Revamp Your Café Space: 10 Free Café Floor Plan Ideas

Explore 10 creative ideas to enhance your café’s ambiance and functionality without breaking the bank. Transform your shop with clever café floor plans and bring your café vision to life!


Welcome to this guide on crafting the perfect cafe atmosphere with 10 free cafe floor plan ideas, brought to you by EdrawMax! In the bustling world of cafes, creating an inviting space is key to attracting and retaining customers. With this guide’s easy-to-follow suggestions, you’ll discover innovative ways to optimize your cafe shop without breaking the bank.

From cozy corners to efficient service areas, this article got you covered. In a competitive market where every detail matters, having a well-designed cafe layout can make all the difference. Dive in and explore practical solutions to elevate your cafe experience and delight your patrons!

In this article
  1. 10 EdrawMax Free cafe Layout Templates
  2. How To Customize a Floor Plan on EdrawMax
  3. EdrawMax: Free Online 2D Floor Plan Maker
  4. Conclusion

Part 1. 10 EdrawMax Free cafe Layout Templates

Discover a variety of customizable templates designed to streamline your cafe planning process. From cozy coffee nooks to efficient service areas, these templates offer a range of options to suit your cafe’s unique style and needs. Simplify your design process and easily bring your cafe vision to life using these free templates from Wondershare EdrawMax.

cafe Floor Plan 1

This cafe floor plan has different zones for different purposes, such as counter seating for quick snacks and drinks, tables for meals and coffee, areas to display food options, spaces to sit and chat, a kitchen for making food, storage for all the necessary business supplies, and more.

cafe Floor Plan 2

This cafe plan features a well-equipped kitchen with a stove, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator incorporated into the cabinetry. Central preparation islands give workspace and encourage social cooking. The dining room has two tables for many people. This helps visualize kitchen space planning and workflow, ensuring the design is functional for cooking and socializing.

cafe Floor Plan 3

This thorough bakery cafe floor plan shows a layout for quick customer service and enjoyable dining. The idea includes a kitchen, order counter, and bread display. Offering a variety of dining experiences, tables for two, four, and communal seating are scattered throughout. The arrangement is designed for easy traffic flow and obvious separation between the eating and cooking areas.

cafe Floor Plan 4

This template shows a well-organized coffee shop floor plan for customer satisfaction and efficiency. The proposal includes a large dining hall with seating, a fully equipped kitchen, an administrative office, a retail store, and clean restrooms. This floor plan is ideal for designing or remodeling a coffee shop, emphasizing functionality and customer service.

cafe Floor Plan 5

This basic layout of a cafe shows the layout of a cafe’s physical space, including the positioning of tables, chairs, and bars. Think about how many people you’ll be serving, the shape of the room, and other dimensions when you plan the layout of your cafe.

cafe Floor Plan 6

The cafe floor plan sample below clearly defines cooking, dining, and rest zones, promoting seamless room flow. The clever furniture placement in the rooms helps real estate agents and cafe renovators visualize space use. Minimalist design cues suggest a modern, practical, and elegant style, appealing to cafe design optimists.

cafe Floor Plan 7

Another sample of a cafe floor plan is shown here. Rooms may be seen in this layout, including the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and more. Before the building starts, you can use a floor plan design to make the necessary alterations.

cafe Floor Plan 8

This cafe floor plan shows the layout of a cafe’s physical space, including the positioning of tables, chairs, and bars. Think about the space’s dimensions and form, the cafe’s projected customer volume, and the menu items and atmosphere you want to create before sketching out the cafe’s floor plan.

cafe Floor Plan 9

This detailed floor plan shows a modern cafe’s kitchen, storage, office, cafe seating, lounge, meeting room, and bathrooms. Space is carefully allocated for operating efficiency and client satisfaction. Entrepreneurs, architects, and designers opening or remodeling a cafe can use this graphic to get ideas for optimizing the layout for staff workflow and customer experience.

cafe Floor Plan 10

A restaurant-cafe floor layout is here. It usually contains tables, seats, bars, kitchens, restrooms, and other major components with dimensions and scales for appropriate construction or remodeling. Traffic flow, seating capacity, and a pleasant and efficient dining atmosphere are optimized by the floor plan.

Part 2. How To Customize a Floor Plan on EdrawMax

Creating a cafe floor plan using EdrawMax is fun and easy. It also has a large collection of pre-designed templates and layouts available for use. In this section, you’ll learn the straightforward approach for customizing a cafe floor plan on EdrawMax.

