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Learn how to create workflows online with this comprehensive guide. Discover how to streamline your processes and optimize workflows with simplicity and ease.

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A workflow chart stands tall as a visual guide in the bustling world of tasks and processes, simplifying complexities into a clear path. Imagine it as a roadmap, illustrating each step, decision, and connection within a project or system.

These charts hold immense significance, like a blueprint for success. They unravel the intricate dance of tasks, showcasing dependencies and sequences. With a glance, you grasp the entire workflow, understanding where tasks begin, intersect, and culminate. This clarity empowers teams, fostering seamless collaboration and informed decision-making.

Now, why leap to an online workflow maker? Picture having this indispensable tool at your fingertips, accessible anytime, anywhere. In today's fast-paced, interconnected landscape, digital tools like EdrawMax's online workflow tool become indispensable. They offer convenience and a hub of efficiency, allowing users to craft, revise, and share dynamic workflow charts effortlessly. Embracing digital platforms empowers users to transcend boundaries, collaborate globally, and adapt swiftly to evolving needs.

Ultimately, this digital transformation is about agility and accessibility, empowering users to easily mold their workflow online charts and ensuring clarity, coherence, and efficiency in every project.

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  1. How To Draw a Workflow Chart with EdrawMax Online
  2. Three Templates From EdrawMax's Templates Community
  3. Why Choose Edrawmax as Your Workflow Chart Maker?
  4. Tips for Making Workflow Charts
  5. Conclusion

Part 1. How To Draw a Workflow Chart with EdrawMax Online

Drawing a workflow chart might seem daunting at first, but fear not! With EdrawMax's intuitive interface and user-friendly features, you'll navigate through this process like a seasoned pro in no time. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and streamline your processes, as this part uncovers the secrets to effortlessly drawing a dynamic and insightful workflow chart using EdrawMax's online platform.

Step 1: Start a new project in EdrawMax's online workspace by visiting the site and clicking the WORKPLACE button.

Step 2: There are two easy ways to create your workflow chart on EdrawMax.

  • One is to start from scratch. To do that, move your mouse cursor to the Blank Drawing option and click Create New.
create new chart on edrawmax
  • You may also use a template instead from EdrawMax's Template Community. Doing so might serve as a useful starting point, making the process a whole lot easier.

Start by clicking the Templates button and type in what kind of chart you need in the search box. Once you find a template that best suits your needs, click the Use immediately button.

search for templates on edrawmax

Step 3: Nonetheless, no matter which starting method you choose, EdrawMax offers various customization features that will blow your mind. Some of them are detailed below:

  • Edit and delete shapes. Use the Shapes library to add, remove, or change diagram shapes to illustrate network devices and components. You can find it in the Symbols section on the left side of your screen.
  • Edit text and labels. Double-click the text element to edit labels, descriptions, or other text in your diagram. Format, font, size, and color all be changed to make text simpler to read.
  • Customize colors and styles. EdrawMax's formatting features let you customize your design. Different line widths, styles, and color gradients define network zones.
  • Use icons and images. Icons and images make diagrams easier to read and more appealing. EdrawMax lets you import photos from your PC or choose from its huge icon library.
  • Align and group elements. This feature aids diagram organization. Coordinate like parts and cluster associated data for a refined product.
  • Edraw AI chat feature. The Edraw AI chatting tool can help if you need support or suggestions. It aids in answering questions, brainstorming layouts, and ensuring menu quality.
customization features of edrawmax

Step 4: Once you're done making the necessary adjustments to your workflow chart, you can now Save and Export your project to your computer. EdrawMax offers several export format options, including Graphics (PNG and JPEG), PDF, Word, Excel, and more.

Part 2. Three Templates From EdrawMax's Templates Community

In this section, you'll be diving into the treasure trove of EdrawMax's Templates Community to unveil three exceptional workflow chart templates. These templates are like ready-made blueprints, waiting for you to add your touch and bring your projects to life. Each template is a valuable starting point designed to cater to various industries and project types.

Business Workflow Diagram

A business workflow process is a sequence of tasks a team of users carries out to reach a predetermined objective. The steps required to complete a task, from beginning to end, are mapped out in this flowchart. This business workflow diagram is generated using EdrawMax, including all the essential symbols and figures.

