Basics of Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT

By creating a purchase process flow chart, you can establish a general procurement cycle in your business regime.

purchase process flowchart basics

The financial prosperity of a business largely relies on the procurement patterns of its different retail goods because unchecked money disbursement on dubious vendors or purchasing redundant goods can lead to economic downfall, which may further result in overall performance decline.

Thus, successful organizations always develop professional procurement process flows to check the inflow and outflow of monetary resources, creating a balanced financial status.

If you want to establish a well-maintained procurement process flow in your business circle, utilizing a procurement process flow chart PPT template is the best approach. This article explains how you can constitute an insightful purchase process flow chart PPT presentation using a predesigned template.

1. Insights into Procurement Process Flow

A procurement process flow chart PPT presentation is a visualized technique that assists professionals in spotlighting and interpreting the phases of the procurement cycle. Procurement is the acquisition or purchase of products or services for business purposes, such as resource material, hardware, software, or more. The organization's procurement process is essential since it directly influences the business' financial status, including spending, earnings, and savings.

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2. Procurement Process Flow Chart PPT Templates

Establishing a well-expressive and perceptive procurement process flow chart PPT presentation ensures that your staff and working personnel are fully aware of the systematized process flow. Therefore, we have presented some professional procurement process flow chart PPT free download templates for your insights:

Procurement Process Flow Diagram PPT Template

procurement cycle flowchart

The selection of a quality-providing and certified vendor is the pivotal concern whenever carrying out procurement for business needs. Vendor selection is essential because brand reputation, pricing, delivery time, and dependability contribute to the company's performance. If a vendor makes a late delivery, it can seriously affect all your business performance frameworks.


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Procurement Basics Winding Flow Chart PPT Template

procurement process flowchart

The procurement procedure usually comprises six steps: identifying the service needs, selecting the potential vendor, submitting the purchase requisition, preparing the purchase order, receiving the invoice, and paying for the service. Each step is further divided into sub-processes to ensure quality and fluency in the procurement process.


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3. EdrawMax- An Innovative Approach to Design Procurement Process Flow Diagrams

Squandering excessive resources on premium diagramming software does not entail quality provision; most tools in the market provide state-of-the-art features but in their paid versions. However, you can switch to a tech-inspired solution without breaking your budget.

Thus, if you want to build a procurement life cycle for streamlining your procurement operations, you need efficient software like EdrawMax. The multiplicity of template choices, innovative customization capabilities, slide conversion, auto-alignment features, and a variety of export formats make EdrawMax an appealing and reliable platform for all-in-one diagramming.

How To Craft a Procurement Process Flow Chart PPT Using EdrawMax?

Follow the given procedure to craft a purchase process flowchart using EdrawMax:


Launch the "EdrawMax" application on your device to create the procurement process flowchart.


Go to the "Templates" tab in the left options pane, enter "Purchase Process Flowchart" in the search box, and proceed with your preferred template.

purchase flowchart edrawmax

Customize your flowchart by adding the custom information into the template; to add a custom text, double-click a shape.

edrawmax flowchart editing information

To personalize your flowchart appearance, navigate to the "Design" option in the menu, and perform your desired theme, color, font, & other changes.

customizing edrawmax flowchart

Convert your flow diagram into PPT presentation slides by navigating to the "View" tab, choosing the "Presentation" icon, and clicking the "Create Slides Manually" option in the right panel.

edrawmax converting flowchart to slides

To export your file in PPT format, go to the "Export" icon above, and choose the "PPT" option from the dropdown.

edrawmax flowchart export ppt

4. Best Procurement Process Flow Chart Templates

EdrawMax accommodates a comprehensive library of attention-grabbing process flowchart templates to satisfy its customers' needs. Have a glance at these consummate procurement process flow chart PPT free downloadable templates for your upcoming procurement strategy:

House Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Template

The process of purchasing a home necessitates a lot of patience and knowledge, especially for first-time homebuyers. For example, if a house buyer aspires to buy a new house, he needs to identify his financial eligibility, acquire real-estate knowledge, assess the house features, take a subscription, and finish the loan formalities. Afterwards, the seller would ask to choose the payment method, sign the contract, pay the fees, apply for the property certificate, and receive the house documents from the owner.

Company Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Template

When a company intends to purchase a retail good, it first sends the purchase request to the purchasing department. When the department approves the request, the finance department prepares the purchasing order, showing the vendor that the purchase request has been accepted, and they can start delivery. The vendor sends the requested stock to the company, which is stored in intended inventories after analyzing its quality. The company then receives the invoice from the vendor, containing a complete cost breakdown, payment amount, and deadline.

Stockroom Inventory Procurement Process Flow Chart PPT Template

The above procurement process flow chart PPT template represents how different departments of a company request and receive stock from the company's warehouse. The stockroom personnel collect the requests from the requester departments and check whether the requested item is in stock. If yes, the personnel send the budget release request to pay for the ordered product. If the payment is made, the stock item is delivered to the department; otherwise, the paid amount is assimilated into the company's account by the accountant.

Phone Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Template

Buying a mobile phone from the tech shop is a straightforward process involving a few easy steps. The customer requests the shop assistant to purchase a mobile; the shop assistant checks whether the particular mobile model is in stock. If yes, the shop assistant requests payment; the shopkeeper will hand over the mobile phone when the customer pays the bill. Otherwise, the purchasing process will be dismissed.

Online Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Workflow Diagram

Online purchase is the shortcut route to receiving your target product with little effort. For example, the above online purchase process flowchart PPT slide shows how easily a customer acquires a product by placing an order online. The process initiates when the customer orders a product and makes payment for that. When the vendor receives the payment, he ships the requested product to the fulfillment center, which in turn, supplies the product to the customer.

Taobao Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Template

Taobao is a popular online shopping store owned by Alibaba and the eighth most browsed platform worldwide. Taobao works by offering direct consultations to the sellers; if the merchant responds in time, you can request your desired product, and he will ship your product to your doorstep. If your product is not shipped or contains any defect, the seller will either refund your amount or exchange the product for a fresh one.

Customer Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Template

The above flowchart guides through step-by-step illustration, showing how a customer purchases a product from an online forum. He finds his target product by scrolling & browsing the website and puts that product in his shipping cart. When proceeding to check out, his login information is validated; the customer then enters the billing and shipping information, confirming his order via code or verification email.

Cross-Functional Product Purchase Process Flow Chart PPT Template

The above cross-functional product purchase process flowchart describes how different departments and stages are involved in product procurement. The department first requests the product, which is approved by the administrator; the department demarcates the product quantity or number. Afterwards, the finance department schedules the price list for the target product. The purchasing department signs the contract and receives the product, which is stored in inventories.

5. Conclusion

Procurement is an important business process that determines whether your company receives quality goods. Additionally, the procurement cycle keeps track of cash flux within and out of the business circle to ensure your investment emanates fruitful results. Thus, if you want to eradicate tailbacks in your purchasing order cycle and receive on-time goods, you need to develop an efficient purchasing process flow chart PPT presentation.

This comprehensive guide presented a few top-notch procurement process flow chart PPT templates to help you decide which would best suit your business purchasing needs. If you don’t find free-to-use templates online, explore the EdrawMax Templates Community.

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