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Although AI-generated text has become the buzzword of the era, it is necessary to detect it to avoid duplicity and content theft.


Human creativity is matchless. The intricate interplay of emotions, experiences, and imagination fuels the human mind. Tech experts have launched several innovations using AI technology. Yet, only a few of them can rival human creativity and artistry of expression. With the ability to compete with human prowess, these tools have blurred the lines between human and machine-generated content.

This article is a comprehensive guide to AI-generated text and its fundamentals. Also, we will discuss some AI text generators that have become formidable contenders for human writing.

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Part 1: What Is Meant by AI-Generated Text?

AI-generated text refers to content that is written by AI systems, particularly language models like GPT3. These models are trained on celestial amounts of data to let them understand and mimic human language patterns. From chatbots providing real-time assistance to content generators churning out engaging articles, AI-generated text is revolutionizing information handling. It enables businesses to automate customer support. Marketers use AI-generated text to create personalized campaigns.

Part 2: Top 4 Tools For AI-Generated Text

Whether you seek to streamline your writing process or explore new avenues of expression, AI text generators will assist you at each step. From one-click text generation to advanced content expansion and tone adaptation, these tools guarantee to cater to the diverse needs of writers:

1. EdrawMax

edrawmax ai text generator

EdrawMax is a top-notch platform with a fascinating convergence of human aestheticism and AI prowess. The tool exploits cutting-edge algorithms to produce content that often leaves users in awe. You will enjoy several advanced features, such as language translation, text polishing, expansion, summarization, and tone change. Its live assistant is a blessing that unveils the alchemy of content creation.

G2 Rating: 4.3/5

Main Features:

  • One-click text generator
  • Content summarization
  • Content expansion
  • Changing content's tone
  • Continuous text
  • Live AI Assistant
  • EdrawMax is equipped with a live AI Assistant, providing real-time guidance and support throughout the writing journey.
  • With content summarization, EdrawMax condenses complex information into concise and impactful pieces.
  • The content expansion allows users to develop and enrich their ideas and narratives.
  • EdrawMax enables users to change the tone of their content, catering to audience preferences.
  • Users may need to upgrade to premium plans to access unlimited AI features and capabilities.

How To Use EdrawMax for AI-generated Text?


Begin by downloading and launching the "EdrawMax" app on your device. Another option is to access its online version for text generation. Create an account by signing up for EdrawMax.


Once inside the platform, click on the "Create New" tab in blue, located at the top centre of the page.

wake edraw ai assistant

Type in your text generation criteria in the search bar. Click the "Go" icon to obtain your desired results.

content requirements input edraw ai

In just a blink of an eye, EdrawMax will generate compelling content that perfectly aligns with your needs.

edrawmax ai text generation

2. GrowthBar

growthbar ai text generator

GrowthBar is a user-intuitive platform built for bloggers that need content creation and optimization services. The tool offers advanced features like blog outline paragraphs, intro, and conclusion generation with a single click. You can also convey your content queries to the live AI assistant. The tool also excels in SEO features, such as keyword research and site inspection.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Main Features:

  • Chrome extension
  • Chatbot availability
  • Blog post generator
  • Keyword research & optimization
  • Users can uncover valuable insights to enhance their content's visibility and search engine ranking through its SEO features.
  • The tool contains a built-in rewriter to refresh and repurpose existing content.
  • GrowthBar provides custom AI models, allowing users to tailor the AI-powered text generation to suit their specific preferences.
  • You can generate bulk content to save excessive time and effort.
  • The tool does not offer a free plan.
  • It does not have a plagiarism and AI content detector.

3. LongShot

longshot ai text generator ai

If you are looking for an all-in-one AI text generation solution, consider LongShot AI. The tool is replete with several incredible features to elevate your writing. It comes with an AI content detector that checks the originality ratio in your text. You can also repurpose your text using its rewriter. Other functionalities, such as chatbot availability, templates, and document manager, are also commendable.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Main Features:

  • Chatbot availability
  • Text expander & summarizer
  • Progress detection
  • Content templates & workflows
  • The tool provides FactGPT, a reliable and accurate source for fact-checking to enhance the credibility of the generated content.
  • You can explore an array of advanced text generation features, including expansion, summarization, rewriting, and outlining.
  • The tool offers content templates to expedite the text generation process.
  • Through its document management feature, it stores your previously generated results for future use.
  • The pricing structure could be more flexible.
  • The free version offers only 100 credits.

4. Outranking

outranking ai text generator

Outranking is a brilliant platform for SEO experts and content marketers who are looking to enhance their online reach. The tool is packed with several high-end features, such as it gives you insights into your SEO score and your leading competitors. Regarding AI text generation, the tool surpasses several fields, including content strategizing, rewriting, expansion, and plagiarism detection.

