A Detailed Guide on Complex Flowchart Examples and Designing Process

Despite involving tricky designing, complex flowcharts can spotlight your business' long-winded operational processes and workflows.

complex flowcharts

Flowcharts are diagrammatical illustrations to visualize the complex process flows and sequential mechanisms involved in a system. By providing highlights of the significant events in a logical consecution, flow diagrams assist in better comprehension of the multiplex workflow. However, it might be a formidable task to compose your extremely intricate processes into a visualized flow because of structural complexities and alignment discrepancies. These issues can be resolved by exploiting a professionally-built complex flowchart example template, organizing your ideas for better cognition.

Thus, we have presented a few top-notch complex flowchart examples to eliminate your designing troubles.

1. Insights into Complex Flowcharts

Complex flowcharts are those involving complicated process flows, represented either in the form of a swimlane, cross-functional flowchart, process chart, or workflow. Designing such flowcharts may consume excessive time, effort, consideration, and budget because even a negligible mistake, whether relevant to alignment or flow devisal, can devastate the entire framework of the diagram.

2. Best Complex Flowchart Examples

A finely-designed complex flowchart template can do wonders, saving your precious time and imparting an exquisite look to your flow patterns to enhance audience understanding. Thus, we have formulated a compilation of well-expressive flow diagrams pertaining to different fields.

Biology Complex Flowchart Example

Understanding an enzyme's structure and the way substrates attach to the active site is crucial for comprehending how the enzyme works. However, techniques like X-ray crystallography and NMR, which are used to determine proteins' three-dimensional structures, can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Given this, a different approach is utilized to predict a protein's tertiary structure using structural bioinformatics methods, i.e., the molecular docking of one or more substrates into the enzyme structure model.

SERVOP Complex Flowchart Example

SERVOP is an online application to manage the day-to-day operational activities of your service company, whether you’re a maintenance service provider, cleaner, plumber, or something else. The application works by receiving a ticket from a particular customer, analyzing his particular service demand, and resolving the issue through a well-defined mechanism. The ticket is closed when the customer’s issue is resolved after the company receives the payment.

YCJA Complex Flowchart Example

The above complex flowchart example illustrates a detailed procedure of youth undergoing the judicial process; first, the police officer arrests the youth involved in crime, and he is presented to the court. The person is given a chance to justify his stance about the offense; if he is found guilty, he is sentenced to a certain punishment, depending upon the crime’s nature. The second option is involving the accused in extrajudicial measures.

Electrical Maintenance Complex Flowchart Example

The digital maintenance system involves various phases, passing from different departments to the final resolution. The customer first requests computer maintenance services by filling out the form; if his request is accepted, the technical department resolves the tech-related issue. However, if the issue lies in hardware, the customer requests the financial department to estimate the maintenance cost, which then communicates with hardware suppliers for final delivery.

Audit Procedure Complex Flowchart Example

An audit refers to the annual or semi-annual financial report of an organization presented by an unbiased worker of that organization. The auditing process generally occurs in three stages: the initiation, analyzing the audit request, and conducting & reviewing the audit report. The demand for an audit is submitted after carefully examining past audit results; once analyzing the need for audit, the request is sent to each department to alert everyone who will be subject to the audit.

Complaint Processing Complex Flowchart Example

The above complex flowchart example depicts the complaint processing to offer a consolidated system through to customers about the company’s services or products. The process begins when a customer files a complaint received by front desk receptionists. The personnel then evaluate whether the complaint is caused by the developer; if yes, the complaint is shifted to relevant departments, which categorize the complaint and resolve it accordingly.

E-Commerce Complex Flowchart Example

The trustee is a person or a company holding assets for the benefit of another party. In the above-attached complex flowchart example, a comprehensive procedure is mentioned regarding how the trustee will operate the ongoing strategies, build new ones, and manage other operational tasks. Renewing a preexisting strategy encompasses negotiation on market research analytics, setting new business goals, and signing the agreement.

Police License Complex Flowchart Example

Getting a Police license plate is a long-winded procedure involving multiple consequent steps in sequence. The process starts by logging in to the police department forum and entering information like badge number, article number, etc. If the member doesn’t have an account, he first needs to create one by entering the valid badge number and other credentials. After his badge verification, he may proceed to the process of issuing the license plate.

Recruitment Process Complex Flowchart Example

Recruitment flowcharts are a productive technique for selecting candidates based on merit and relevance. In the above-described recruitment process chart, the candidates’ applications are first tracked using an application tracking system. Afterwards, the recruiters analyze the submitted resumes, locate the potential candidates, validate the applicant’s criteria, conduct the face-to-face interview session, and select the best candidates to fill the positions.

Sales Funnel Complex Flowchart Example

You can utilize the Sales Funnel diagram to address questions regarding your current marketing strategies, such as whether the customer is a newbie, whether he knows about your offer, in which price range he purchased something and more. Such diagrams enable you to justify your company’s viewpoint to your potential consumer, allowing them to make a buying decision by providing them with several product choices.

PF Management Complex Flowchart Example

Financial planning for the future is crucial, especially if you’re a job holder. A successful future planning involves making various decisions, such as devising a strong budget, defining your short & long-term goals, estimating your pension expenditures, saving money, and so on. For example, if your goal is purchasing your first home, you can arrange an emergency fund.

Remote Sensing Complex Flowchart Example

Remote sensing refers to the method of identifying and tracking an area's physical properties by determining if it has reflected or emitted radiation from a particular distance. The above remote sensing flowchart encompasses various procedures to test a plant species, including data transformation, waveband selection, sample spectral dataset, and mangrove species classification.

Shipping Activity Complex Flowchart Example

This flowchart describes the shipping procedures used to transport the items to the US and Canada. The orders are first displayed on the distribution planners, and then various factors will decide the shipping destination, including discount rate, distance, and cost. For instance, in the US, the software will determine the shipment, whereas, in Canada, the cost will be the only factor in decision-making.

Stanley Parable Complex Flowchart Example

Stanley Parable is an entertaining drama video game, which is developed and written by Davey Wreden & William Pugh. This flowchart shows the game's components. In essence, the game attempts to convince you to leave and experience an ordinary life. The goal of Stanley Parable is to make different decisions. No puzzles, conflicts, or conversation partners exist in the game; instead, the entire gameplay revolves around proceeding forward and making decisions.

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4. Conclusion

Complex flowcharts illuminate the major subsequent events of your business strategy, workflow, or project management action plan. However, if created efficiently, these flowcharts take your business to the pinnacles of consummation.

This article compiled a comprehensive catalog of complex flowchart example templates to choose the most suitable one for your prospective project detailing. Additionally, you can exploit the EdrawMax templates community to discover the ideal solution for your flowcharting regime.

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