All About Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT

Creating a well-organized warehouse process flow chart PPT presentation will assist you in the efficient warehouse management of your company.

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Warehouse operational activities are generally invisible to the company's consumers, but effective management of warehouse day-to-day operations plays a pivotal role in on-time good delivery & customer satisfaction. In contrast, an unorganized warehouse can lead to inefficiency, trouble finding goods, unoptimized space management, late deliveries, and unsatisfactory client experience. Thus, the most consummate way to maximize your warehouse productivity is to establish a warehouse process flow PPT presentation, assisting in streamlining your daily warehouse activities, instructing warehouse staff, scheduling labor, fulfilling orders, and more..

Given this need, this guide presents some best warehouse process flow chart PPT template examples to impart insights and help you establish proficient warehouse process flows.

1. Introduction to Warehouse Process Flow Charts

The warehouse is where the company’s goods inventory is stored, managed, and packed for shipping. A company receives goods daily that need to be stored properly to make it easy to find the intended product when a customer places an order. The maximized inventory storage not only spares space for the arriving material but also enhances communication with product suppliers & potential customers.

Warehouse process flow charts PPT presentations are the visualized technique to limelight the significant processes involved in efficient warehouse management. Such process charts depict the operational mechanisms of the warehouse visually, demonstrating a new product’s arrival, storing it properly in inventories, finding a particular product for shipping, packaging, etc.

Additionally, the warehouse flow diagrams explicate the day-to-day operations regarding warehouse management, such as hygiene management, timetable establishment, stock management, and more.

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2. Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT Templates

Using a well-built warehouse process flow chart PPT template not only saves time & effort but also imparts style consistency & professional outlook to your company’s warehouse process flowchart. We have presented some miscellaneous warehouse process flow PPT chart templates below to decide which one may well suit your company’s needs:

Inbound and Outbound Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT Template

inbound and outbound warehouse management


The warehouse process consists of two types of operational activities: inbound and outbound. Inbound logistics are those activities that are used to manage the goods coming inside the retail supply chain, whereas outbound logistics deal with activities that are involved in moving the retail goods out of the supply chain. For example, goods receiving, purchasing, and inventory management fall into inbound operations; in contrast, order management and shipping are included in outbound logistics.


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Inventory Management Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT Template

warehouse inventory management template


Warehouse goods are managed using a methodized strategy, from receiving supplier’s order to the final delivery to the customer’s doorstep. The above warehouse inventory management process flowchart represents how you can efficiently manage the retail warehouse goods by storing them in particular inventory categories; additionally, quality inspection and proper storage will ensure seamless delivery.


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Order Processing Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT Template

warehouse order processing


On-time delivery is a key secret to every successful business, causing customer satisfaction and efficient order processing from the company’s end. The shipping and order delivery of a target customer involves two alternative procedures: by the company or the drop-shipper. The order is first placed on the website and processed by the company’s sales personnel; the shipping procedure may take two alternative routes. The order process closes when the customer receives the order at his threshold.


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3. EdrawMax- The Ultimate Solution to Create Warehouse Process Flow PPT Charts!

The warehouse process flow diagram is aggrandized if presented in presentation form because the slideshow and sequential effects elevate the audience's understanding, keeping them hooked. Thus, if you’re worried about choosing an ideal platform to create an expressive warehouse process flow PPT chart and export it in PPT format for the slideshow, consider using EdrawMax – the certified solution to your business diagramming needs.

The tool, via its state-of-the-art customization features, allows you to create mind-blowing flow diagrams to create a spell of mesmerism in your audience's minds. You can also export your project flowchart in PowerPoint format to amend it further in MS PowerPoint to glorify your flowcharting experience.

How To Design a Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT Using EdrawMax?


Download and run the “EdrawMax” application on your device to create your warehouse process flow PPT presentation.


Navigate to the “Templates” option in the left panel, enter “Warehouse Flowchart” in the search bar, and pick your desired template to commence your flowchart drawing.

new warehouse process flowchart using edrawmax

Add or remove the flowchart shapes, depending on your warehouse process flowchart requirements.


