Your Perfect Space with Effortless Floor Planning

Visualizing your ideal living space has never been easier. The floor plan templates below will guide you through the design process. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to your dream home.


A floor plan is a scaled drawing that shows the layout of a room or building from above. It shows the location of walls, doors, windows, and other features, such as furniture and appliances. Floor plan templates are essential for architects, builders, and interior designers. They are also useful for homeowners and renters to make informed decisions about internal arrangdements and furniture placement.

A well-designed floor plan can enhance efficiency. It can maximize space utilization and ensure a harmonious environment. Explore 20 free floor plan templates below to kickstart your design process.

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The section below is a collection of 20 free floor plan examples. The templates are from Wondershare EdrawMax's Templates Community. Explore diverse layouts and designs to inspire your next project or gain valuable insights into effective space planning.

As a dedicated diagram maker, Wondershare EdrawMax supports 280+ types of diagrams and offers 15,000+ ready-made templates. Download it and visit the templates community to find the one most suitable for you.

Example 01: Floor Plan for First Floor

The floor plan template below depicts the first-floor layout of a flat. It's a scaled drawing representing the spatial arrangement of rooms and furniture. You can gain insights from this template or use it as a reference to create your floor plans.

Example 02: Floor Plan for Flat First Floor

The floor plan template below illustrates the layout of the first floor in a flat. It's a scaled representation of the spatial arrangement of rooms and furniture. It aids in architectural visualization. You can use it as a reference for your floor plan projects.

Example 03: Floor Plan With Garage

The floor plan template showcases the well-organized layout of a house's first floor. It has a distinct garage, kitchen, dining room, and terrace area. It includes a toilet within the kitchen area. The template offers a clear representation of the floor. It's useful for homeowners and designers looking to create similar layouts for their homes.

Example 04: Floor Plan for Second Floor

The floor plan template guides users in designing a functional second-story layout. It emphasizes furniture placement, hallway width, natural light, and safety. It's a well-thought-out second-floor plan for residential or workspace needs.

Example 05: Three-Bedroom Floor Plan

The template represents the layout of a bedroom within a structure. It's a scaled drawing that outlines room dimensions, wall lengths, and fixture placements. It offers a comprehensive view of the space. The template is useful for homeowners planning bedroom layouts while including construction details and notes.

Example 06: Colored Floor Plan

The floor plan template displays the layout of 2 bedrooms and 1 spacious living room. You can easily customize the template to suit your specific requirements. It's a practical floor plan for homeowners and interior designers. You can experiment with different room arrangements and furniture placements.

Example 07: Warehouse Floor Plan

The warehouse floor plan template provides a clear overview of the layout of a warehouse facility. It's a scaled drawing that depicts the spatial arrangement of rooms and spaces, helping you understand the warehouse's organization. You can also use it as a reference to create their warehouse floor plans.

Example 08: Classroom Floor Plan

The free classroom floor plan example below provides a detailed classroom layout. It includes elements like meeting tables, bookshelves, computer desks, etc. It's valuable for educators and school administrators to design functional and engaging classroom spaces. They ensure an environment that promotes effective learning while avoiding distractions or dullness.

Example 09: Restaurant Floor Plan

The restaurant floor plan template guides efficient layout design for customer comfort and staff productivity. It explains the blueprint's significance in illustrating spatial relationships, fixtures, materials, and annotations. It's valuable for restaurant owners and managers to plan functional, attractive dining spaces and smooth operations.

Example 10: Double Floor Restaurant Floor Plan

The double-floor restaurant floor plan template showcases the layout of both floors. The diagram uses the second floor, serving as an overview. It's a scaled drawing illustrating the spatial arrangement of rooms and furniture, aiding in architectural visualization. You can also use it as a reference to create your restaurant floor plans.

Example 11: Bathroom Floor Plan

This floor plan template focuses on bathroom design for residential use. It provides a simple representation of a bathroom layout. It allows you to consider essential details when planning your bathroom spaces. It's valuable for homeowners and interior designers to optimize bathroom functionality, aesthetics, and space utilization.

Example 12: Stairway Floor Plan

The stairway place floor plan template illustrates the layout of a venue. It displays seating arrangements, restroom locations, and the stage. It's a scaled drawing representing the spatial organization of event elements. The template is useful for event planners to optimize event flow for ceremonies or special occasions.

Example 13: Mall Floor Plan

The mall floor plan template provides an overview of the mall's layout. The diagram includes stores, corridors, and common areas. It's a scaled representation that conveys the spatial arrangement of various components within the mall.

Example 14: Closet Floor Plan

The closet floor plan template is a practical diagram for creating customized closet spaces. It offers flexibility to accommodate individual clothing styles and preferences. You can tailor the closet layout to your specific wardrobe needs. It's a useful tool for homeowners for planning a clutter-free and organized storage solution.

