form editor
  • The tool offers the convenience of a chatbot, providing real-time assistance and interactive support.
  • With WriteCream, you can effortlessly generate well-crafted articles with just a click, sparing your time and effort.
  • WriteCream includes integrated SEO tools that help optimize your articles for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • WriteCream provides a long-form editor feature that enables you to create comprehensive and in-depth articles.
  • The free version only allows 20 credits.

6. Ink For All

ink for all ai generator

Ink For All rests among the high-end tools using AI to write articles, revolutionizing your article composition journey. With Ink Editor's advanced AI tools, you receive personalized recommendations tailored to enhance your writing style. From adjusting sentence fragments to refining word choices, Ink Editor guides you towards crafting incredible content. By automatically identifying keywords within your text, Ink suggests appropriate modifications such as synonyms or alternate phrases.

G2 Rating: 4.9/5

Main Features:

  • Chatbot availability
  • Keyword optimization
  • Document management
  • Built-in grammar checker
  • Setting target audience
  • Ink for All's chatbot availability offers real-time assistance to users, enabling them to overcome troubles encountered during writing.
  • The tool improves your content's SEO performance by offering keyword optimization functionality.
  • You can set the target audience for your article content, making your content tailored to a specific readership.
  • The tool also offers personalized suggestions on writing style, such as structure, tone, word choice, and delivery.
  • The price is considerably higher than other rivals.

2. Conclusion

Since the arrival of AI in the writing field, many tools have incorporated automated functionalities in their existing versions. Some newly-built article writer AI tools are also introduced, focused on providing expeditious, error-free, and audience-oriented articles. However, it has become difficult to identify which is the best generate article AI tool.

Thus, we presented a curated list of top AI article generators that are making their mark because of their certified article creation services. Amalgamate the synergy between human creativity and AI to shape a future where article writing reaches new heights of innovation.

edrawmax logoEdrawMax Desktop
Simple alternative to Visio
210+ types of diagrams
10K+ free templates & 26k+ symbols
10+ AI diagram generators
10+ export formats
edrawmax logoEdrawMax Online
Edit diagrams anywhere, anytime
Personal cloud & Dropbox integration
Enterprise-level data security
Team management and collaboration

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