10 Selected Sequence Diagram Templates for Various Use Cases

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Sequence diagrams are a form of interaction diagrams. They show how and in what specific order a group of objects works together in a system. Software engineering often uses it to clump groups of tasks and objects to accomplish specific actions. It’s easier to understand than it sounds, so this article will discuss its applications.

By visualizing how a sequence diagram works, you can create one yourself. The only remaining question is how. This article will guide you through a powerful tool that you can use to develop meaningful sequence diagram templates. This way, you can provide your team or yourself with a visual outline for your following projects.

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10 Sequence Diagram Templates for Various Use Cases

Without further ado, here’s a list of sequence diagram templates you can use for inspiration when creating your own. They are all taken from Wondershare EdrawMax’s Templates Community – a user-powered template library where you can find everything you need. Check out these templates and learn how to make the perfect sequence diagram.

Online Shopping Cloud Service Sequence Diagram

First on the list is an online shopping sequence diagram.

As you can see, it involves the process from the customer’s browsing until payment and credit card authorization. It will help you clarify how customers and in what sequence they should interact with the system.

School Account Sequence Diagram

This school account sequence diagram template is perfect for schools or universities.

Gone are the days when schools used old methods like record books to take note of student records. You can use an online account and be guided by this sequence diagram to see how to improve your recordkeeping system.

Website Application Sequence Diagram

Next up is this website application sequence diagram.

It’s helpful for advertising companies or online advertising hosts. Of course, you will have to give the company an account where they can access their database.

Library Account Sequence Diagram

For libraries, this account sequence diagram will work great.

Since most libraries work with an online server, and many people prefer getting their borrowed books delivered, having a sequence will help you adapt through the times. This involves every step from login up until verification after taking the book.

Server Authentication Sequence Diagram

This one is quite complicated for the layman. Perfect for software engineers, this diagram template of server authentication sequence shows how a supplicant connects with the authentication server. It involves three steps: initial authorization, change of approval, and re-authentication.

Login Sequence Diagram

When hosting online websites with login features, it’s essential to have a login sequence diagram.

If you’re wondering what it looks like, look at this template. It has actors like the user, the backend system, and the database. You can easily see how these work with each other with a sequence diagram.

Sign-Up Sequence Diagram

On the other hand, having a sign-up sequence diagram is helpful too.

After all, the first step to having an account is signing up for one. This will help you streamline the sign-up process, especially if you have multiple login methods.

Personal Planner Sequence Diagram

This personal planner sequence diagram is specific for personal planning apps.

If you want to create an app just like this, use a sequence diagram to see an overview of how the user interacts with your application.

User Authentication Sequence Diagram

For companies, having an online portal for records and timekeeping can be problematic over time as data grows.

This is why having a user authentication sequence diagram is essential. This way, you can see where things go wrong if there is an error in the online system. This template is quite comprehensive as it includes all possible scenarios.

Incorrect PIN Code Sequence Diagram

Last on this list is a sequence diagram for those pesky times when customers input the wrong PIN code for their credit/debit cards. It often leads to frustration, but having this helps you deal with the customer better. The customer representative can guide the users through the steps they must take to recover their cards.

How To Customize the Sequence Diagrams

Want to make a sequence diagram yourself? Wondershare EdrawMax is a popular diagramming tool that can be a great asset for creating these helpful diagrams. Here’s a look at some of the features that make it a suitable choice:

edrawmax capabilities visual

210 diagram types.

Aside from UML or sequence diagrams, you can also use EdrawMax for other purposes. Have EdrawMax by your side so you don’t have to search for a diagram maker again. This tool will cover all your needs.

Extensive template library.

Get a head start on your sequence diagrams with a vast collection of pre-made templates. EdrawMax also boasts over 23,000 templates with the Templates Community, so you can likely find one that closely resembles the specific sequence you want to illustrate.

Rich symbols library.

Don’t be limited by a lack of visual elements. EdrawMax offers a comprehensive library of industry-standard symbols specifically designed for UML diagrams. This ensures your diagrams are clear, accurate, and easy to understand.

AI-powered assistance.

Use the power of AI to streamline your workflow. EdrawMax’s AI features can assist you in various ways, such as suggesting relevant elements or generating a basic sequence diagram based on your initial input.

Cross-platform compatibility.

Work on your sequence diagrams from any device! EdrawMax offers web, macOS, Windows, and mobile app versions (Android/iOS). Your diagrams are conveniently stored in the cloud, allowing you to access and edit them seamlessly across different platforms. The web version even enables real-time collaboration, making it perfect for teamwork.

Presentation mode.

Seamlessly transition your sequence diagrams into professional presentations. EdrawMax transforms your technical diagrams into a format your team or stakeholders can easily understand.

How To Create Sequence Diagrams With EdrawMax

Aside from using EdrawMax’s templates, you can create one from scratch. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1.

Download, install, and launch Wondershare EdrawMax. Then, log in with a Wondershare, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Google, or Apple account.

Step 2:

Click +New > UML Modeling on the homepage.

edrawmax homepage

Step 3:

Drag and drop elements to your canvas from the UML Use Case Diagram category on the elements panel. This will be your first step in building your sequence diagram.

edrawmax elements

Step 4:

After adding elements, add labels to your elements by double-clicking them. Alternatively, you can use the Text option on the toolbar to add floating texts.

edrawmax text edit

Step 5:

After finalizing your work, you can share it with your team. Click the Export option, pick a file format, and follow the prompts.

edrawmax export options


As you have seen, sequence diagrams are very helpful in setting the interaction flow with a certain system or database. Software engineers or team members can easily spot where things go wrong depending on the diagram stage from which the complaint arose. This is why having sequence diagram templates is important – they help give you an idea of what they should look like.

When looking for a template, go with Wondershare EdrawMax. You’ll never run out of inspiration or examples to base your sequence diagram on. Download this URL diagram maker today and experience the beauty of diagramming. Use it for your other diagramming needs as well.

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