Example 15: Gym Floor Plan

The gym floor plan template represents the arrangement of gym equipment within the facility. It provides a clear layout of the gymnasium. The floor plan showcases the placement of saunas, cardio equipment, weight machines, and various workout areas.

Example 16: Farm Floor Plan

The single-floor farmhouse plan template visually represents a farm's layout. The diagram has the option to extend it to the first floor. It's a scaled drawing illustrating the spatial arrangement of rooms and spaces within the farmhouse. You can use it as a reference to create your farm floor plans.

Example 17: Stage Floor Plan

The stage floor plan template displays the layout of stage lighting and the movement of lights on the stage. It's a scaled drawing illustrating the spatial arrangement of lighting equipment and their positions during performances. The template is valuable for event planners to plan and coordinate lighting setups for various productions. It ensures a captivating and well-lit stage.

Example 18: Evacuation Floor Plan

This floor plan template illustrates an evacuation plan for a building or area. It's designed to show the layout and escape routes in case of emergencies, such as fires, floods, or industrial incidents. It's a critical tool for safety and disaster preparedness. It helps people navigate to designated evacuation points during emergencies.

Example 19: Exhibition Floor Plan

The floor plan below represents an exhibition layout. It provides a visual guide to how the venue space will be utilized. It serves as the blueprint for planning exhibitions. The diagram caters to the needs of organizers, suppliers, exhibitors, and visitors.

Example 20: Reception Floor Plan

This reception floor plan template is a 2D scaled drawing that outlines the layout of a reception area. It indicates the different dimensions and room divisions. It emphasizes the importance of free movement for guests and unobstructed access to essential areas. These areas are the bathrooms, bars, and the dance floor. The template ensures a smooth and enjoyable guest experience during events.

Part II: How To Customize a Floor Plan Example

Customizing a floor plan template to suit your specific needs is a breeze with EdrawMax. Follow the step-by-step guide below to create a personalized floor plan with ease.

Step1Download EdrawMax

Download and install EdrawMax. Log in with an account of Wonderhare, Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step2Start with a Template

Open the template you have downloaded. Or, navigate to the Templates Community within EdrawMax. Use the Search Bar function to look for floor plan examples matching your project requirements. Whether it's a home layout, office space, or any other design, there's a template that suits your needs.

Step3Customize the Floor Plan

Once you've selected a template, it's time to make it your own. Use the drag-and-drop interface to add, remove, or rearrange elements easily. Customize room sizes, add furniture, change colors, and incorporate your unique design ideas. Fine-tune every detail until your floor plan matches your vision.

Step4Export & Share

After editing your floor plan to your satisfaction, save your work to ensure you don't lose your progress. EdrawMax supports various file formats for export. The platform makes sharing your design with collaborators, clients, or contractors easy. Whether you need a digital image, a printable document, or a web-ready graphic, EdrawMax has you covered.


Part III: Tips for Making a Floor Plan

It's essential to know helpful tips whether you're designing your dream home or planning an office layout. These practical guidelines will help you make the most of your floor plan.

Tips for Making a Floor Plan

Prioritize Purposeful Layouts

Define the primary function of each space within your floor plan. Consider the flow of daily activities and prioritize practicality. For instance, place the kitchen near the dining area for easy meal preparation and serving. Ensure that bedrooms provide privacy and common areas foster interaction. Tailoring your layout to suit the intended purpose of each room will enhance overall usability.

Mindful Furniture Placement

Plan the placement of furniture and fixtures with precision. Measure your furnishings to ensure they fit within the designated areas. Avoid overcrowding rooms, as it can make them feel cramped and obstruct natural movement. Embrace versatile, space-saving furniture options when working with limited square footage. Experiment with different arrangements before settling on a final layout. Find the most functional and pleasing arrangement.

Adequate Circulation Paths and Traffic Flow

Allow for clear circulation paths within your floor plan. Designate walkways that connect different areas, ensuring ease of movement without obstruction. Be mindful of high-traffic zones and avoid placing furniture or objects that impede traffic flow. By optimizing the flow through your space, you'll enhance comfort and functionality while minimizing potential congestion.


An effective floor plan is the cornerstone of well-organized and aesthetically pleasing spaces. It prioritizes purposeful layouts, thoughtful furniture placement, and smooth traffic flow to optimize functionality and comfort.

To simplify the floor planning process, consider using EdrawMax. Take advantage of the Templates Community's wealth of free floor plan templates. Kickstart your design journey whether you're a homeowner, architect, or designer. Use the platform to create outstanding floor plans, transforming spaces into functional, beautiful environments.

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