Top 6 Text Analysis Tools for Businesses in 2024

Want to build a loyal customer base and increase sales conversions? Check out these top 6 text analysis tools to grow your business.


Client satisfaction and contentment is the only way to sustain a working business. So, gather and analyze customers' feedback using these top 6 text analysis tools.


Customer feedback is the key to increasing brand value and generating revenue. Global businesses gather and analyze customers' feedback to improve and innovate. However, manually collecting lengthy data from emails, calls, and websites takes an eternity.

This is where text analysis tools come in!

Text miners leverage AI and machine learning to extract details from raw data. These tools extract keyphrases, classify content, and recognize sentiments from massive databases. Popular tools like EdrawMax go a step further and also scan images to extract the data.

Is your business struggling with sales conversions? Try out these top 6 text analysis tools and boost your conversions.

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  2. Top 6 Text Analysis Tools
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  4. Conclusion

Part I. Benefits of Text Analysis Tools

Modern-day businesses use AI text analytics to get customer feedback, qualitative and quantitative. This helps them innovate, grow, and build a loyal customer base. Following are some competitive advantages enterprises get with AI text mining software.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Text analysis tools are built on massive pre-trained and custom datasets. So, businesses can make data-driven decisions by identifying trends and predicting results.

Build Communication with Customers

Text mining tools gather customers' feedback and analyze it using beta sentiments. Therefore, companies can identify customers' pain points and work towards satisfying their needs.

Generates Revenue

When you improve the customer experience, it increases sales conversions and generates revenue.

Explore Better Opportunities

Text analytics software offers a deeper insight into customer needs. This helps companies work towards the satisfaction area and generate more opportunities.

Part II. Top 6 Text Analysis Tools

Searching for text analytics solutions to integrate into your workflow? Check out these six popular text-mining tools.

Edraw AI: Assistant for Diagramming

Edraw AI

Edraw AI is a feature of diagram maker EdrawMax, which can summarize content of text. It can also polish the text and its tone and adjust paragraph length. It is also possible to use EdrawMax to create diagrams in a simple click.

Key Features

  • AI Pre-Scenarios: It summarizes the lengthy extracted texts into cohesive paragraphs. You can improve the tone, adjust paragraph length, and polish text with a single click.
  • Diagram Generator: The EdrawMax AI diagram generator helps you visualize the extracted text. It allows you to draw timelines, flow charts, and mind maps in seconds.
  • One-Click Edit: It leverages AI to auto-format these diagrams by changing their style, theme, and color scheme.


  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Support text polishing and content summarization
  • One-click text-to-diagram function
  • One-click auto-formatting

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend uses a pre-trained NLP model for text analysis. This AI software extracts keywords, analyzes topics, and detects sentiments from unstructured documents. These documents can be customer reviews, emails, social site feeds, and more. Plus, it allows businesses to improve their confidence score through custom extraction.


Key Features

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII): It helps businesses protect their data from potential theft.
  • Topic Modeling: Companies can identify common themes and topics from unstructured documents.
  • Analytics: It extracts sentiments from customer reviews and interactions through business calls.
  • Keyphrase Extraction: It recognizes content with specific keyphrases and entities.


  • Process single documents and batches (up to 25 documents)
  • Integrated AWS host services
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-lingual support (English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, and more)

Microsoft Azure Text Analytics

Microsoft Azure Text Analytics was launched by their Cognitive Services for Language. This cloud-based software extracts keywords and sentiments. It mines custom entities like people, organizations, and trends. As a result, brands can get an insight into customer opinions. You can also analyze health-related texts from raw doctor's notes and health records.


Key Features

  • Medical Text Classification: It classifies raw medical data like health records, doctor's notes, and lab results.
  • Sentiment Analysis: It analyzes sentiments and customer opinions towards your brand and product.
  • Broad Entity Recognition: It extracts customized entities like people, organizations, dates, and events.
  • Document Summary: It identifies sentences containing the essence of lengthy documents.


