Network Diagram Templates for 20 Different Use Cases

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, effective network communication is essential. The article discusses how free network diagram templates can streamline your project planning. It will also tackle how it enhances your network diagram's clarity.


Network diagrams can help you visualize and plan your network. However, creating them can be time-consuming. That's where network diagram templates come in. They can streamline your project planning process and save you much time and effort. They can also help you to create a more professional and serve as sources for inspiration.

By using a template, you can ensure that your diagram is well-organized and easy to read. Coupled with the right network diagram tool, it allows for seamless project execution. Read the article below to learn more.

The section below showcases a collection of 20 network diagram examples. All the samples are sourced from the vibrant Templates Community of EdrawMax. If you are interested in more of such examples, download it now and visit our templates community today.

3D Network Diagram Template

The 3D network diagram represents computer or telecommunications networks. It includes symbols for routers, devices, hubs, firewalls, and more. It encompasses many routers, firewalls, and internet gateways, providing comprehensive insights. You can use 3D network diagrams for network visualization. It works best for planning, troubleshooting, and security analysis.

Hotel IT Network Diagram Template

The Hotel network diagram illustrates the nodes and their relationships within a network. Composed of elements and device connections, it maps the network and plan configurations. It can aid in network design, optimization, and troubleshooting.

Home Network Diagram Template

A home network diagram depicts the layout of networking resources in a household. It illustrates device connections and physical locations. The diagram serves as a planning tool for configuring home networks. It helps you understand and optimize your network setups.

Office Network Diagram Template

The office network diagram template below shows a company's technology infrastructure. It showcases connections between network components. The diagram aids in optimizing network performance and planning upgrades. It illustrates the interplay of routers, devices, hubs, and firewalls. The diagram serves as a valuable tool for IT professionals. It allows them to manage and enhance office network efficiency.

Security Network Diagram Template

A security diagram is a crucial tool for organizations. It allows them to plan and visualize their security protocols. It outlines the methods and processes necessary to safeguard valuable information. The sample security network diagram below ensures data protection. It allows for designing robust security measures. It also ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

WAN Network Diagram Template

The network diagram below illustrates computer component connections in large geographical areas. They are vital for businesses, schools, and government agencies. It facilitates global data exchange and enables seamless operations regardless of location. It's a critical tool for network architects and administrators. It helps them design and manage complex wide area networks with ease.

Firewall Network Diagram Template

The network diagram template below showcases the integration of firewalls within a network. Physical network diagrams provide a comprehensive overview of the network's physical layout. It incorporates various components and labels. The chart aids in designing and documenting a firewall network diagram. It helps understand firewall configurations within the network architecture.

Neural Network Diagram Template

The network diagram below represents both biological and artificial neural networks. It consists of three layers: input, hidden, and output. They have nodes represented by circles and information flow indicated by straight lines. The diagram aids scientists and engineers in understanding and modeling neural network behavior.

Wireless Network Diagram Template

The wireless network diagram below depicts a subset of computer network diagrams. It focuses on WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) systems. Wireless networks encompass WLANs, WMANs, WPANs, and WWANs, each serving unique purposes. These diagrams aid in designing, managing, and troubleshooting wireless networks.

Mesh Network Diagram Template

The network diagram illustrates a network setup where devices are interconnected. The architecture ensures uninterrupted communication even if one link fails. This diagram is essential for planning and optimizing home or office networks. It enhances the overall connectivity and reliability.

VPN Network Diagram Template

The network diagram visualizes Service Network and Maintenance Network connections. It depicts internet packet forwarding. It also highlights the structure of IPv4 addresses and their 32-bit uniqueness. A service network unifies connection-oriented services. It supports efficient network management and aids in network design and maintenance planning.

Social Networking Diagram Template

The social network diagram below depicts relationships between individuals, groups, and computers. The nodes represent individuals, edges signify social connections, and links show interactions. They are valuable tools for understanding and analyzing social structures. It also understands communication patterns. It outlines the flow of information within organizations, communities, or online platforms.