Step 1: Download EdrawMax or try it online through WORKPLACE on the official website. Log in with an account of Wondershare,

Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Step 2: In the new window on your browser, select Templates and enter cafe floor plan in the search box.

edrawmax templates library

Step 3: Scroll down to view the collection of cafe floor plan templates. Once you’ve chosen a template, click Use immediately.

edrawmax floor plan templates

Step 4: Once you’re in that template canvas, feel free to modify its elements and layouts and add your touches. Check out some of the fantastic customization options available in EdrawMax:

  • Use visuals (icons, photos). Add photographs and icons to your diagram to improve its clarity and visual appeal. EdrawMax allows you to use your computer graphics or select from a large library of icons in the Symbols panel.
  • Organize elements. You can use this function to generate an ordered diagram. Align comparable components and cluster-related information to provide a more refined final output.
  • Adjust titles and subheadings. You can edit any textual content in your diagram by double-clicking on the text element. You can improve readability by adjusting the text’s arrangement, font, size, and color.
  • Customize colors and styles. EdrawMax’s different formatting options allow you to tailor the visual aspect of your design. Differentiate between network portions by combining line widths, line styles, and color gradients.
  • Add and remove shapes. The forms library allows you to modify or add new forms to the diagram. This utility visually displays your network’s nodes, switches, and bridges.
  • Edraw AI chat. If you’re stuck or need inspiration, try the Edraw AI discussion feature in EdrawMax. It is excellent for problem-solving, brainstorming design ideas, and ensuring that menu items are visually appealing.
modify floor plan

Step 5: Finish your design, save it, and Export your cafe floor plan in your selected format. EdrawMax exports Graphics (JPEG and PNG), PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SVG, HTML, and Visio.

edrawmax export options

Part 3. EdrawMax: Free Online 2D Floor Plan Maker

With EdrawMax, you can lay out your cafe floor effortlessly! EdrawMax, designed for simplicity and efficiency, stands out as the best option for turning your cafe layout ideas into reality. EdrawMax is your go-to store floor planner, with a user-friendly platform appropriate for novice and experienced designers. Its user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience, making cafe layout creation accessible to everyone.

introduction of edrawmax

Key Features

  • Free Pre-made Templates

Many different kinds of shops can find a suitable template in EdrawMax’s extensive library. There is a template out there that is ideal for any type of store, whether it’s a tech shop, grocery store, or boutique. Pick a template and make it your own; beginning from square one is unnecessary.

  • Wide Array of Symbols

A vast library of symbols may take your store’s design to the next level. You can depict any part of your store with the wide variety of symbols provided by EdrawMax, from shelves and displays to checkout counters. By dragging and dropping symbols, you can easily make a layout that matches your vision.

  • Many Formats for Export

The significance of adaptability is recognized by EdrawMax. For this reason, it provides multiple formats for exporting cafe floor plans, guaranteeing software compatibility, and facilitating the sharing of designs.

  • Multiple Platforms

Effortlessly operate on several platforms. Whether you’re more comfortable with a desktop application or prefer the portability of a web-based one, EdrawMax allows you to work on your ideas whenever and wherever you like.

Why Choose EdrawMax: Reasons To Try

Take a look at what makes EdrawMax such a powerful program:

  • Cost-effective Tool

EdrawMax’s free version and flexible subscription plans make it an affordable option, allowing for smart resource allocation and empowering users to generate complex floor plans without incurring excessive costs.

  • Design Precision

EdrawMax includes high-precision capabilities such as auto-alignment for perfect drawings, assuring visual appeal and practical efficiency in various settings.

  • Intuitive Design

There’s never been a simpler method to customize your cafe’s layout. EdrawMax allows you to resize, rearrange, and modify elements with ease. Get the precise layout you desire without the hassle of utilizing design software.

  • Efficient and Time-saving

EdrawMax accelerates floor planning with powerful capabilities and a large library of templates and symbols, allowing architects, designers, and homeowners to bring ideas to life quickly.

When you use EdrawMax, you get a tool that’s easy to use, flexible, and will help you visualize your cafe floor designs in no time. In the following section, you will get a basic tutorial on utilizing the store floor planner in EdrawMax.


In this article, you’ve explored 10 innovative cafe floor plan ideas, all freely available through EdrawMax. These templates provide practical solutions for cafe owners worldwide, from cozy seating arrangements to efficient service layouts. As you embark on your cafe layout journey, it’s highly encouraged to try EdrawMax.

With its user-friendly interface and customizable templates, designing your dream cafe has never been easier. Join the countless cafe owners who have already revolutionized their spaces with EdrawMax. Embrace creativity, streamline your planning process, and watch your cafe thrive. Try EdrawMax today and turn your cafe vision into reality!

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