  • One hundred types of PII and PHI-supported datasets for keyphrase extraction.
  • Medical concepts analysis for better diagnosis, symptom evaluation, and treatment.
  • Custom text recognition for domain-specific information and labels.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Google Cloud Natural Language API

It is the best solution for companies searching for Google Cloud-compatible text analysis tools. This pre-trained NLP model detects data and provides meaningful insights from loaded text. It uses Google machine learning to classify content, extract entities, and analyze syntax data from raw text.


Key Features

  • Custom Entity Extraction: It allows businesses to identify entities for their domain-specific labels.
  • Content Classification: Businesses can train their own data for personalized use cases.
  • Auto ML: It uses Google-powered ML technology to extract and analyze raw data.
  • Sentiment Analysis: It helps companies analyze their customer's opinions and feelings towards the products.


  • Integrated Cloud Storage
  • Multi-lingual support (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and more)
  • Support 700+ pre-defined document categories
  • Support 5,000 classification labels
  • Massive data support (1 million documents analysis)

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier

IBM Watson has multiple text analysis tools like Personality Insight, Classifier, and Tone Analyzer. It extracts, understands, and analyzes key phrases and entities for better confidence scores. Plus, it sorts the text into distinct emotions like sad, confusion, puzzles, and anger.


Key Features

  • Entity Extraction: This tool identifies entities like places, people, organizations, and time.
  • Content Classification: It classifies text with pre-trained and custom labels. This helps companies automate their workflow and improve confidence scores.
  • Sentiment Analysis: It classifies beta sentiments as positive, negative, and neutral. Moreover, the tone analyzer detects detailed emotions of anger, fear, disappointment, and more.
  • Custom Keyphrase Extraction: It helps businesses identify and extract domain-specific key phrases.


  • User-friendly, intuitive interface
  • Support custom, domain-specific use cases
  • Multi-lingual support


Thematic is the perfect solution for companies facing low sales conversion. It uses AI and machine learning to gather and analyze customers' feedback. This software uses Thematic Intelligence, Insight, and Catalyst approaches. All these approaches classify content, extract entities, and analyze sentiments. This helps companies make their practices customer-oriented.


Key Features

  • Sentiment Analysis: This software uses qualitative analysis to recognize customer opinions and preferences.
  • Feedback Organizer: It analyzes the feedback through filters like geography, product, and date.
  • Connect and Combine: It converts the extracted text into charts and surveys. This helps enterprises visualize customer feedback.

Key Features

  • Intuitive software interface
  • Open-platform services (compatible with App Store, Play Store, Excel, and more)

Part III: Comparison and Evaluation

You must be thinking, which of these tools is for me? Having many options can definitely puzzle you and make it difficult to choose from. No worries. Here is a comparison of all the above-mentioned software so you can make an informed decision.

Text Analysis Tools Best For Key Functions Multi-Lingual
Edraw AI Diagram Content Summary
  • Content summarization
  • Text-to-diagram support
Amazon Comprehend Text Analysis for Pre-Trained Models
  • Custom keyphrase extraction
  • Syntax analysis
  • Content classification
Microsoft Azure Text Analytics Keyphrase Extraction
  • Broad entity extraction
  • Customer opinion analysis
IBM Watson Sentiment Analysis
  • Custom keyphrase extraction
  • Identifying trends
  • Detecting deeper emotions
Thematic Thematic/ Sentiment Analysis
  • Custom feedback organizer
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Keyphrase extraction
  • Content classification

Visualize Feedback with EdrawMax

Looking for an all-in-one solution? You should give EdrawMax a try. EdrawMax combines text analysis with diagram assistance. As a result, it is easier and faster to visualize the trends and feedback. Plus, generating these diagrams on EdrawMax doesn’t take more than a written prompt.


Text analysis tools have changed the way businesses operate in modern times. Now, companies are better informed about their brand image, customers' preferences, and competitors. Making decisions, building customers, and generating revenue is easier with AI text analytics.

Here, software like EdrawMax has changed how companies use to invest time and focus on tasks. Using its AI extraction, you reduce your workload and summarize bulk reports in a snap. So, if your company wants to optimize its workflow, turn to text analysis software. Explore their key expertise and choose one that matches your company’s requirements.

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