Edit the flowchart data to personalize it; to edit text, double-click a shape and add your custom text.

edrawmax editing warehouse flowchart data

Personalize the appearance of your warehouse process flow chart PPT project by navigating to the “Design” tab and applying your desired theme, color, & font modifications.

edrawmax customizing warehouse process flowchart

To convert your warehouse process flow chart into a PPT presentation, go to the “View” tab in the menu, click the “Presentation” icon in the right panel, choose the “Create a Slide by Selecting any Area of the Page” option, and include the area you want to convert into slides.

converting edrawmax warehouse flowchart into slides

Click the “Export” button at the top and choose the “PPT” option from the dropdown to save your file in PPT format.

edrawmax warehouse flowchart ppt export

4. Warehouse Process Flow Chart PPT Templates from EdrawMax

EdrawMax entails user facilitation, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness, providing every amenity that customers want. We have presented below some exquisite warehouse process flow PPT chart templates from EdrawMax, that will allow seamless warehouse flowchart creation:

Fast-paced and organized outbound logistics are essential for better warehouse inventory management. Customer is the backbone of every industry, which solely relies on timely delivery and harmless shipping. In the above flowchart, the customer places an order online by paying the invoice, and his order is then posted to QB, the web-based tool to manage business invoices, expenses, and other accounting affairs. The material supplier packages the order, which is shipped to the customer through outbound logistics.

This warehouse process flow chart PPT slide from EdrawMax comprehensively illustrates the entire process, from ordering-placing to shipping the product to the customer’s doorstep. The whole procedure is carried out in different categories, managed by different departments. The process initiates when the customer places an order; the sales department prepares the sales invoice, including the customer copy, stock release, file copy, billing slip, invoice, and ledger copy.

Afterwards, the accounting department validates the customer’s credit card information; the order processing proceeds to the billing department if verified. The department prepares the final bill by calculating the shipping costs, taxes, & original product costs and sends the final invoice to the customer. The order details the next shift to the warehouse department, whose personnel pick the ordered product, pack it, and send the order to the shipping department. The shipping tier attaches the packing slip, prepares the final bill, and ships the product to the customer’s doorstep.

Vertical flowcharts effectively express the process flows, highlighting the sequential procedure in descending way. The warehouse order processing starts when the company receives an order from a customer; the warehouse staff tracks whether the requested item is in stock. If yes, the item is picked and packed by the frontline labors, which is shipped to the customer using the outbound logistic strategy.

The above warehouse process flow chart PPT presentation demonstrates the entire warehouse management process, including the loading & unloading of goods, order processing, and quality control & packing, and shipping & dispatch. The goods first arrive at the warehouse, where they are unloaded & organized into particular inventories and reserved for future customers’ orders. Afterwards, the target product is selected from the inventory for order preparation; the product quality is tested, verified, and packed for delivery. After accomplishing the packaging formalities, the final product is dispatched to the customer.

Customer order processing consists of four major steps: receiving, finding stock, packing, and shipping. The above flowchart for warehouse order logistics represents these four processes in a rectilinear way, explaining the warehouse management procedure explicitly for amplified understanding. The customer first orders a particular product, which triggers the warehouse department to initiate the order processing; the process ends when the product is dispatched to the customer.

5. Conclusion

Warehouse process flow charts are useful for managing day-to-day warehouse activities and standardizing warehouse department policies for a streamlined routine. Creating a well-coordinated warehouse process flow chart PPT project can eradicate the bottlenecks encountered during the customers’ order processing & product shipping procedure, ensuring smooth & fluent delivery.

This thorough guide provided in-depth details of warehouse process flow PPT chart templates, imparting insight into how your ideal warehouse process chart should look like. Furthermore, you can devise an actionable warehouse flowchart for your company using the EdrawMax pre-built professional flowchart templates.

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