Powerline Network Diagram Template

The network diagram below illustrates the connectivity of an ISP modem. The powerline has a router, two switches, a gaming console, a computer, and a smart TV. The layout features a study computer and a network printer connected to Switch 2. It's a useful visual representation for setting up and managing home or office powerline networks. It aids in efficient data transfer and device connectivity.

5G Network Architecture Diagram Template

The 5G network architecture diagram represents activities and events in a network project. It shows their interrelationships and sequences. The diagram outlines two network architectures: Peer-to-Peer and Client/Server. It's a valuable tool for project planning. The diagram illustrates task dependencies and aids in network architecture design.

Network Diagram Template for New Employee

The detailed network diagram below serves as a self-setup guide for new hires. It allows them to configure their network. The diagram provides a visual step-by-step representation of the network setup. The diagram shows reduced reliance on IT support. It enables new employees to troubleshoot and manage their network connections.

Cisco Network Diagram Template

The Cisco network diagram depicts a communication network's logical and physical components. It showcases how nodes and links are organized and interconnected. Network topologies are categorized into logical (data routing) and physical (signal transmission) types.

IP Camera Network Diagram Template

The network diagram below displays the information flow within a network. It includes subnets, devices, routing protocols, and more. In this example, a Netgear router connects various devices like a Wi-Fi printer, camera, and personal computer. It also highlights Wireless Access Points (WAPs) for wireless connectivity. The diagram below aids in network planning, security, and optimization.

Floor Plan With Network Diagram Template

The network diagram below accompanies a project assessment. It showcases a floor plan and network arrangement within an office space. It illustrates physical connections between devices, routers, PCs, and VLAN IDs. It serves as a visual reference for understanding the network infrastructure within the office. It also aids in planning, troubleshooting, and documentation.

Admin and Resident Network Diagram Template

The network diagram illustrates the Admin and Resident system. It represents tasks, processes, and workflows. It simplifies complex structures and relationships. The diagram aids in project management, debugging, and understanding network structures. The diagram is a valuable tool for organizations to streamline processes. It can also improve efficiency in various contexts.

Azure Network Diagram Template

The Azure network diagram showcases the components and architecture of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. It represents hosted services such as analytics, networking, and storage. The diagram is crucial for planning and designing. It understands Azure-based solutions and their configurations.

Part II. How To Customize a Network Diagram Template

Customizing a network diagram template using Wondershare EdrawMax is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the customization:

Step1Download EdrawMax

Download EdrawMax from the official website and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, launch the software.

Step2Start with a Template

Choose a Template from the Templates Community. Browse through the collection and select a template that matches your project's requirements. Whether it's a basic network layout or a complex infrastructure diagram, you'll find templates that fit the bill.

Step3Customize the Template

With your chosen template loaded, customize it to suit your specific network configuration. Add devices, connections, labels, and relevant details. Adjust the layout, colors, fonts, and styles to make the diagram visually appealing and understandable. Ensure that all elements represent your network setup.

Step4Export & Share

Save your customized network diagram in EdrawMax's native file format to preserve your work. For different purposes, you can also export it in various formats, such as PDF, PNG, or JPEG. EdrawMax allows you to collaborate with team members. Share your diagrams online or via email, facilitating feedback and input.


BONUS: Tips for Making a Network Diagram

Creating an effective network diagram is crucial for planning. Network diagrams can troubleshoot and manage network infrastructure. Here are some valuable tips to help you make a clear and informative network diagram.

  • Plan and Organize. Before creating the diagram, define its scope and purpose. Organize network elements to improve clarity.
  • Use Standard Symbols and Labels. Use standardized symbols and labels for consistency. Ensure that your diagram is understood by anyone familiar with network diagrams.
  • Maintain Consistency and Clarity. Keep a consistent layout, style, and design throughout your diagram. Avoid clutter to enhance clarity and readability.


Network diagrams are a powerful tool for visualizing and planning your network. They can help you to identify potential bottlenecks. It can troubleshoot problems and communicate your network design to others. Using network diagram templates saves you a lot of time and effort. EdrawMax's Templates Community offers a variety of templates. They can help you customize your network diagrams to fit your specific needs.

If you are looking for a network diagram tool that is both powerful and easy to use, EdrawMax offers a free version. You can try it to create a more professional and polished network diagram.

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