Brand Planning Workflow

There are some decisions about investing a brand's limited resources in the best ideas to generate the biggest return. They can be made during the brand planning workflow or brand planning process. As depicted in the brand planning workflow diagram, brand strategy consulting begins with an in-depth business study of the market, consumers, channels, rivals, and the brand itself.

Cashier Workflow Diagram

The need for cashiers coincides with the development of the banking and foreign exchange markets. In this context, "out" refers to payments and expenditures, whereas "acceptance" denotes income. This workflow describes the methods and procedures that workers follow to complete their tasks on time. Thanks to this transparency, your company's workflow may now be easily understood and analyzed.

Part 3. Why Choose Edrawmax as Your Workflow Chart Maker?

Looking for the ultimate online workflow chart maker? Look no further than EdrawMax. With features tailored for simplicity and effectiveness, EdrawMax stands out as the go-to tool for crafting professional-grade workflow charts.

Key Features

Check out below the amazing features EdrawMax offers when it comes to creating a workflow online:

  • EdrawMax offers 10,000+ templates in total including numerous flowchart templates, saving time and effort.
  • Symbols section. An extensive library of symbols and shapes at your fingertips, enabling you to customize your charts effortlessly.
  • Flowcharting tool. A user-friendly interface equipped with tools to map out complex workflows easily.
  • Supports 210 diagram types. EdrawMax covers all commonly used diagrams in offices, from flowcharts to org charts.
  • Cross-platform accessibility. Available online and compatible across all operating systems, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Export options. Seamlessly export your creations in various formats, ensuring compatibility with other software and platforms.

What You Might Also Find Useful

File Recovery. EdrawMax understands the value of your work. With its file recovery feature, you can rest assured that your hard work remains safeguarded even in the unlikely event of a mishap.

With EdrawMax, creating, customizing, and managing workflow charts becomes a breeze, empowering you to streamline your processes confidently. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, EdrawMax simplifies the journey toward creating visually appealing and insightful workflow charts.

Part 4. Tips for Making Workflow Charts

Crafting an effective workflow chart involves a blend of creativity and practicality. Here are some user-friendly tips to elevate your workflow chart game.

  • Define your objectives. Begin by outlining the purpose of your workflow chart. What do you aim to achieve? Clarity on goals will shape your chart effectively.
  • Keep it simple. Simplicity is key! Avoid clutter and complexity. Use clear, concise language and straightforward symbols for better comprehension.
  • Logical flow. Ensure a logical sequence of steps. Map out the process sequentially, guiding the reader effortlessly from start to finish.
  • Consistency in design. Maintain uniformity in symbols, colors, and formatting. Consistency aids understanding and creates a professional look.
  • Collaborate and review. Invite feedback and collaboration from team members. A fresh perspective often brings valuable insights and improves the chart's effectiveness.
  • Test for understanding. Check if your chart communicates the process effectively. Run a trial with someone unfamiliar with the process to ensure clarity.
  • Use visual cues. Employ visuals effectively. Arrows, shapes, and colors can highlight key points and relationships within the workflow.
  • Update regularly. Workflows evolve. Keep your chart dynamic by updating it regularly to reflect any changes in the process.
  • Embrace tools and templates. Leverage the power of online tools like EdrawMax and its templates. They save time, offer structure, and enhance the overall appeal of your chart.
  • Maintain documentation. Supplement your workflow chart with supporting documentation. Additional notes or details can provide deeper insights into the process.

By incorporating these user-friendly tips, you'll create visually appealing workflow charts and ensure they effectively communicate and streamline your processes.


In the dynamic realm of tasks and projects, mastering the art of creating workflow online is a game-changer. With tools like EdrawMax's online workflow tool, simplicity meets efficiency. From unraveling complexities to streamlining processes, these charts serve as guiding stars.

Remember, whether you're a novice or a pro, the key lies in simplicity, clarity, and utilizing the right tools. Embrace the tips, explore the templates, and harness the power of visual communication. With each chart crafted, you pave the way for smoother workflows, enhanced collaboration, and empowered decision-making. So, seize the digital brush and paint your path to success!

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