2-Bedroom Floor Plan Templates for Inspiration

Having a hard time designing your home? This article will provide you with inspirations for a 2-bedroom house layout and ways to create them using Wondershare EdrawMax.

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Designing your dream home requires careful planning. Of course, creating a comprehensive floor plan is at the core of this. Having these plans ready will make things faster when building your home. They become even more crucial when dealing with larger residences, such as 2-bedroom houses, where efficient use of space is key.

In this article, you’ll explore the significance of having well-thought-out floor plans. You’ll also learn the best tools and templates for crafting optimal 2-bedroom house plans. Simplify the process of envisioning your ideal home by utilizing these resources, ensuring a seamless and stress-free home design experience.

In this article
  1. 5 Simple 2-Bedroom House Floor Plan Templates
  2. Make a 2-Bedroom House Plan With EdrawMax
  3. Generate a House Blueprint With EdrawMax AI
  4. Conclusion

Part 1. 5 Simple 2-Bedroom House Floor Plan Templates

Embarking on designing a 2-bedroom house can be an exciting yet intricate task. To inspire and kickstart your creativity, here are five simple and versatile 2-bedroom house floor plan templates in the Templates Community of EdrawMax.

These templates serve as excellent starting points, offering diverse layouts to cater to different preferences and requirements. Feel free to use them as they are or customize them according to your unique vision.

Example 1: 2-Bedroom Penthouse Floor Plan

This luxurious template is perfect for those with higher budgets or can be adjusted for more practical condo living. It features an elegant design, optimizing space for comfort and style. It’s a 2-bedroom loft house design perfect for relaxation.

2-bedroom penthouse floor plan

Example 2: Colorful 2-Bedroom House Floor Plan

Offering a vibrant twist, this template features a master’s bedroom on each end of the floor plan, creating a sense of balance. The central living space is ample, and each bedroom has its dedicated comfort room. This 2-bedroom house layout will serve you great.

2-bedroom floor plan colorful

Example 3: 2-Bedroom House Floor Plan With Labels

Minimize confusion during the planning phase with this simple 2-bedroom flat plan drawing. It provides a clear overview of each room’s purpose utilizing simple shapes and labels. Easily editable, you can add specific icons to tailor it to your needs.

2-bedroom floor plan with labels

Example 4: Side-by-Side 2 Bedroom Floor Plan

Ideal for bungalows or apartments with limited space, this template features two bedrooms placed side by side. The spacious living room has one bathroom, making it a practical choice for cozy living.

2-bedroom floor plan side-by-side

Example 5: Enhance Privacy 2-Bedroom Floor Plan

If privacy is a priority, this template is tailored for you. It includes specific measurements for the bedrooms and master bedroom, ensuring ample personal space. With two bathrooms, generous closet space, an office, and a deck, this template offers a well-rounded living experience, albeit with a slightly smaller living room.

2-bedroom floor plan privacy

These templates are mere starting points, ready for your creative touch. Head to EdrawMax’s Templates Community to explore more options and find the perfect fit for your 2-bedroom house design project.

Part 2. Make a 2-Bedroom House Plan With EdrawMax

In this guide section, you will dive into creating 2-bedroom house floor plans using EdrawMax, a versatile tool designed to simplify the floor planning process. Whether starting from scratch or utilizing pre-designed templates, EdrawMax ensures a seamless experience crafting personalized 2-bedroom house layouts.

Create a Floor Plan From Scratch  

Building a floor plan from scratch allows you to unleash your creativity and tailor every aspect of your 2-bedroom house layout. Liberated from templates and predefined standards, you can experiment with EdrawMax’s features to achieve the best results.

Step 1: Download and install EdrawMax. Log in with your Wondershare ID or an account of Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step 2: Navigate to the homepage and select +New > Floor Plan.

edrawmax homepage

Step 3: The EdrawMax symbol library on the left panel contains various standard icons suitable for 2-bedroom house designs. Drag and drop these icons onto your canvas.

edrawmax elements panel

Step 4: Click any icon to view its dimensions and adjust them to match the specific measurements of your 2-bedroom house. Change measurement units via Settings > Unit.

edrawmax measurement units

Step 5: Further customize your 2-bedroom house floor planner by using the Fill, Style, or Line options on the appearing customization bar when clicking an element. You can even add Text to label your rooms and personalize them.

edrawmax customization bar

Following these steps empowers you to craft a tailor-made 2-bedroom house layout. If you encounter challenges, EdrawMax offers a template-based approach. Read through the next part for that.

Create a Floor Plan With a Template

EdrawMax provides an array of 2-bedroom house layout templates within the Templates Community, offering inspiration and a solid foundation for your design.

Step 1: Navigate to Templates on the EdrawMax homepage to access the Templates Community. Search for “2-bedroom house layout” or “2-bedroom house floor plan” to find relevant templates.

edrawmax templates searching bar

Step 2: When you find a template aligned with your vision, click Use immediately to commence editing.

edrawmax customization bar

Once within a template, resize, modify, and personalize it to suit your 2-bedroom house’s requirements. The steps outlined in the previous section guide customizing these templates according to your preferences.

Part 3. Generate a House Blueprint With EdrawMax AI

For an alternative and efficient approach to generating a 2-bedroom house blueprint, harness the power of EdrawMax AI. This method leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools to streamline and expedite the blueprint creation. If you’re seeking 3D 2-bedroom house plans, this is an excellent choice, although it’s important to note that the output may not be as editable as traditional methods like templates.

Head to Edraw AI > AI Drawing on the homepage to embark on this AI-powered journey. Within this section, you’ll find a text box where you can input your specific 2-bedroom floor plan requirements. EdrawMax AI will then work its magic, swiftly generating a detailed 3D blueprint that provides a unique perspective of your envisioned space.

edrawmax ai drawing

While this method excels in speed and visual representation, remember that the resulting blueprint cannot be edited like floor plans created through traditional means or templates in EdrawMax.


In conclusion, these 2-bedroom house floor plan templates from EdrawMax’s Templates Community are valuable assets for simplifying your design journey. Whether you seek luxurious penthouse layouts, vibrant and balanced designs, or privacy-focused configurations, these templates provide diverse options.

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