G2 Rating:N/A

Main Features:

  • SEO optimization
  • Topic clustering
  • Content expansion & summarization
  • Content templates
  • Outranking offers robust SEO optimization tools, ensuring your content is well-optimized for search engines.
  • You can easily extend or condense your content, making it tailored to specific needs.
  • Topic clustering allows you to organize and group related content, enabling you to create interlinked articles that boost your overall content strategy.
  • The tool provides a diverse selection of content templates as a valuable resource for generating well-structured content.
  • The tool's premium plans are too pricy to be affordable by average users.
  • You cannot use the free trial without entering payment information.

Part 3: Best 4 Tools to Detect AI-Generated Text

As AI-generated content becomes more prevailed, ensuring the uniqueness and authenticity of the generated content has become paramount. Let's explore the dynamic landscape of AI-generated text detectors and how they navigate the complexities of AI content detection:

1. Originality.ai

originality ai content detector

Originality.ai stands out as a leading tool whenever it comes to AI generated text detectors. The platform's state-of-the-art AI algorithms ensure content creators and website owners can confidently publish plagiarism-free material. Its robust scanning capabilities and website scanner make it a comprehensive solution for safeguarding content from unintended duplication.

G2 Rating:N/A

Main Features:

  • AI content scan
  • Website scanner
  • Scanning history
  • Readability checker
  • Originality.ai offers an advanced AI content scanning feature, ensuring your text is thoroughly checked for any signs of AI-generated content.
  • With the website scanning functionality, you can scan the entire website for potential duplicate content.
  • The tool keeps a comprehensive scanning history, enabling you to track and review previous scans.
  • You can check the readability to ensure your content is clear, concise, and easily understandable.
  • The tool does not offer a free plan.
  • Basic subscription plans lack advanced features.

2. Copyleaks

copyleaks ai content detector

If your concern is both affordability and quality detection, Copyleaks can be the most preferable option. Copyleaks is equipped with several substantial features to deliver a consummate experience. For example, it offers text comparison, copy shield, report generation, and other features. You can also view your history detections through its recent scan feature.

G2 Rating:4.8/5

Main Features:

  • Chrome extension
  • AI detection in 12 languages
  • Basic and enhanced models
  • Unlimited text capacity
  • Copyleaks offers a Chrome extension, integrating its powerful AI detection capabilities into your browser.
  • The tool provides both basic and enhanced models, offering users the flexibility to choose the level of depth and originality.
  • You can scan unlimited text to check AI content or duplicity.
  • With support for 12 different languages, Copyleaks caters to a diverse global audience.
  • The free plan may offer low scanning speed.
  • It sometimes counts human content as plagiarized material.

3. GPTZero

gptzero ai generated text detector

GPTZero emerges as an exceptional AI content detector, leveraging the prowess of innovative AI models. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive features, GPTZero enables users to upload files effortlessly. You can also perform batch processing for efficient and thorough content analysis. What sets GPTZero apart is its affordability and accessibility. GPTZero stands as a reliable guardian, unveiling the hidden nuances of content.

G2 Rating:N/A

Main Features:

  • File upload
  • Batch file uploading
  • GPT3, GPT4, Bard, Human, and ChatGPT model content detection
  • Chrome extension
  • GPTZero offers a user-friendly file upload feature, allowing seamless detection of plagiarism and content authenticity.
  • You can efficiently analyze multiple files simultaneously, saving valuable time and effort.
  • The tool provides a Chrome extension to deliver a seamless experience.
  • You can detect AI content generated from several models, such as ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT4, Bard, and more.
  • The batch file upload feature does not work properly.
  • The tool could be more comprehensive regarding offering advanced features.

4. AI Text Classifier

ai text classifier content detector ai

AI Text Classifier is a straightforward platform to evaluate the content against AI forging. With its user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms, AI Text Classifier enables users to identify any instances of content that may have been generated by AI. The icing on the cake is the availability of a free plan, making this powerful content detector accessible to all users.

G2 Rating:N/A

Main Features:

  • One-click AI content detector
  • Unlimited words upload
  • Human, AI, and Intermixed content detection
  • Free plan available
  • AI Text Classifier enables one-click AI content detection, removing signup and setup hazards.
  • You can upload unlimited words to scan against AI content duplicity
  • The tool offers multiple modes, such as human, AI, and misclassified human-written content detection.
  • AI Text Classifier is a perpetual-free package to analyze plagiarism, and AI generated text.
  • The tool could offer premium plans for advanced features.
  • The interface is too simple to look outdated.


AI-generated text has emerged as a powerful and transformative force. As the demand for AI-generated text continues to soar, an array of top-notch tools for AI text generation have surfaced. AI text generators are offering unmatched capabilities and creative assistance.

Concurrently, maintaining content integrity has intensified the need for AI content detectors. Unlike AI content generators, these tools enable content creators and researchers to uphold the highest standards of credibility. This article lists the top AI content generators and detectors for a balanced AI work experience.

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